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Klancy Miller’s Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Grace Bonney

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies (c) Tara Donne
Being married to someone who works in the food world has been one of the best ways to meet interesting and talented new people. While tagging along with Julia to the first Cherry Bombe Jubilee, I had the chance to meet writer and pastry chef, Klancy Miller. Her smile and positivity were infectious and I’ve been following her delicious cooking on Instagram ever since. So I was thrilled to hear that her very first cookbook comes out this month!

Cooking Solo cover
Cooking Solo: The Joy of Cooking for Yourself might be one of the greatest ideas for a cookbook ever. Not only is it useful for everyone at some point in their life, but it’s chock-full of delicious recipes that celebrate taking care of yourself and creating something that tastes wonderful. I love thinking about all of the ways these (100) recipes could be used. For a special dinner at home to treat yourself, for kids at home who want to learn to cook for themselves, or for when you’re entertaining others (there’s a special section on having friends over, too!) — these recipes have something for everyone.

Today Klancy is sharing my favorite recipe from her book: Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies. This is the sort of recipe that doesn’t need much selling — it involves three types of chocolate and combines salty and sweet perfectly. So whether you’re making a batch of these for friends or just want to treat yourself, these are guaranteed to please. Read on to get the full recipe or click here to check out Klancy’s book and order online. xo, grace

*We’re also giving away a copy of Klancy’s book! If you’d like to be eligible, please leave a comment below (by Wednesday, March 9th) and tell us about YOUR favorite or go-to solo meal.

*Please note: this recipe is for a salty-sweet cookie. If you prefer less salt, try these with 1 tsp of salt instead of 2.

Excerpted from COOKING SOLO, © 2016 by Klancy Miller. Reproduced by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies
Makes about 3 dozen 3- to 3 ½ -inch cookies

I consider myself original cookie monster, and my all-time favorite is chocolate chip. I add cocoa powder to the dough, use both semisweet and milk chocolate morsels, and add a little more salt than usual to bring out all that chocolaty goodness. If you like yours less salty, use 1 1⁄2 teaspoons of salt instead of 2. This is a cookie-on-demand recipe: You bake as many as you want upfront, and form the rest of the dough into a slice-and-bake roll to stash in your freezer. –Klancy


2 cups all-purpose flour
3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 teaspoons fleur de sel or other flaky sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1⁄2 cups lightly packed light brown sugar
1 cup (2 sticks) butter, at room temperature
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 cup milk chocolate chunks


1. Preheat the oven to 375°F.

2. In a medium bowl, whisk the flour with the cocoa powder, salt, and baking soda until well combined.

3. In a large bowl, use a wooden spoon or handheld electric mixer to beat the brown sugar and butter until well combined and creamy. Beat in the vanilla. Add the eggs, one at a time, mixing after each addition. Add the dry ingredients, mixing until combined. Stir in the semisweet and milk chocolate pieces.

4. Decide how many cookies you would like to eat right now and drop that many heaping teaspoons of dough onto an ungreased baking sheet, spacing them at least 2 inches apart. (For the remaining dough, see step 6.)

5. Bake the cookies for 9 to 11 minutes, until firm and lightly golden. Let them cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes before transferring them to a cooling rack. Serve warm.

6. Cut a 20-inch piece of wax or parchment paper and dump the remaining dough onto it. Using your hands and the natural curl of the paper, roll the dough into a log shape about 1 1⁄2 inches in diameter. Wrap the dough log tightly in aluminum foil or plastic wrap and place it in the freezer.

7. Whenever you want cookies, preheat the oven to 375°F, unwrap one end of the dough log, and cut a 1-inch slice for each cookie. Place on an ungreased baking sheet and bake for about 10 minutes, or until lightly golden. Rewrap and refreeze the remaining dough. It will keep well in the freezer for up to 2 months.

