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We’re Hiring: Join Our Sneak Peek Team!

by Grace Bonney

This summer marks the 12th year of Design*Sponge (!!!) and to celebrate, I’m shaking things up. Big time. I had a life-changing medical diagnosis in January (T1D, more on that later), and the silver lining of that difficult situation was a totally new view on work and life.

I’m ready to tackle some bigger projects and have plans this year for a national business conference tour, our new book (yay!), teaching — and I’m bringing back my podcast, After the Jump, with very special micro-themes. So to help me out while I get some of these projects off the ground, we’re expanding our family and looking for new (paid, of course) writers to specialize in Sneak Peeks (our word for home tours). They’ll be joining our existing home tour family and will learn from the best. What do we need from you? A passion for interiors, a familiarity with WordPress, and a knowledge of the online art & design community inside and out. What else? Details below.

Ideal candidates should be:

  • Self-motivated, self-starters
  • VERY familiar with Design*Sponge content, past and present.
  • Enjoy working from home (must be within 3 hours of EST time zone).
  • Must be proficient in WordPress (you will upload your own posts on our custom WP platform) and photo editing software.
  • Have 3-4 hours per week to devote to writing and research.
  • Should have an excellent grasp of all blogs, social media feeds, publications and trends within the art & design community.
  • Should read and keep up with a diverse group of inspirational sources and news.
  • Be free to tele-conference with our full team once a month and with me (Grace) directly once a month.

Want to apply? Fill out the application RIGHT HERE by next Friday, May 20th, 2016. We’re so excited to see our little family grow and can’t wait to find new voices to share here on the site — and to help us take our home tours to the next level. xo, grace

UPDATE: If you applied and only partially filled out the form, you’ll need to start from scratch. Partial entries do not save correctly and cannot be considered if not full filled out.

Music by The Underscore Orkestra at FMA

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  • VERY excited about you bringing back After The Jump – my favourite thing ever to listen to in the atelier! Just re-listened to Episode 99 today and so many truths resonated with me!!

    Oh how I wished I could live closer – but if ever you would like a French / European contributor – I would love to collaborate with the Design Sponge team


  • Grace, first of all, I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. My nephew was diagnosed with T1D at 4 years old and so I know how serious and stressful it can be. I hope you’re are finding the support and encouragement you need!

    Second, I’m thrilled to hear that you’re bringing the podcast back! I missed it!! From one fellow podcaster to another (my show is also an interview show where I speak with fellow creatives), welcome back!

  • Hi Grace, Hope all is well! Are you guys expanding your team with any graphic designers / art directors? If so I’d love to be considered!

  • I’m so happy to hear After the Jump is coming back!! I was actually re-listening to the 100th episode on my commute home yesterday.
    And what a bummer to hear about your T1D. My mom has T2D and a close friend has T1D. It’s certainly a big adjustment and stressful, sending good thoughts your way. You got this.

  • Grace!

    So excited you’re bringing the podcast back. I’ve been re-listening and my biggest takeaway is that I too should eat a chocolate croissant every day ;)

    Can’t wait!

  • YES! After the jump is back! Woohoo!
    It was sorely missed.

    Also, thanks for being open about taking care of yourself- you are always so brilliant at leading by example. I’m sure it will help people to see you exploring this silver lining you found.


    • Maria

      Thanks- my first mini series on the show is going to be about makers, artists and designers living with chronic illnesses. It’s not easy to open up about these things, but I think it’s so important. I hope we can use those episodes to shed a light on the challenges people in our community face that aren’t always visible from the outside.


