11 of The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada

by Sabrina Smelko

“Yours to discover, (and you’re gonna love it) Ontariioooo,” has been the adorable unofficial anthem of the province since as far back as I can remember. And while many of us as born-and-raised teenagers jokingly referred to it as “Onterrible” growing up, the mature, adult me has grown to love this vibrant corner of the world. Housing the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto — which was just declared the most diverse city in the world — as well as the nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario and its residents have a lot to be proud of.

While many interior design sites are flooded with amazing Brooklyn brownstones and LA lofts, Ontario also boasts some gorgeous homes (some of which we’ve featured here on Design*Sponge), but they often humbly shy away. So as the resident Canuck on staff, it’s my honor today to share 11 of my favorite home tours within Ontario, specifically in the GTA (greater Toronto area), where I hang my hat. –Sabrina

The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
This Bay-and-Gable home in Hamilton, Ontario is one of my favorite tours from the last few years. Perhaps it's the familiarity I have to this style of home, but there's something so comforting and yet so beautiful about it.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
Reflecting how the homeowners function and their personal aesthetic, this renovated Toronto abode has a kitchen I dream about. Between the integrated island built-in table and the combination of wood and stone (used throughout the home), I fall hard.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
In this roundup of Ontario homes, I would be remiss if I did not include Emma Reddington's cozy but grand 1905 Toronto Victorian. With red and white hues, stacked logs, and plenty of warm throws and textiles, It's quintessentially Canadian.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
Another favorite kitchen of mine sits within Sarah Alchmist's home. It's great proof that global trends and styles have influence both in big cities and in tiny (Ontario) towns and counties.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
An oldie but a goodie, textile designer Bev Hisey's Toronto home is still a personal favorite. Her use of color, texture and playfulness is both functional and beautifully inspiring. And what would a best-of-Ontario-homes post be without sharing a classic Hudson's Bay blanket?!
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
This condo in Mississauga, Ontario is full of airiness, calm colors and is the ultimate smorgasbord of things loved and things needed.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
Paying homage to cottage country, Colin and Justin's cabin in Haliburton screams northern Ontario. Decorated with the goal of ultimate comfort, it boasts views that celebrate Ontario's wide offering of lakes and wildlife.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
This 900-square-foot East Danforth home tells a story shared by many homeowners in Toronto (and across the globe in pockets): that of losing out on oodles of dream homes before finding one and turning it into a dream home.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
Holly Wheatcroft's lively 1920s-era Toronto home is colorful, clean and filled with surprises around every corner, from a live plant wall to the coral walls tucked just beyond a white hallway.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
This boho-country gem in Prince Edward County (a rural town in southern Ontario) is welcoming -- both figuratively and literally. Its owners rent out a few rooms to visiting artists as part of their artists residency program.
The Best and Brightest Homes in Ontario, Canada
Effortless and elegant with just the right touches of rustic, Nikole Herriott's Toronto home is filled with collected and created odds and ends.

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  • As a fellow born-and-bred Ontario girl – and currently a Milton resident too! – I am simply bananas for the Canadian content that Sabrina brings to this site. Thank you!

    • Ruff Ruby! Hey! No way, you live in Milton?! Small, small world, ain’t it. So glad you love what I bring to the table, that’s so sweet of you to say. Do you have a blog I can follow or keep up with? Love supporting local pals :)

  • Okay – the photos are nice but every single home shown above has white walls. I live in Canada (although not in Ontario) and I can attest that there are many of us with colourful walls.

    • You’re absolutely right! All homes (even in Ontario!) have all kinds of colored walls (although mine are almost all-white as well! For me, it’s just an easy hue to pull off, and for this and many more reasons, it’s been on trend lately). In these roundups, we’re simply pulling from archives, and, for myriad reasons, a lot of submitted content from the past boasts white walls. That said, we’re working hard to bringing you all more interiors that ooze with color and pattern and maximalist style, so you can look forward to that. :)

  • Sabrina – I tried to reply the other day, but looks like there is something wonky with the reply function, and then totally forgot. Anyways, the answer is no, no blog – but if I do start, I’ll let you know ;) See you at the farmer’s market maybe?? Ciao!