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  • I would love to win this book! I love to cook, but often balk at recipes that I feel might leave me with too many leftovers (I get bored easily). My go-to solo cooking meal is scrambling some egg whites with a bunch of spices and whatever fresh veggies I have. Sometimes I add in some andouille chicken sausage if I’m feeling crazy. It’s great for nights when you get home late and are tired and just want something delicious fast!

  • What a great idea! I’ve been so intimated by cooking for so long and am just recently getting comfortable in the kitchen by cooking for myself. MUCH less pressure cooking for one! If I mess it up, no one will ever know. My favorite meals usually quick, simple and pretty healthy- baked chicken and roasted veggies, stuffed peppers or sausage, peppers and onions over brown rice.

  • tuna pasta salad is quick and tasty. boil farfalle or other small pasta. put frozen peas in the colander. drain noodles over the peas (they cook just enough). make tuna salad and stir everything together. salt and pepper. serve warm or as a cold salad the next day.

  • My go to solo meal is a tempeh reuben. This cookbook looks amazing! I would love to win a copy.

  • Softr scrambled eggs (organic eggs, cream and butter!) with a piece of classic foccacia with salt and rosemary from Eataly that I pick up on the way home.

  • My go-to is cereal or a cheese plate with crackers, nuts, and anything else I have on hand.

  • My go-to solo meal is pumpkin soup with curry, grated parmisan and pink salt, the best meal when the weather outside is very cold

  • This probably sounds very juvenile, but I love a good PB&J on toast! Sign me up.

  • Does cereal count…? I actually love Matha Stewart’s super easy recipe for egg noodles with caraway butter. So tasty and quick to make!

  • I too am a complete cookie monster – just ask any of my friends & family! Can’t wait to try this recipe as it will surely fulfill any chocolate craving!

    My go-to meal is pesto pasta, with some veggies (broccoli is my favorite) and walnuts if I have any on hand. I toss in the broccoli right after I strain the noodles and mix in the pesto & nuts. Easy peasey & delicious!

  • I love making sautéed chickpeas with curry spice, garlic, and a little bit of coconut milk. Easy, delicious, cheap, and healthy with lots of protein and fiber!

  • My go to is any form of burrito bowl. I had it 4 times this week, and it can use any grain, veg n protein – perfect for using up the fridge.

  • My go to solo meal is a caprese salad.
    I get the smaller mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes from trader joes. Chop em in half, cut up some basil and drizzle with balsamic and olive oil. I even have a special bowl i use!

  • I love to cook and live alone so my life is filled with a lot of solo meals – this book would be awesome inspiration! I love to make sauteed shrimp over rice, or soba sesame noodles,

  • My go-to solo meals are rice noodles with kale, carrots and corn, or a spinach and mushroom omelet. I bet this book is full of great ideas!

  • I never get tired of my rainbow salad. I just throw together sliced purple cabbage, red bell peppers, sliced carrots, romaine lettuce, roasted red beets, a few broccoli florets and chopped chicken sauteed in coconut oil and glazed with any kind of sauce or marinade that happens to be in the fridge. I top it with home made ranch dressing mixed with a little bbq sauce. Fast and easy.

  • My solo meal is typically comfort food. Fried eggs sandwich w extra mayo. The add ons all depend on what I have around. Sriracha, tomato, avocado… You really can’t go wrong.

  • I love all mini-pizzas – the dough keeps for days (or a week!) and I can use whatever I have or pick up that day as a topping (peppers, figs, olives, or a good tomato). In the summer, it’s a baguette/olive oil/cured meat/fresh cheese mix on the solo days.

  • Casserole of eggs and whatever grain I have (rice, quinoa, farro) with whatever raw/frozen veggies need to get used up. Doesn’t sound good but it’s foolproof and can be seasoned with hot sauce, soy sauce, different salt varieties. :)

  • My go-to is a can of chick peas, some balsamic vinegar, some onions, and whatever pasta or rice I feel like!

  • For my favorite go-to solo meal I coat chicken thighs in brown sugar and then add a spice blend, usually ranch or a Jamaican jerk, and bake then broil. So easy and delicious!