  • Hi Grace,
    I’ve just sent my application although I live across the atlantic (Portugal / England) just in case you’d be interested in a european team member. Would LOVE to work for this awesome project. Huge fan :-)
    Thanks for the opportunity

  • I’ve wanted to comment for a while about your sneak peeks and figured I’d use this opportunity. I’m not sure what selection criteria you use, but I have to admit that I only click through on about half of the sneak peeks, which is kind of surprising because I love a good home tour. But too often I don’t find tours that compelling or unique. I want to be wholeheartedly a fan of DS content, but I think the sneak peeks could be more curated and more diverse (too many of them have a similar aesthetic or don’t feel inspiring enough). I’d rather have fewer, better sneak peeks than a glut of so-so, similar ones. That’s one opinion, and others may disagree, but as a long-time reader I wanted to respectfully share some feedback.

    I do feel the same about some of business interviews too. I wish these were more selective–highlighting those with really honest, specific answers. (for example, so many answers to the question about a mistake the person has made in their career/business are exactly the same and kind of generic. Maybe it’s time to mix up the questions?) I wish we could still have more product or craft highlights to balance out the interviews and tours. I know the direction of the site naturally shifts over time, and hope you don’t mind some feedback.

    • Sam

      I agree. The changes we’re making are addressing the same concerns you expressed here. You’ll notice fewer, but more varied and higher quality (not that I have any problem with the people or homes we’ve featured, but I agree we could slow down and focus on a greater diversity of styles and stories) posts in the coming weeks as we implement a new system of editorial planning.


  • Grace,

    Hope you’re feeling well! I’m so excited to hear you’re bringing the podcast back. it’s a gem and I listen to the old ones constantly.

  • Hi Grace!
    I’m so incredibly thrilled! I am applying this evening. I’m a former entertainment news journalist gone “rogue” for my true passion in life: interior design! However, I miss publishing so very much and despite being a full-time interior design student, I just can’t quit my Design Sponge addiction! Hire me please!

  • Hi Grace!

    I’m excited to check out your podcast, putting a pin in it for a listen on my next long car ride!

    Excited to see you are making changes to D*S and that you embraced your T1D with a great outlook! Hoping you make it to my application and I would love to chat with you about Charleston collaborations (even if I’m not the right fit for your freelance opportunity)!

  • I just applied, and had the most fun doing so! I am honestly sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I am thrilled to hear your podcast is coming back and I look forward to seeing what Design*Sponge has in store.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Grace

    Been stalking, errr, following D*S for about 8 years. Love it. I’m sorry to hear of the health challenges you face and commend you on plowing forward. Would love to apply and believe I’m qualified – I’m GMT in the UK. Is that doable? PS I do my best work in the evening! :)


    • Jilliene

      Thanks so much for your kind comment and for following DS for so long. Sadly this particular job needs to be within 3 hours of EST, but we do have intl contributors and will probably add more at some point. This particular job just needs to be in our time zone so we can meet and talk during our work hours.


      • Ok. Good to know. I’m only 4 hours out but understand. Will keep my eyes peeled for international openings! :) good luck with everything and keep up the excellent work. J

        • Jilliene

          If you want to throw your hat in the ring and note your time difference we can keep that in mind in case anything opens up. Always good to have your info and details in the application just in case :)


  • Grace

    You are an inspiration and D*S is my daily dose of dreaming, happiness and beauty.

    I wish I wasn’t such an amateur/beginner and lived closer to even consider applying and contributing with my Polish/British interior and home design input. Perhaps one day!

    Sending you best wishes of good health and every success with all D*S projects.


  • Hi Grace, I’m a virtual assistant who loves all things art & design – I adore Design *Sponge & been following for many years! would love to be involved if you ever need contributors or admin assistance UK based :)

  • Ah, contributing to Design*Sponge and all the loveliness it brings to its readers would be my dream job if I didn’t live all the way in South Africa.

    Wishing you all the best Grace, with the new contributors who will no doubt be amazing, and with your health too.

  • Best wishes for you on this new time of your life, challenging but pretty sure you´ll succeed. I´m from Venezuela and have a great time followin DS. Love design even though I’m a Lawyer. Wouldn´t it be great doing something about the latin design?. I totally agree with Sam´s previous comment on diversity of sneak peeks. Good. luck.

