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A Beverly Hills Hairstylist’s Bohemian Home

by Garrett Fleming

While standing in the courtyard of a triplex in Beverly Hills, CA, hairstylist Christina Meneses and her close friend gazed upon neglected gym equipment. Multiple giant plastic mats cooked in the sun, each one strewn about willy-nilly. A shadow of trepidation crossed her friend’s face. “You’re sure you want to do this, right?” he asked. Not missing a beat, Christina nodded, convinced she’d made the right choice when signing the lease. Her gall in that moment didn’t come as a surprise. Christina has always been a big-picture type of person, so seeing past the less-than-ideal courtyard to the fantastic apartment beyond came naturally.

Coved ceilings, giant windows and built-in cabinetry are just a few of the beautiful elements the Spanish-style, two-bedroom home boasts. Since moving in, Christina has used these architectural details as inspiration, covering sofas in Moroccan-inspired pillows and adorning walls with vintage finds. Throwback treasures are so popular with Christina, in fact, they’ve influenced the entire house’s color scheme. Keeping her furniture and walls in a neutral hue means many accessories can be easily swapped out when inspiration sparks.

With the inside on its way to becoming the relaxing space she’d always dreamed of, Christina refocused on that terrible courtyard. She knew the simple act of getting the gym equipment out of there would make a world of a difference, and boy, was she was right. All she had to do after that was layer in plants and some cozy throw pillows, and voila! Bohemian relaxation zone achieved. It’s here that she often unwinds with friends, a glass of wine in one hand while the other scratches her pup Diego’s ears. Gifts from friends — and pieces she’s snuck out of the neighbors’ trash cans — have, in my opinion, turned what was once the property’s eyesore into its most beautiful asset. And it’s all thanks to Christina and her keen eye for design. Click through to see the rest of her pretty work, and enjoy! —Garrett

Photography courtesy of Jacob Gaitan

A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Christina's bedroom is the brightest place in the house. She used to fight it with heavy curtains, but now she uses the sun as her alarm clock. A lot of Netflix-ing happens here in her cozy bed, under a throw blanket from Cuba and chandelier from West Elm.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Christina Meneses, her daughter Alyssa, son Jack and Diego the pup have lived in their Beverly Hills rental for nearly seven years.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Her son Jack's mini man-cave was designed to be the go-to hangout spot for him and his friends. To create the sectional for them, Christina pushed a pair of twin beds up against the wall. What a great spot to sleep and chill! A Moroccan lamp from Berbere World Imports and pieces from Craigslist, Pottery Barn and IKEA round out the room.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Jack's group of guy friends were taking over the house, so Christina specifically designed his bedroom to keep the chaos under control (and give her living room a bit of a break from the harmless – yet messy – chaos).
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
The living room is kept airy and welcoming thanks to the large windows, open seating and a dash of Behr "Powdered Snow" paint. The room's pops of color and eclectic finishes are what make it truly special to Christina. The family's sofa is from CB2 and is dotted with throw pillows from West Elm and Turkey.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
On rainy days, Christina often sits here in her favorite chair, reading and watching the rain pitter-patter outside her living room's pretty windows.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
By keeping the furnishings neutral, Christina's given herself a palette that's easily amplified by any style of pillow, plant or chair she finds around town. She's a self-proclaimed decor enthusiast, and being able to swap out pieces affordably is something she never takes for granted.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Details like built-in cabinetry and coved ceilings give the casual dining room a touch of charm that makes it a standout. To give the room a custom touch, Christina distressed and added nailhead detailing to this table from Urbanism. The accompanying chandelier is from Pottery Barn.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Christina works as a freelance hairstylist. When clients need to pop into her at-home studio for a touch-up, she pushes the dining room table up against the back wall and gets to snipping and styling.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
The Meneses family's kitchen may be small, but it's got a lot of heart and plenty of space for Christina's ever-growing collection of dishes (now that she's installed these rustic shelves).
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Flea-market finds and pieces from Anthropologie decorate the bright room.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
The backyard is all about meditation and relaxation. Lucky finds from all over come together to create its special, bohemian vibe. Someone was tossing this rattan sofa and had left it abandoned in the street. Christina couldn't be happier that she was able to snag it. The console behind it holding the Buddha? That's a curbside find as well.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
Beverly Hills is typically all about the hustle and bustle. When she does get a moment to relax, Christina finds herself here with friends, sipping wine and chatting about life. Even if only for a moment, they let the soothing vibe whisk them away from the city and into a vacation-esque paradise.
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
A Beverly Hills Hairstylist's Bohemian Home, Design*Sponge
At approximately 1,650 square feet, the California home has two stories, two bedrooms and was built in 1930.

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  • Lovely home! Where is the favorite chair from? Also, where is the elephant table from?

    • Hi Elizabeth, the chair is from Urbanism, and has a mud cloth draped over it. The elephant is from the Rose Bowl flea market. Thank you for reading the article. Christina?

    • Awe thanks, Sophie!!!☺️ I can’t lie, it’s definitely my go to place to decompress. ?

  • Loved that she used twin beds to create a sectional. Also, the strategy of using neutrals for larger pieces then dressing up with accents is really smart. What a great space!


  • Beautiful home…my bohemian dream!
    But I’m curious- why did ‘t you show Alyssa’s room?

  • your home (indoors & outdoors) is just so incredibly beautiful and inviting, christina! your kitchen just has so much character and charm!

  • Its quite aesthetically done. Yet you feel a comfy homely touch to it. Its vibrant, exotic n a lot of fun. In short, ITS AMAZON FORESTS. FULL OF LIFE, COLOUR N FERTILITY. WILD N

  • Christina, I popped over because of the ’18 beautiful wicker chairs’ post and I am so glad I did. Although this is a late comment, I felt I had to tell you that you have a warm, vibrant and truly happy place there. Love your courtyard – having ourselves a huge garden here in France AND a very old, quite rusty but SO gorgeous veranda (wintergarden/conservatory) plus several patios/terraces – we know just how wonderful and important a (even tiny) place to contemplate one’s inner peace is. Your place is oozing warmth and well-feeling. Thanks for sharing. Kiki

  • I also wanted to ask if the ‘curtain rod’ in the 1st pic is a branch? If so, great idea, although it must mean you can’t open or close that curtain or open a window?!

  • Congratulations on this article! I have followed your evolution of this home for years and glad it is getting the noteriety! Love the home and the garden and i wish you many more wonderful memories in the years to come! Gorgeous work, doll!