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Studio Tour: 1956blooms

by Garrett Fleming

Sometimes, it takes learning who you aren’t in order to realize who you are. Such was the case with Kaylyn Hewitt. A couple years ago, she moved from Texas to Boston, MA for graduate school. Kaylyn quickly realized, however, that she simply wasn’t meant to be a student any longer. It wasn’t “her” anymore. For a while she was admittedly a bit aimless, not sure where her true passion lied. Then one day it hit her: she should be a florist.

As a child she was fascinated by flowers, sketching vines in the margins of her notebooks, and running through patches of buds on her parents’ land. As she tumbled around and played, she’d dream of opening her own flower shop, never sure if it’d ever become a reality. After leaving student Kaylyn behind, florist Kaylyn was finally able to give her dream a shot. With all the gusto that comes with newfound passion, she transformed her tiny apartment into a floral cooler and began assembling gorgeous floral arrangements for her friends. And so 1956blooms was born.

Since then, the business has taken off. It’s been such a success, in fact, Kaylyn has been able to move headquarters out of her apartment and into this open-concept, exposed-brick building in Allston, MA. It was a blank canvas when Kaylyn’s team took it over, and ever since move-in day she’s been particular about how the space is decorated. For example, she’s opted for large wooden tables and minimal furniture in order to keep the space uncluttered and to inspire collaboration. This simple and clean look also allows her arrangements to take center stage. They’re peppered throughout and add a touch of color to the studio’s streamlined aesthetic.

Kaylyn realizes how much of an impact a visually-stimulating workspace can have on her design associates. She takes the team’s happiness so seriously, that she has worked alongside the designers at Havenly to add some final touches that make the space sing. Floral artwork, a seating area, wallpaper and shelving do just that. Keep a lookout for the eye-catching wallpaper in particular as you take the tour. After peeking inside, I think you’ll agree that the space itself may be the only thing that can hold a candle to the beautiful arrangements that are made there. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Joyelle West

Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
"I love a minimal approach to design [that has] a certain earthiness to it. On any given day we have so many flowers in the space, in a variety of colors, so I didn’t want the space to feel too overstimulating. I kept the design of the space super simple for that reason," Kaylyn explains. She worked alongside the design team at Havenly to create the look.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
"I started arranging flowers (in 2013) in my small, Cambridge, MA apartment and spent most of my time arranging at the kitchen table or figuring out ways to turn my room into a flower cooler. It was so hard, but such a formative time that I wouldn’t change for anything. It made me a bigger dreamer, and I look back on those days and feel so grateful for where I am now," 1956blooms' owner Kaylyn reminisces.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Design assistant Monika hard at work on an arrangement for one lucky client.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
The Havenly teamed recommended these IKEA desks and chairs and rug from eBay. All three elements cleverly keep the space minimalist yet stylish.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Havenly was also particularly helpful when it came to deciding where finishing touches - such as these art prints - should live.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
The studio used to be an artist's workshop, so when Kaylyn first viewed the space it was bursting with color. This helped Kaylyn envision her colorful flowers peppered throughout the white, exposed-brick workspace.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
The sofa is from Urban Outfitters.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Of course Kalyn wanted her team to work from an inspiring and beautiful space, but she couldn't sacrifice function for form. Open shelving keeps the team's tools close at hand, and the open-concept layout allows everyone to be in one place, able to collaborate on a moment's notice.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Ever since she can remember, Kaylyn's been drawn to flowers. She used to scribble them in her school books, hoping that one day she'd own a floral studio. The space truly is the embodiment of her dreams coming true.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Originally, Kaylyn came to this building to view another studio space, one with French doors and two rooms. Her current place's amazing details and open-air vibe won her over in the end, though. Since moving in, she's wasted no time adding a touch of bold pattern and color here and there. This gorgeous wallpaper is from Sian Zeng.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
Drenched in Benjamin Moore "Almond Beige" chalkboard paint, the front door turns notes into decoration.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
The studio's custom-built tables are designed to not only accommodate every supply necessary for making a gorgeous arrangement, but to also bring the team together to work on projects as a unit.
Studio Tour: 1956blooms, Design*Sponge
An IKEA shelving unit hold supplies and potted plants.

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  • I am in love with this space. So simple and just my style. And that Benjamin Moore chalkboard paint is sooo cute! I had no idea they made it in that colour.

    -Emily coatandcoffee.com

  • Wow! Kaylyn your space is beautiful and so is your website. I agree, the almond beige is luscious! Glad to know you’re in Boston.

  • Love the simplicity with the splash of vibrant colors in the rug. The flowers and plants look perfect and give a warm look to the room.

  • Loved your space. Such simplicity and elegance. The way you have arranged flowers around your place is perf, adds the right bit of softness and feminity!!