  • Hi Grace,
    As a Stage 3 cancer survivor, I’m with you on the wake up call and oddly freeing clarity a diagnosis can bring. Sending you good, healing thoughts.
    I submitted a piece a while back that you kindly commented on. Am wondering if the social media feeds for my store count? I don’t have feeds in my own name, instead channel it all through general store paso robles.
    Yay for all your exciting news!

    • Joeli

      Thank you so much for sharing that with me- and I am so, so glad that you are a survivor. That is incredible and wonderful.

      You don’t need to have social media feeds, it’s totally ok. We just wanted to see if people do, and if so, if that gives us any more insight into their style and voice. :)


  • I’ve been a fan of Design*Sponge since I was in highschool, dreaming of being a designer!
    Would be awesome to part of the team! But I am brazilian :(
    Do you accept foreigner application? :)


  • So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but glad you have such a great outlook! Adult-onset Type 1 can be particularly confusing, as the lifestyle changes can be sudden and overwhelming. Most people have no idea what Type 1 diabetes is, and it can be really frustrating trying to explain that you can’t cure yourself through diet, hearing well-meaning but frustrating “can’t you just cut out sugar”, etc. Oy! My sister has Type 1, and although she still sometimes gets annoyed when people misunderstand her disease, she’s usually able to spin it as a good teaching opportunity :)

    For anyone curious about Type 1 Diabetes, here’s an (oversimplified for brevity!) explanation:

    In autoimmune disesases, your body gets confused and decides that part of you is bad, and destroys it. None are curable (yet!). With Type 1 diabetes, your body has decided that your pancreas (specifically, its insulin-producing cells) is bad and destroys it. We need that insulin to break down and process sugars in our bodies – a healthy pancreas does this automatically based on how much we’ve eaten, exercised, etc. If your body isn’t making it anymore, you have to put insulin back in. Where it gets tricky, is you also have to do the regulation work your pancreas normally does! This means you have to figure out how much insulin to give yourself, throughout the day, depending on your activity/food intake/LOTS of other factors. Luckily, there’s lots of tools to help – blood sugar monitors, insulin pumps (basically a mechanical “pancreas” that you can program to pump insulin into you at varying doses throughout the day – super cool!), and new tech comes out all the time. There’s also a lot of support – my sister even went to Diabetes Camp every summer for years to learn how to manage her Type 1! Adult-onset is much rarer, but the early-onset adults with Type 1 are a fount of help as well, and in my experience are so happy to lend an ear (and shoulder).

    Anyhoo Grace, I hope your transition into ‘Beetus Life is smooth and safe, and full of support and love :)

    • Kimithy

      Thanks so much for this. I’m still figuring it all out, but hanging in there with help from friends (new and old) and a lot of therapy and deep breaths :)

      Thanks for sharing this explanation- I’m already frustrated with explaining the difference to well meaning people on Instagram who just keep telling me to avoid sugar ;)


  • Grace,

    I have followed Design Sponge for years and I love how everything here really has a deep sense of honesty about it. I love how it celebrates beauty, and how DS manages to empower its readers with both the more serious issues and the fun – that is a very special connection. This would be a dream job for a writer and design/vintage nerd based in Sweden, but I realize I would not be considered because of the time difference. If you at any time would consider hiring international/Scandinavian contributers, I’d love to be considered.
    All the best, and take care of yourself and your beautiful family and team, Grace. It’ll be great to see your new plans turn into reality.

  • Opening this email made my day! I even set a reminder to apply for this position haha :) I’m pleased to hear you found a silver lining in your difficult times. I love this amazing platform that you’ve curated and built over the years, and even being able to apply for a position helping contribute to it is exhilarating. Architecture is my first passion and blogging has become my love as an adult, so hopefully I’m a good fit! Getting to drool over the amazing photography ahead of time is enough to make me want to get on board alone haha!! P.S. I’ll be applying.