  • I am trying to lose weight, so I am loving all kinds of salads now..with avocado, shrimp etc.

  • Would be an awesome prize to win to try out new healthy recipes.

    My fave is some fried rice and teriyaki chicken.

  • Spaghetti squash. It may seem like a ton of food but it cooks down easily. Leftovers for the next day and easily shareable for those who have never tried it!

    I’m not vegetarian but grilled veggies in general are simple and delicious. And I can’t cook steaks and the like properly.

  • I live alone and most of my meals are just me, I am beyond excited to get this cookbook! My favorite solo meal is usually Friday’s after work if I have no plans I splurge at my favorite local market for some good cheese, bread, prosciutto, blackberries, and avocado. Pick up some chocolate for dessert and make myself a cheese board (on a pretty cutting board) with a glass of wine. I know that doesn’t require a lot of cooking but it’s a wonderful way to celebrate yourself + good food. If I’m making a standard go to meal, I love bacon burgers and a side of baked sweet potato fries or baked broccoli.

  • My go-to is cous cous with roasted vegetables and feta!

    (Love salty-sweet combos and can’t wait to try these cookies!)

  • I adore the idea of this book !!!
    My go to solo meal is a quick version of carbonara which my kitty pearl & i share ❤️?

  • Pasta with lots of cheese! I’d love to win this and give to my mom (after stealing most of the recipes first)! Xo

  • my favorite go to meal…tacos made with seating and tofu sour cream and guacamole!! YUM!

  • My favorite go to solo meal is a frittata with leftover whatever is available thrown in. Eggs, a protein, vegetable, some fresh herbs and seasonings; add some bread crumbs if you have them, and most certainly some cheese on top. Start on stove, top with some shredded cheese and put in broiler for a few minutes until cheese has melted and bubbly. Excellent way to use leftovers. Easy and fast. Serve with crusty bread and salad.

  • My fav solo meal is a cheese quesadilla with fresh avo and green salsa. Otherwise its fried eggs, salad and toast.

  • Been living solo for about 4 years, so this is how I cook! My staples are: pasta with ricotta, fresh or steamed veggies, lemon, and olive oil; ramen with spinach and hard boiled egg; almost any salad or grain recipe from “Jerusalem”

  • For me, a good solo meal would be limas (that had come from the farmer’s market the summer before and been frozen), cooked with chicken broth, half and half, salt and pepper, plus defrosted, cooked shrimp. I make my own cocktail sauce so everything is already in my refrigerator!

  • Yum! I bet these recipes could easily be upped for two. Sometimes I forget to half most recipes and end up eating the same leftovers with my spouse for three days… My favorite solo meal is quinoa with feta, roasted almonds, and peas topped with a honey olive oil dressing and fresh basil.

  • My go to solo meal is homemade personal pizza! I usually just throw whatever toppings on I have kicking around in the fridge.

  • When it’s not a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, I like to make pasta puttanesca for myself – fairly quick, but total comfort food!

  • my favorite solo meal is to take a bunch of vegetables (broccoli, butternut squash, brussel sprouts, carrots, etc), roast them up in the oven until they’re nice and crispy, then put some tahini dressing on top- binge-watching “the good wife” while eating is optional, but recommended.

  • When no one is home and I have time, I make baked beans. I’m the only one who will eat them, and I love them.

  • This book excites me SO much, I live alone & truly find it challenging to make time to cook proper, healthy meals for myself.
    I also work for myself (from home) and so I can easily keep working, and not take time to eat.
    This is something I REALLY want to change, and aspire to make cooking, and eating an enjoyable ritual, as opposed to a necessary evil that simply takes up time I don’t have.
    I don’t even know if I have a favourite, on-the-go solo meal, but I can tell you what I ate last night for dinner (even though it’s a tad embarrassing); hummus spread on a whole grain pita, with sliced turkey breast, provolone cheese and baby kale rolled up and eaten quickly while taking a 5 minute break from sewing.
    So much room for improvement!

