18 Indie Pin Makers

by Tuesday Bassen

Pins are having a major moment: they’re fun, cheap, impermanent, and collectable. Some larger retailers are catching on, but the movement is still primarily dominated by indie companies (with huge scenes in Toronto, NYC, and LA). Though there is an appeal to the endless bootleg pins on the market, this is a follow-up to my look at 18 Indie Embroidered Patch Companies, and focuses specifically on independent, original artwork. Dress up your favorite jacket with some of my favorite makers, each with styles for $15 and under. Happy pinning! —Tuesday Bassen

Georgia Perry (Melbourne, Australia): Pop-culture pin queen Georgia Perry peddles flair like Larry David's face, evil eyes, and Beyoncé.
Beholder Badges (Long Beach, California): NEVER NOT STOKED, one of Beholder's well designed pins, sums up the happy-go-lucky SoCal pin company.
Lillipore (Orange County, California): Natasha Lillipore mixes paño and anime aesthetics for a violent, bubbly style.
Big Bud Press (Orlando, FL): Made in the USA with artist editions and benefit pins.
That Is Not Cool (Los Angeles, California): Offbeat pins including my favorite, "Cold Hands, Worm Heart."
Valley Cruise (Los Angeles, California): Small press Valley Cruise produces limited edition artist goods from folks like Luke Pelletier, Sabrina Elliott, and more.
Penelope Gazin (Los Angeles, California): Pins that search and destroy, ranging from relatively tame with phrases like "Get Lost," all the way to a bondage babe with a meat gun.
Joeepropa (Los Angeles, California): 90s nostalgic pins, including a Choco Taco, take me all the way back to living in the Midwest as kid with skinned knees.
Inner Decay (Toronto, Canada): For the misanthrope in your life.
Coucou Suzette (Paris, France): Plucky girl-power wares, from pin-ups to boob socks.
Rosehound Apparel (Toronto, Canada): Stylish goods for the romantic-at-heart Twin Peaks fan.
AdamJK (Brooklyn, New York): Self-proclaimed Internet-raised artist with darkly funny and bitingly honest pins.
Tuesday Bassen (Los Angeles, California): I make pins for badass babes that range from a menacing bat to a cherry Heart Lolli.
World Famous Original (Los Angeles, California): Punk fans rejoice for well designed pins that include Suicidal Tendencies, Dead Kennedys, and more.
Buried Diamond (Brooklyn, New York): Charm queen Martha makes colorful accessories that look good with everything.
Chris Uphues (Brooklyn, New York): Street and gallery artist Chris Uphues translates his wheat pastes to enamel pins.
Lil Bullies (Los Angeles, California): Most famous for their realistic Xanax bar pin, Lil Bullies specializes in rap influenced pins.
Stay Home Club (Montreal, Canada): Beautiful floral pins by the original bummer company, Stay Home Club.

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