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15 Creative Instagram Accounts: 2016

by Grace Bonney

Back in 2014, I dove into Instagram head first and felt instantly awash in creative ideas, people and feeds. That year I shared 10 of my favorite creative accounts and while I easily have thousands I could share, I thought it was high-time to update that list and share 15 more of my go-to favs. From illustrators and collage artists to expert cookie makers, envelope decorators and stylists, these feeds are full of color, texture, creativity and inspiration. If you’re in need of a little visual pick-me-up, these feeds are guaranteed to help. I’m always looking for great new people and feed to follow, celebrate and share so let me know your favs below, too! xo, grace

This stunning and wildly creative embroidery is a perfect example of the amazing work that @catchtheinspiration creates. Her feed is a MUST follow.
I can't get enough of the amazing pattern work that @julietmeeksdesign shares on Instagram. So much color and such amazing floral inspiration.
Patti Paige ( @bakedideas ) is one of the most precise, talented and professional cookie bakers/decorators I've ever seen. Her cookies are almost (almost) too pretty to eat.
I follow a lot of fine artists, illustrators and painters on Instagram and @mirdinara is one of my favorites. This photo makes it clear why...
@peopleiveloved is full of clever sayings, drawings and cute enamel pins like this one. (Photo by @litttlest)
@wrightkitchen is well known online, but her feed always deserves another mention. If you love food- and rainbows- this is the feed for you.
I am so in awe of the tiny watercolor animals that @sapphiretrainstudio creates. Then she turns them into patterns like this and I practically fall out of my chair. #Follow.
I've been a huge fan of @omjsk 's feed for a few years now (we even did a home tour with her!) and I'm always blown away by the beautiful moody compositions she creates.
@helenahpornsiri creates these stunning pieces of art from pressed ferns and botanicals. The amount of tiny detail work that goes into these pieces makes my head spin- in a good way.
Every time @kmsalvagedesign posts a collage/styled piece like this one I almost immediately #regram it. I love a well composed overhead design like this and this feed is full of them.
I have a giant crush (major, big time) on @lucy_mail 's feed. Her teeny tiny drawings (all the food!) on envelopes are heaven. They're like way cuter- and way better- versions of everything I wished I could draw when I was younger and would doodle on my notebooks. This little skillet tugs at my heart strings.
It's no secret that @jennypennywood has a way with watercolor. Her textile designs are beloved across the design community and her Instagram feed is no different. If you love soft, colorful and flowy florals, click "FOLLOW" asap.
@hey_jules_studio has a majorly color-filled feed. From rainbow collages and styled arrangements to fun little collections of objects like these nail polish bottles, this feed is a great place to visit for a visual wake up call.
I've really loved discovering collage artists on Instagram because it's an art that often gets overlooked in traditional media. @clover_robin is one of my favorites and I love the way her work reminds me of "The Hungry Caterpillar".
I find myself drifting over to @stellamariabaer 's feed on a regular basis. Her soft watery moon paintings feel beautiful modern takes on celestial artwork and the color palette feels like a beautiful dose of the southwest.

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  • Thank you for sharing. There are so many great instagram accounts out there in all different fields. Something for everyone. ;)


  • Thanks for the round up! I’ll only be spending more time looking at my Instagram feed now! I like love_objects. He does lovely pen and ink drawings of flora and fauna. His brother tortus_copenhagen makes beautiful pottery and I enjoy his feed too.

  • These accounts are amazing! There are so many IG accounts that I love, but a couple off the top of my head are: @brynnwcasey.art (her wave paintings are so lovely), @helen_dardik (her illustrations on outgoing mail make you want to buy something from her weekly), and @anndanger (her illustrations are very mary blaire-esque and I love them!) Have a great day!

  • Thank you soo much Grace! Such a lovely surprise to find this today. It means a lot to me. A few of my favorites to follow are @eva_magill_oliver @rebeccarebouche @walkingmanstudios and I LOVE clover_robin, too! :)

  • I’m so excited to start following these accounts! I love finding new creatives to follow and can’t wait to add some more color to my feed.

  • I love these Instagram round-ups. I always get lost in time when I start looking at all these amazing photos. Thanks, Pat S

  • My girlfriend went to saint martin’s (UK art college – supposedly one of the best in the world) and so throughout the years I have seen some pretty creative stuff – but this makes tops!! Love it.