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In the Kitchen With: Great Lower-Carb Dishes

by Kristina Gill

As the food editor here at Design*Sponge — and a passionate home cook, and an avid cookbook reader — when I hear that someone is making significant dietary changes, I am interested in understanding what options are available to them, how easy the transition is, and whether preparing the food presents any challenges. Lately, it seems that the number of people in my life who have turned to a low-carb diet for health reasons is growing. I’ve spent a lot of time going through my cookbooks to find low-carb recipes, and trying them myself.

This week, I thought I would post a roundup of some of my favorite lower-carb recipes from the column over the past year for those of you who may be looking for new dishes to try. If you have any requests for any particular type of dish, please let us know and we will gladly include them on the column! —Kristina

Image above: Sundays are Pad Thai days at my house, but the rice noodles are a deal-breaker for low-carb diets. Luckily, Laura Wright created a Raw “Pad Thai” Salad that can sub in. Laura loosely nicknamed her salad a “Pad Thai” for its seasoning which is hot sweet and sour, like the best Pad Thai, and she made the noodles from vegetables.

Image above: These gorgeous roasted vegetables with salsa verde by Greta, Dani and Colin at Good Eggs can be a side dish, or a main, using the best of seasonal produce any time of the year. This recipe features winter vegetables, but now that spring is here, you can switch it up!


Image above: Though Janet Fletcher recommends serving her Lamb Meatballs in Yogurt Sauce with Sizzling Red Pepper Butter over egg noodles, or rice, these meatballs are great on their own as part of a mezze selection.



Image above: Mushroom season is upon us, and I welcome any opportunity to incorporate them into my diet! Chef Jeremy Sewall shared this Mushroom Ragout with Farm Eggs and Toast, and it is a very simple way to prepare and enjoy mushrooms. Skip the toast, as necessary.



Image above: One of my favorite summer vegetables is sweet corn. While it is not the most low-carb-friendly food, fresh corn comes around briefly each year, so those who do not require an extremely low low-carb count can easily indulge at least once this summer with Tara O’Brady’s Equites and Yellow Tomato Gazpacho.


Image above: Brussels sprouts were not a favorite growing up, but as an adult, I just can’t get enough of them. I thought the raw shaved version at Nopi restaurant in London couldn’t be beat until I ran into this recipe for Brussels Sprout Wraps by Jeanine Donofrio. She uses them raw in this dish as well, and uses the leaves from the stems. Something I would have never thought of!



Image above: I try to stay firm in my resolve to not eat deviled eggs because of the high mayonnaise content of the filling, but occasionally I’ll get a bite of one and totally cave. These darling Beet Pickled Eggs by Leela Cyd are keepers not just because the filling uses one part mayonnaise to three parts yogurt, but because they’re tasty and beautiful.



Image above: All-in-one bowls of food seem to be a trend these days, but there’s not a better way to eat a great meal like Lukas Volger’s Cauliflower “Couscous” Bowl. It contains a mix of textures, and an ingenious portion of “couscous” made from raw cauliflower bits.



Image above: I adore southeast Asian cuisine. I love the resourcefulness of the dishes as well as the flavors and ease of cooking them, especially stir fries. Danielle Chang’s Nasi Goreng is at the top of my list. Yes, it has rice in it, but for a low-carb version, you can substitute the rice with shredded cabbage that has been sauteed but still has a crunch, or omit the rice altogether.

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  • I wish I didn’t read this when I was super hungry, the Pad Thai salad and the Couscous bowl look amazing! Saving the recipes xx