10 Indian Textile Brands

by Rohini Wahi

Above all crafts, India is a mecca for fabric lovers. Textile designers and creatives have been flocking to the country for years to be inspired by India’s rich textile history in trade and innovation, and its vibrant bazaars brimming with roll after roll of covetable fabrics, trims and beading.

When researching for this post and exploring the collections of Indian textile houses, I began to remember the sheer amount of textile products that adorned our home in India.

For example, you’d think bedcovers would be a self-explanatory idea, but when I searched Western stores they were hard to find. A bedcover is a plain, printed or quilted sheet that goes over the entire bed to protect the duvet cover and pillows, because the Indian bed doubles as place to entertain family, friends and neighbors! Other popular textiles found in Indian homes include ethereal voile curtain panels — a necessity for balmy temperatures — and these can be found in every conceivable pattern and color you can think of. Also, guest towels abound — tiny towels with embroidered motifs — because Indian families have a lot of guests.

With a new crop of Indian designers tapping into the centuries of resources their country has to offer, today I am sharing the work of 10 Indian designers making collections out of India. —Rohini

10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Olie is a little family-run studio based in Bangalore producing whimsical illustrated textiles. Their new dreamy indigo blue collection "The Sea and I" is inspired by the ocean with complementary cushions - some illustrated with rolling waves and others a deep indigo with patterns of splattered sea foam.
10 Indian Textile Designers on Design Sponge
Olie extend a love for textiles into lighting with fabric covered floor, table and wall lamps showing off their creative patterns. I love this elegant "Kolam Constellation" Wall Lamp featuring a delicate illustration inspired by the auspicious design that Tamil women draw in front of their homes using rice flour or chalk every sunrise and sunset.
Made in two layers, the top panel is hand-printed in dark blue on a lovely textured cotton called Matka. The panel below this has a 2-inch detailing of luxurious banana fiber.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
I'm so proud to include my own very newly launched brand to this list - Napeansea, launched with my textile designer mother Reena Ray Wahi. Our line pays homage to the multi-faceted city of Bombay with a collection of patterned home textiles that are a fresh interpretation of India’s rich craftwork. The collection combines traditional techniques like bandhani, block printing and embroidery for a new audience. Our hand-tied Indigo Bandhani cushion covers here are backed and edged in a tactile woven stripe jacquard and adorned with an oversized tassel.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Napeanea's hand stitched and woven "Ikat Dhaga" runner is designed for long and languorous candlelit gatherings with the doors and windows thrown wide open, welcoming in the summer scent. The runner is imagined to be used horizontally across the table joining the place settings of diners sitting opposite each other in lieu of placemats.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
London-based India-born Kangan Arora's abstract print textiles which span, cushions, rugs, tea towels and hot water bottles are typified by a celebratory use of color, bold screen-printing, hand weaving, embroidery and quilting. This stunning "Jungali" rug is hand-tufted in India and resplendent in pastel hues.
Another stunning rug from Kangan Arora in soft pastel tones with an argyle pattern. This kilim is hand-tufted by skilled artisans in India.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Bandhini Home has an extensive range of modern collections inspired by traditional Indian designs, Paisley prints, Rajasthani motifs and classical embroidery. My favorite, however, is this elegant and monochrome Phulkari collection in muted hues and rustic textures. Coming from the northern region of India known for its farming and vibrant culture, Phulkari is a rural tradition of handwork that is inspired by geometric patterns in flowers.
This elegant Phulkari bedcover from Bandhini Home highlights the subtle geometric embroidery in a natural hue. I love the knotted tassel at each end to add weight.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Every time I visit Freedom Tree's site I get lost in a wonderland of colors and patterns driven by narrative and vibrant spirit; the fresh, almost Scandinavian-inspired prints never fail to draw my minimalist design self in. This collection of cushions, rugs, upholstery fabrics and lampshades is in fact titled "Wonderland" and inspired by exotic and surreal flora and fauna.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Inspired by the Indian craft of patching together coverlets with tiny hand stitching, this lampshade from Freedom Tree traces the print the delicate Kantha stitch.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
These Summer Haze cushions by Idam blew my mind when I stumbled across them. Dreamy, painterly patterns are intricately hand-embroidered in calming shades of navy, teal and olive.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
Salmon Pink and Blue Summer Haze cushion by Idam
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
The Anhad Shop creates fresh home textiles with traditional Indian motifs. This indigo collection of cushion covers in khadi silk fabric is decorated with softly worn hand block geometric prints.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
The super sweet "Indienne Chintz" collection from Anhad is an ode to the revolutionary 17th-century printed and painted calico from India. The collection celebrates and revives the beautiful motifs of flowers and fruits.
Drawing from a rich heritage of Indian crafts, Abraham and Thakore's womenswear collections have been showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Their recent extension of home textiles is elegant and luxurious. This Tussar cushion cover is handloomed and embroidered in black polka dots.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
This striking cushion with layers of subtle details from Abraham and Thakore features dip-dyed applique stripes over a toffee & black combination.
10 Indian Textile Designers on Design Sponge
New York-based, India-born designer Leah Singh's designs feature a collection of handcrafted textiles that mix traditional Indian craft techniques with modern, geometric forms. This stunning "Maya Ice Cream Rug" is hand-woven by artisans in Western India.
10 Indian Textile Brands on Design Sponge
I love the striking black, marigold and pastel palette of this "Ira Kite" geometric pillow from Leah Singh. It is hand-embroidered in wool in North India.
I love the sentiment of this next collection because I have been thinking recently that design doesn't celebrate the color pink enough. No-Mad India is a brand that strives to be at the forefront of contemporary Indian design with its modern collections rooted in poetic Indian tradition. Their new PINK collection of table-linens "symbolizes fidelity, pure sentiments, sweetness. It is young, sincere, soothing." The sweet, rose-hued linens adorned with simple patterns completely change the ambiance of a table setting.
Inspired by the traditional Indian Bandhani craft, No-Mad has created this sweet and striking dotted BINDU design with central ochre dots screen printed on linen.

