DIY Spring String Light Garland

by Gwendolyn McKenzie


I’ve been patiently waiting for the longest winter ever to end — and for spring’s floral bounty to arrive. With all the bright poppies and versatile viburnum in full bloom, I just want to put them everywhere!

The spring weather also has me back in the groove of entertaining — which basically entails hanging out with friends and a pitcher of sangria on the fire escape. It’s a venue crying out for some fun decor. So for this project, I’m using my favorite spring blooms in a garland wound around a string of twinkling fairy lights. The perfect cure for spring fever, not to mention providing an easy touch of seasonal pizazz. —Gwendolyn

Photography by Ella Ordona



  • string lights (I used these)
  • floral sheers
  • floral wire
  • flowers of choice

When choosing your flowers, make sure to go with several different types. I already knew I wanted to use some gorgeous coral poppies, so I built the rest of my arrangement around them. Snowball viburnum makes a great filler and goes so well with the delicate green ornithogalum (also known as star of Bethlehem). To these I added muscari (aka grape hyacinth) and purple freesias for a pop of color.   


Step 1: Ready? Before you do anything else, prep your flowers and greenery. Cut the blooms of the snowball viburnum off the woody stems and strip off any leaves. Trim down the rest of your flowers, leaving yourself about 6 inches of stem to work with.

design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-03 design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-04

Step 2: Now for the fun part: Starting at the end of your string lights, twine the blooms onto them with floral wire until secure. Layer with small flowers, filler, main blossoms and so on until you’re happy with it and repeat all the way down your string lights.

design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-07 design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-08

Step 3: If you’re using wire string lights like mine, take extra care to position them in open areas of the garland so they don’t get lost under the heavier petals. I positioned some of mine in the middle of the snowball viburnum and it lit up the entire bloom!

design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-11 design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-09

Step 4: Secure the garland to your railing using floral wire — then sit back and wait for your guests’ oohs and ahhs.

design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-12 design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-13

What’s that? No fire escape or balcony? No worries: Just get that step ladder out of the closet and take your spring floral decorating to new heights.

design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-14 design-sponge-diy-spring-string-light-garland-15

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