15 Kilim Pillows I Wouldn’t Kick Out of Bed

by Grace Bonney

After this week’s essay on white rooms and the ever-present kilim rug accent, I got quite a few emails and comments on our social channels asking where to find great kilim pieces. Most people were curious about pillows and other accessories made from old kilim segments, and since I have quite a few around my own house, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sources for snapping up great handmade kilim pieces. These shops take great segments, remnants and swatches from vintage kilims and reimagine them as beautiful pillows. While “all-things-kilim” is a major trend right now, I firmly believe pieces like this that highlight traditional and artisan-level crafting skills will always be in style. So don’t be afraid to invest in a pillow, rug or accent piece that will work just as well in a modern space as it will a more traditional one. xo, grace

*Every store I’ve linked to in this post has multiple kilim pillows for sale, just in case the specific one I mention here sells out!

My go-to spot for finding great (and highly unique) pillows made from kilim rugs is Leif. Stacy carries a great selection that is made by Christian Rathbone in Brooklyn. Christian travels abroad and works with makers in Turkey to select designs that are then turned into pillows stateside (check out his home tour here!). This pillow has a great mix of bright colors and pattern. 16x6 (insert included) $88 at Leif.
I love the muted colors that Christian Rathbone selects for his pillows, too. These would integrate so nicely into both a modern and more traditional space. 16x6 (insert included) $88 at Leif.
Neon pink and a good, rich orange? Sign me up. Sometimes eBay shops have the best styles and the best deals. This pillow is 24x18, $39 (insert not included) here on eBay. *You can find inserts for pillows online just about anywhere, from Etsy and eBay to Amazon. You can, of course, also buy them in local sewing shops if you have them (yay!) and home supply stores, too.
I've purchased a few kilim pillows from Sheeps Road Kilim Pillows and they've all been great so far. I love their mix of styles and the wide range of color vibrancies. Some are super washed out and pastel, and others are brighter and more saturated. I love the patchwork detailing in this one. So cute. 20x20, $44.90 (insert not included) right here.
I love kilim pillows as lumbar pillows. When thrown in a mix with square pillows, they add a nice sense of depth and variation. 30x60 pillow, $37 here (insert not included)
Kilims come in all sorts of colors and patterns, but I have a real soft spot for stripes. This style, $47 (no insert included), has a great mix of pink and blue.
A lot of these brightly colored kilim pillows are far from antique or vintage, so don't be fooled when something this vibrant and new-looking isn't, in fact, from a long time ago. But does that matter? Not so much to me. I love these colors and the weaving technique is still beautiful. This style is $39 (insert not included) right here at Uzbek Craft.
If pink is your color (and why shouldn't it be?), this kilim from Sheeps Road is perfect. 12x24 lumbar pillow, $32.90 (insert not included) right here.
Speaking of Christian Rathbone, his Etsy shop is full of great modern kilim pillows that show how contemporary this style can be. I love these dashes ($75, fill included) and the pattern on the next style...
Talk about cool. I love this graphic spin on such an age-old style. $110 (fill included) here at Christian's Etsy shop.
This softly colored kilim pillow would be a welcome addition to any sofa or bed. I love the contrasting geometric style on top and horizontal bands on the bottom. 16x16 $58 at LoomandField on Etsy (insert not included).
I love the sneaky little hot pink spots of color in this kilim pillow. 16x16, $95 (insert not included) here at Etsy.
Not the greatest product picture in the world, but I love the colors in this pillow and the little bowtie-style detailing. 16x16, $30 (insert not included) here at Etsy.
Again, not the greatest product shot (A lot of the best deals on Etsy often come with less-styled product photos), but this intricate pattern is so beautiful. 20x20, $40 (insert not included) right here on Etsy.
There's a tiny pop of hot pink in this chain/floral pattern and I love it. 16x16, $50 (no insert included) here at Etsy.
A little punch of color to round this out. 16x16, $40 (no insert included) here at Etsy.

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  • Hi!
    So good to see some beautiful kilims on this post. I am a textile designer, and I curate a shop of vintage textiles and home goods. We are on etsy and in our own platform under http://www.valientegoods.com
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  • Hi Grace!

    Thanks so much for including our pillow in your selection! DS is our go-to design resource, and it’s also one of the very first blogs we ever came across, so we couldn’t be more flattered.

    Big hugs from Paris!
    Christine and Pierre

  • We are two fellow artisanal/traditional/ethnic textile addicts and we couldn’t agree more! Love this round up, the palettes and the workmanship of these pieces are stunning. We may have to add a new Istanbul Collection to our current Balinese one in fact…I see many more kilims in my future!

  • Thank you so so much for featuring us, Grace, thats such a pleasure and I hope you love the pillows you got from Sheepsroad !

    Best wishes,
    – Sheepsroad

  • Rug & Relic (www.rugandrelic.com) has a HUGE selection of kilim pillows, in every size you could imagine. All hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that we create ourselves, and great pricing that reflects the fact that we manufacture our own pieces. Please check us out!

    Rug & Relic