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DIY Faux Stone Mirror

by Grace Bonney

I never intended on owning so many varieties of faux stone contact paper, but whenever I see a new one I add it to my collection. Some of the patterns are so striking and retro that I just can’t leave them behind. Part of the problem is that I regularly visit what I (lovingly) call “junky” dollar stores, and they always have the best selection.

I was finally able to put my collection to good use for today’s DIY stone mirror. Adhere the contact paper to gem templates to update a plain circular mirror. I love how modern the finished product is! —Kathleen


-cutting mat
-bone folder
-hot glue gun
-paper gem patterns from here and here
-stone contact paper
-plain circle mirror


Step 1: Print various gem patterns onto white card stock (I used patterns from here and here) and roughly cut out.


Step 2: Cut out a piece of contact paper slightly bigger than your pattern, peel the back off, and attach onto the non-printed side of the pattern.


Step 3: Cut away the excess cardstock and contact paper. On the cutting mat, use a bone folder to crease all the fold lines on the pattern.


Step 4: Use the hot glue gun to assemble the gem.


Step 5: Repeat in different colors and gem shapes. Arrange the finished gems on the mirror.


Step 6: Use hot glue to attach the gems onto the mirror, or use tape for a more temporary method.



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  • What a beautiful DIY project! I second Adrienne’s comment – these would look so lovely in a bowl placed on a coffee table or bar cart, too. So many uses!

  • This is such a creative idea. I think I might incorporate it into my bedroom redo. Definitely a conversation piece. Thanks for sharing.

  • I tried this project over the weekend with my wife. We had a wonderful time until we ran out of hot glue! Nonetheless I found a quick alternative, clear silicone in a tube worked really well for sticking to glass. I had a few tubes of it in my truck so we made good use of it :-) Thanks for the great idea Grace!