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In the Kitchen With: Our Favorite Sandwiches

by Kristina Gill

Kate Doran's Homemade White Bread Loaf

In mid-May, the Wall Street Journal published an article on the growing number of bakeries and restaurants that are grinding their own flours or using local mills to do so. The nutrients preserved in this type of flour led the author to hypothesize that, “it might just be OK to eat bread again” (some of us never stopped!). In celebration of this new lease on life, we thought a roundup of some of the fine sandwiches we’ve had on the column was in order. Please note, feel free to use any bread you like to make these sandwiches, or you can eat the fillings without the bread! —Kristina

Image above: What better way to start a post about sandwiches than to provide a recipe for a basic  White Bread Loaf? Karen Doran, author of The Little Loaf blog, shared her recipe for the quintessential loaf of bread last year. If you’ve never experienced a fresh homemade loaf of bread, still warm enough to melt your butter, now’s your chance!

Kate Doran's Basic White Loaf

Image below: If you prefer to sandwich your favorite ingredients between two bagel halves, Karen Mordechai has you covered. Her Homemade Everything Bagels are the perfect medium for just about anything, and are bound to impress guests if you serve them at your next brunch.

Homemade Everything Bagels

Image below: Architect Ming Thompson, who grew up in the kitchen of her parents’ restaurant, Cuz’s Uptown Barbeque, came up with a way to make Pulled Pork in a Dutch oven. I love making this recipe and freezing the extras in smaller portions so that I can have a pulled pork sandwich from time to time. Soft white bread to soak up Ming’s barbecue sauce is essential.

Ming Thompson's Pulled Pork Sandwich

Image below: Founders Ratha and Ben of the New York sandwich shop Num Pang shared their blueprint for making Cambodian-inspired sandwiches (num pang), as well as a handful of recipes for fillings you can use to make any num pang. One of their shops’ most popular fillings is their Peppercorn Catfish.

Peppercorn Catfish Num Pang

Image below: Warmer weather is upon us, and the lure of enjoying meals outdoors is irresistible. These Shrimp Paste Sandwiches by Tara Guerard are absolutely fabulous! Served with her Low Country Lemonade, you’ll have a perfect afternoon snack.

Shrimp Paste Sandwiches | DesignSponge

Image below: Want to offer an alternative to the afternoon Shrimp Paste sandwiches paired with Low Country Lemonade? Though not a traditional Low Country pairing, Kathy Trim’s Sloppy Joe Sliders would go great alongside. Serve with a bowl of chips or crisp fresh vegetable sticks, and you’ll hear no complaints!

Sloppy Joe Sliders by Kathy Trim

Image below: Another sandwich filling we really love is the Perfect (Chicken) Schnitzel. Not originally proposed as part of a sandwich by its creators, Israeli stylist+photographer duo Matkonation, we think this would, nonetheless, make the perfect sandwich. You could use the mustard that Deanna and Danya recommend, or the pickled carrots, cucumbers, and chili mayo that Ratha and Ben recommend, or you could make up your own accompaniments. Juicy tomatoes, anyone?

Matkonation's Perfect Schnitzel

Image below: I can turn down many types of sandwiches, but never the promise of a good burger. Sarah Coates, usually synonymous with decadent desserts, shared her enticing recipe for a Frenchie Burger. This burger is Sarah’s modern take on steak frites and involves topping the patty with crispy matchstick fries.

Sarah Coates' Frenchie Burger

Image below: Cookbook author Lara Ferroni wrote a book about the fantastic egg a few years ago. Her gorgeous Monte Cristo sandwich with fried eggs, goat cheese, and preserves is both savory and sweet and definitely an indulgence.

Monte Cristo sandwich with fried egg

Image below: Falafel, referred to by Matkonation as “Israel’s official street food,” is a deep-fried chickpea fritter that is served hot with tahini, salad and pita, or on its own. My favorite falafel sandwich (which may be heresy to purists!) was on wholegrain dense wheat bread with a light spread of hummus, baba ghanoush, sprouts, and other vegetables. Serve it any way you want!

Falafel by Matkonation

Image below: Last but not least, and one of our absolute favorite sandwiches on the column, is the Pimento Cheese sandwich by Will Brinson’s Aunt Sissy Si. It is a cheese and pimento sandwich bound together with mayonnaise, which was a mainstay in southern households in the 20th century, but surprisingly got its start in New York, according to Serious Eats. Regardless, it is a simple sandwich, perfect for picnics, and would sit happily alongside your other cherished picnic foods.

Will Brinson's Pimento Cheese Sandwich

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  • Schnitzel sandwiches are the best! We have schnitzel on Xmas Eve in my family, and the leftovers are the hottest item the next days for piling on bread (any garnishes optional), or eating cold out of hand…yummmmm……

  • Turkey-bacon-avacado, sloppy. Good bread, make an open faced grilled cheese (basically just make the cheese all melty and the bread all toasty but open.) take deli turkey and throw it on , add a few slices of avocado. Fry up some bacon and an egg, put on top. Top with other piece of cheesy bread.