  • I like to cook a grilled cheese and ham sandwich. I don’t need to make big meals anymore. But I need to make sweet things for church gathering. This book may help with that endeavor.

  • Favourite Solo Meal? A fancy cheese and charcuterie board! No fuss, and just enough for one. Can anyone ever get too much cheese?

  • I can’t wait to try those cookies – they look soooo good! My favorite go-to meal is pasta w/pesto and salad with home-made Dijon dressing. Thanks for the chance at winning that cool cookbook. :)

  • Mine would have to be any kind of pasta dish. I love to kind of throw in random ingredients from the fridge that are going to go bad soon, so it’s never the same dish!

  • My fallback singles dish is pesto and egg noodles. I grow the basil and make the pesto in the summer, leaving out the cheese, then freeze it in ice cube trays. One cube, some noodles and grated cheese and I’m ready to eat.

    I’m also quite partial to almost any vegetables sauteed together. One again, grown at home and frozen, then a quick thaw and saute with diced onions in olive oil.

    The Cooking Solo book might make me expand my horizons a bit!

  • I have to eat my tuna fish sandwiches alone, on my day off so my husband does not smell it! I love it on toasted wheat bread, Best Foods mayonnaise, avocado and lettuce. Pure heaven and reminds me of my childhood. Being the youngest of 5 we had it on wonder bread, a lot. It is my own private treat ; )

  • My favorite go-to solo meal is anything I can cook in one pot. For that I most often select a sweet potato hash. Not only is it delicious. but it’s healthy. I make different variations, but it always has coconut oil, onions, eggs, bell pepper and/or grape tomatoes (no need to chop these), fresh spinach or a blend of greens, and garlic.

  • My favorite solo meal is a dish of pasta where I can add all the garlic and onions I want and no one can say anything!

  • If I have the time, I make a cheese soufflé. No worries about someone being too hungry to wait for dinner!

  • What a great idea! I actually have three go-to solo recipes. Either a mixed salad, which contains whatever veggies are in the fridge + some kind of grains. Or pancakes topped with yoghurt and fruit. Or spaghetti with egg. Simple.

  • My go-to-meal is pasta something — spaghetti with meatballs or linguine alfredo.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  • My favorite solo meal is a one-bowl “salad” made with leftover grains – quinoa, couscous, or pasta – plus every vegetable we have in the fridge, roasted or sautéed, and topped with cheese. My husband thinks the combinations I come up with are disgusting but I’ve never made a bad one!

  • I’m in the grain salad club, too! Whatever leftover starch we have in the fridge – couscous, quinoa, pasta – plus ALL THE VEGGIES and a sprinkling of cheese :)

  • Since I’ve been cooking for just me for years + constantly need new inspiration I’d love this!!!! My standard go-to meal is grilled chicken over white rice with either gluten-free teriyaki sauce + a little rice vinegar or Thai peanut sauce (+ a squirt of lime either way!), + a side bowl of steamed peas, spinach + mushrooms.

  • My go to solo is breakfast. Poached eggs. Potatoes chopped with whatever veg I have on hand.

  • When I’m eating alone its usually a sandwich of some sort. Tonight I made a panini with prosciutto, basil pesto, arugula caramelized onions, brie and shaved parmesan…It was delicious. Another go to is The Elvis, a grilled peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. I usually have a sweet potato, vegetable like broccoli and some pickles on the side.

  • When I’m cooking for a busy week, I usually make Heidi Swanson’s delicious Simple Carrot Soup. One thing that I love about Heidi’s recipes in general is that she NEVER skimps on toppings, sauces, and garnishes, and this soup is the perfect “blank canvas” on which to throw all sorts of delicious greens, oils, milks, nuts, etc. It tastes different every single day, and it lasts forever in the fridge!


  • Everyone’s solo meals sounds delicious!! My favorite solo meal includes a simple riff on traditional Thai peanut sauce. I can’t eat peanuts or garlic, so instead, I melt a big scoop of almond butter in water in a small pot on the stove-top. I stir in soy sauce, ground dried ginger, brown sugar, and cayenne pepper, all to taste. It has all the components of a good peanut sauce- salty, sweet, umami, and spicy… but it meets my dietary needs! You can make as little or as much as you want and serve it over sauteed veggies like broccoli, carrots, zucchini, and mushrooms.