    Addie Danielle
    Old World New

  • Hi Grace,

    I was diagnosed with adult onset T1D when I was 23, 5 years ago now. It is a big adjustment, but I just wanted to share that managing it will become more routine with time. I remember especially feeling at the time that I didn’t know how I would fit this disease into the adventurous life I wanted to live, worried that it would limit me. I am happy to say that I have only hiked, kayaked, and traveled more since being diagnosed. I think in some ways it is quite confusing to be diagnosed as an adult and adjust to something so unexpected. I highly recommend the book “Think Like a Pancreas”! I also wanted to think more deeply about how we make medical decisions in our lives, so I read “Your Medical Mind” by Jerome Groopman and Pamela Hartzband, which I think is a wonderful and thought-provoking book. And please feel free to email me if you have any questions at all, I’m certainly not an expert but would be happy to share anything from my experience that I can.


    • Nicole

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. “Think like a Pancreas” is the best book I’ve read since my diagnosis- and the one that made me feel the most calm. I started with The Bernstein Solution and that made me feel so terrified about everything. Thankfully TLAP brought me back up and reminded me to keep it in moderation. I’m reading Sugar Surfing now and am about to get my first CGM so I’m feeling hopeful that I can take this one day at a time :)


      • Grace: I’m having a little trouble replying to your reply above, so posting down here. Just a quick unsolicited tip, totally feel free to ignore!

        On empowering your support network/friends/fam:

        It can be helpful to give loved ones a simple explanation of what T1 is, and ask if they have any questions. Demystifies it a lot – especially if they’re trying to learn about it via Google/Wiki, the misinfo out there is annoying.

        You can also make a little kit: fill a first-aid-style box with glucose tabs, a spare simple glucose monitor, glucagon, copy of your insurance card, etc. Tell loved ones where it is, show them what’s inside and what it’s for. They’ll likely never need it, but it’s somehow really nice to know it’s there! Also, an excuse to get crafty… :p

        • Kimithy

          Thanks, I’ve done all this and am hoping they get the message. Most people still think I just need to avoid sugar and I’m cured. Super frustrating. Even my own GP today said, “Well Type 2 and Type 1 aren’t that different”. Arrrrghh.



  • If you ever need a contributor from Europe, the UK then I would be very interested in working with you. As an interior designer and blogger it would be great to collaborate with you.

  • How exciting! Congratulations on the 12 years of Design Sponge, and I wish you good health and great happiness. :-) I’m especially looking forward to the new episodes of After the Jump because it’s my favorite podcast. In fact, the show provides the perfect inspirational background music for when I’m crafting.

    Speaking of which, last month I finally got my own copy of Design*Sponge at home and am loving it. Stories and styles may have shifted a bit but the rooms are still fun and projects awesome. In fact, I’m waiting for this rain to hold off a minute so I can make those concrete garden globes & decorative citronella candles.

  • What a fab opportunity! As a UK based follower of D*S I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for lots of lovely updates. The Sneak Peeks section has always been the first to catch my eye over the years, and I’m starting to renovate my own house in a week so that curiosity won’t be waning any time soon! If you’re ever casting out the net for international correspondents I would be happy to get involved. Best of luck to the applicants and also to you with your health.

  • Hi! Bummer you’re in the East Coast, I’m on the West Coast, but absolutely love your style/flair, and have been looming for a way into this world. Interiors are my passion, I absolutely love everything about it! My best friend and I have been trying to get a blog off the ground about this type of stuff. Like DIY, repurpose, finding the beauty in things people would throw away normally. Do you think you guys will ever have a need for expanding out here on the west side? ? You guys are great, and I’d love to do anything in collaboration with your team!


    • Becki

      Thanks for your email- if you check the post above you’ll see that we are accepting applications from the west coast- that’s still within 3 hours of EST. ;)


  • All of this–besides the diagnosis, of course–is exciting and wonderful news. I have been a huge fan of yours since the beginning. (I did interview you when your book came out for the magazine I was working for at the time.) I’m a freelancer now and truly I feel like I’d be a perfect fit for this. I’ll definitely submit an application this week. I’m just finishing up a project for a client, and then it will come in. :) I hope you’re feeling well.