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  • Great collection – and some nice surprises! See also the very refined work of Seema Krish, based in California, produced in India. She includes some amazing handwork in her pieces, including yard goods.

    • Hi Karen – just checked out the work of Seema Krish – such elegant patterns. Thank you for the heads up have bookmarked her for the future. Rohini

  • This was a great roundup! I have a thing for all the lampshades!
    I wish there were more textile manufacturing here in the U.S. these days; it’s such a beautiful industry.

    • Thanks Megan – the possibilities of pattern in lampshades had completely eluded me until I researched this piece! The Kolam Consteallation wallshade by Olie is really speaking to my minimalist self…

  • Thanks for sharing!! I am loving all your articles on Indian interiors, textiles, being featured here lately…I’m not from India, I’m Bangladeshi-American, but this feels so familiar, and absolutely love the mix of traditional and modern Indian aesthetics you’ve been showcasing

    • Thankyou Tamanna, it’s so heartening to hear from so many people on here with links to India – I am so happy this makes you feel nostalgic!

  • Thank you Rohini for featuring No-Mad !! Humbled !! So exciting to see great textile design brands coming out of India !! Many thanks, Anuj

  • I do not a link to the lovely Ethereal voile curtains you wrote about ? I am very interested in those …..

  • Thank you for featuring us here Rohini ! It’s an honour to be on Design Sponge. We just started accepting International Credit cards about 2 days ago, so this couldn’t have happened at a better time :)

  • Love this post ! Book marking it for future shopping. You must check out Allem Studios, just recently purchased one of their gorgeous shower curtains. My husband if of Indian descent and so i travel to india often. Good to know of options other than fab india and anokhi.

  • Dear Rohini,

    For a a young brand like ours, it feels great to be encouraged by established platform like yours. Thank you so much for the boost! :)

    Nayanika & Gazal

    • Gazal – your product is incredible! Especially these intricately embroidered cushions. I wish you lots of success. Rohini

  • Was disappointed that the beautiful natural bedspread shown, from Bandhini’s Phulkari collection, couldnt be found on their website :(

  • Wow! Blown away by some of the prints you showcased. Guess will have to spend the next couple of days browsing though the sites. Thank you so much for putting this together.

  • I am a textile design student and I loved to see through all the creatives . Thanks for sharing and inspiring us . Heads up for all the brands too!😃

  • Well everybody is talking about collection or the fabric & design but what i liked the most was the product photography it is also top notch and surely adding up in brands style quotient.

  • Hi friend, the embroideries and fabrics you have uploaded here are fantastic. I am a fabric lover and loved your blog post so much. Well done, I truly enjoyed it.