  • Oh these cookies sound so good! My favorite solo meal is actually a chicken tortilla soup. I can make a big batch and freeze some for later. So yummy!

  • My favourite solo meal is hands-down a caprese salad. Takes two minutes, no cooking required, minimal carbs and the buffalo mozzarella makes it satiating as a meal on its own. I use a whole ball of mozzarella to one large, ripe beef tomato – so there nothing leftover to go to waste in the fridge. Add to this basil picked from the garden or coriander or mint – whatever is available – and toasted pine nuts when I’m feeling fancy. Dressed simply in balsamic vinegar and olive oil with lots of black pepper and Maldon salt. For super fanciness you can add smoked salmon or trout, switching out the balsamic vinegar with lemon juice.

  • Just two of us and my favorite go to meal is chicken breast tenderized then brushed with olive oil and sprikled with seasoned salt, grilled about 6 minutes served on a bun with tomatoe and fresh lettuce. Super easy to prepare

  • my favorite solo meal is more of an approach than a meal—but i immensely enjoy reducing a large, one pot recipe to fit into my 2qt. slow cooker. it always feels like the ultimate self-indulgence. Chicken Pot Pie and Spinach Lasagna are runnin’ that show right now…

  • I love to make myself a pizza, using pizza shop dough, but with all my favorite fresh toppings. The great thing about this: I usually have enough left over for a cold pizza breakfast (tastes better than it sounds), or warmed up for lunch the next day. Don’t have any cookbooks geared to cooking for one — would love to win one as I imagine it would really expand my culinary horizons!

  • I love to do fried rice (if there is leftover rice) or pasta. I could really use this book to shake things up.

  • >4. Decide how many cookies you would like to eat right now

    This is the best instruction ever.

  • This is the BEST idea for a cook book ever! I’m frequently discouraged by cooking, since I don’t want leftovers to go to waste. I’ve become a pro at the solo omelet, though!

  • My favorite go-to meal would definitely be tacos. I’ve gotten more into cooking though recently, and can now whip up a mean cauliflower soup if I have the time.

  • Orzo salad with feta, asparagus, dill and a feta dill creamy dressing. Perfect in the spring and summer.

  • scallops!! nicely seared in a hot pan with butter and a salad with anything i have in the fridge.

  • These cookies were amazing and easy enough to make my 8 year old was the main chef in the process. These cooking were a huge hit and gone within the matter of min. I’m so glad I found this recipe and can’t can’t to see what else Klancy has to offer!!

  • I love making eggs (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) when I’m alone. Scrabbled with a sliced avocado, what could be better!?

  • One of my favorite solo meals is breakfast for dinner! I love eggs so if I don’t have time to make something “big” for dinner I’ll make an omelette with veggies, avocado, and pesto. I also really enjoy sweet potatoes with eggs, onions, and sausage. Can’t go wrong there and it’s so simple to make for just me!

  • I like something low maintenance that feels elevated … like a slice of toasted sourdough bread topped with asparagus, an over-easy egg, parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar.

    Would love to get a copy of this book since nearly every meal I prepare at home is solo!

  • my go-to solo recipe is cacio e pepe with peas thrown in. and i have to add that i like to sometimes add a little spice with some sriracha!

  • One of my go-tos is my fancy version of avocado toast: toasted whole wheat pita with olive oil, za’atar and goat cheese, topped with sliced avocado. Drizzle the whole thing in lime juice, sprinkle on sea salt and pepper, and a bit of sambal for some heat. Done in under 10 minutes and crazy delicious.

  • whole tinned toms, squashed whole garlic, couple of anchovies, good quality olive oil, basil – pan roasted all together before adding thick pasta, mozzarella, parmesan, salt, pepper, & chilli flakes.