  • Hi Grace, are you looking for Canadians in EST as well? I’m a Montreal designer and I’d love to apply but wanted to check first.


  • AFTER THE JUMP…. so excited, it was part of my life’s Ah-Ha moment, long story, so I’ll spare it, but know that it’s in my heart always.
    Chronic illness is so hard, we have it in the family- my sister with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m really enthused by the idea of hearing more of those stories, my sister’s own life impacts my decisions almost every day, so I can imagine that your episodes will be really inspiring.

  • Oh boy, oh boy! Just got my resumé in! Looking forward to hearing back from you because I know I’d be an excellent fit! :) Thanks so much for hiring among your fanbase!


    • Susan

      I sadly don’t see your name in the list, unless you used a different name or email? I think you’ll need to resubmit, I’m sorry. The form will be open until late tonight so there’s lots of time left! :)


      • hi grace- thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! the error message that i keep receiving is: ‘There was a problem with your submission. This form can’t accept new entries. Please inform the owner of the form so they can contact Wufoo Support.’

        it won’t allow me to submit what i’ve entered. maybe i’ll try cutting and pasting everything in a new application?


          • so curious! i just copied and pasted my entry twice and still the same error message. i even tried from a different browser. is it possible that it sees me as a duplicate in the system somewhere?

            sorry about this…


            • Susan

              What browser and version are you using? I’m trying this on all mine and can’t replicate that error.

              Did you use the email you used here for your form? I searched for it and don’t see an entry in the system.


  • I used Safari ver. 8.08 and Google Chrome Ver. 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit). Yes, I’ve used the same email for both. I’m so sorry that this is an issue!


    • Susan

      That’s so odd- I’m so sorry. I put a ticket in with Wufoo to see if there’s a local issue happening. I tested on both those browsers and got my form through ok…


      • thank you. in the meantime, i’ve transferred the information from the form and made it into a pdf – should i just email that over in case this doesn’t get resolved anytime soon?


        • I had this exact same issue and sent my submission by email as well. I hope that’s okay. I’ve tried every which way to NOT get this error, but no luck.

  • Grace! I am so thrilled to hear After the Jump will be returning! It was such an inspiration to me as I prepared to quit my job & launch my business last fall. I feel forever indebted to you & am so looking forward to new episodes! Yay!

  • You are handling your diagnosis with such honesty and grace. While I haven’t had a life-changing health concern to date, someone very close to me did have that experience. My father was diagnosed with MS a few months after my parents adopted me (1976), and their brightest moment turned quite dark. Unlike you, my father hid his illness for as long as he could; the benefits of ADA had not yet materialized and my parents were fearful that his job would be in jeopardy– so they kept it a secret, until they no longer could. By opening up and sharing your story, you will undoubtedly help those with T1 diabetes, and I’m sure your forthrightness will help you build a supportive and caring community around you.
    Sometimes it takes an event or an experience to shake up our lives and help us reorganize/prioritize the things that matter most. I’m looking forward to After the Jump (the best!!) and the non-stop stream of creativity that bursts from every post on Design Sponge!
    Good luck on your selection process. I’ve got my hands full with two kids, a wallpaper boutique launch (yikes!), and magazine writing…but if you ever need input or insight regarding life in Colorado, feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to help out (locally) where I can :) Feel good, Grace!

  • Though the deadline has passed, might you still be accepting applications?

    It would be an honor to be considered for a position as New Baby in the Design Sponge Family.

    I believe I can make a good case for why I should be allowed to squeak past the May 20 date.

    Whatever necessary information you may need will be provided immediately upon request.

    Sending my best wishes to you, Grace.

    • Hi Helen,

      Sorry, we’re no longer accepting applications as the deadline passed. But do keep an eye out for the future, should we post any new job opportunities here on D*S.

      I’ll pass your well wishes to Grace :)


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