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Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Veronica Hamlet’s talent for creating beautiful spaces was uncovered when she and her husband started renovating their home in Grand Rapids, MI. The renovation sparked her career change into interior design, which has in turn encouraged her new, curated-textile business, Semikah Textiles. A reflection of this passion for design and materials, Veronica’s new studio is a bohemian paradise full of inspiration.

A sourcing trip to Morocco kickstarted the business when Veronica spent 18 days in Africa and returned with 60 gorgeous pieces to bring into her studio and eventually into her clients’ homes. Her 900-square-foot studio space houses her collection with style. “I love industrial and bohemian elements, but also really gravitate towards spaces that are layered and collected. I wanted to bring in some mid-century pieces and create a space that combined both bohemian-chic with collected pieces,” Veronica says. “I still have hopes to add more pieces over time. It took me about a month to design it start to finish.” The space incorporates Veronica’s lovely pieces with modern and bright design. The studio allows her to meet with clients, work on designs with her junior designers and feel inspired by the potential that her interior design business, Hamlet Interiors, and her home goods business, Semikah Textiles, might have.

The Semikah Textiles studio is changing Veronica’s business day by day. “I am thankful that my office is a space where I can breathe and relax,” she shares. “I arrive at work every day and thank God that I have the opportunity to do what I love. I get so much joy from my job. It was a long road getting here and a lot of work and sacrifice on behalf of my family and friends. It has been [an] amazing opportunity to experience running my own business. There is something special about putting a dream on paper and then seeing it to fruition. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my business.” —Lauren

Photography by Carley Page

Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
The industrial space housing Semikah Textiles is paired with modern furniture and colorful handmade rugs and pillows.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"I loved the architecture of the building I chose. I knew I wanted [an] industrial building with open air ducts and wood floors. Aside from that, I was open. This provided me the space I need to showcase the rugs in my studio and also provide a nice space where I can meet clients and get work done," Veronica says.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica's trip to Morocco is the source of inspiration for the studio's aesthetics. The high ceiling and open floors are perfect spots to display beautiful Moroccan rugs. "Through amazing circumstances I was able to go to Morocco on the sourcing trip of my life. I met a friend on Instagram, Carley Page, who came along and documented the journey through photography. This rug was the showstopper in Morocco, which was why I chose it to be placed above the couch. Carley and I went to Chefchaouan, Morocco. This city is breathtaking," Veronica shares.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica has styled with simple pieces that let the textiles really stand out.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"This space inspires me every time I walk in. I don't ever tire of seeing Moroccan rugs in decor," Veronica says.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica found a great deal on a pair of Wassily chairs for her client meeting space.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"It amazes me every day that this all has happened," Veronica says. "It was just this past July that it was all a pipe dream. To see this spot reminds me of the trip every time I look at it. It was [an] amazing 18 days with a dear friend."
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"You will not leave the souk in Marrakesh without kilim pillows," Veronica says. "Each piece was handpicked for the Semikah collection and we are always getting new pieces in. I love that this is the spot I get to look at every day when I work."
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica starts each day at the studio by re-styling moments in the space as a way to decompress.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica incorporates vintage and handmade pieces throughout her studio.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"I knew, no matter what, [that] I wanted a peacock chair in the space. You could say I may have [an] obsession with them. This makes the third to my collection. I picked up this basket in Essaouira, Morocco and have no intention of parting with it," Veronica says.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"Each piece is so uniquely crafted. Morocco is one-of-a-kind and stands above the rest in craftsmanship and artistic vision."
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"My husband had his friend [build] me this pair of desks. I saw them initially on Thimble and Cloth's blog and knew they would be the perfect addition to the office. They are made from hollow core doors and painted white. I do all of my work in this spot and process orders," Veronica says.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
The businesses of Hamlet Interiors and Semikah Textiles are managed from these desks at the Semikah studio.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
Veronica's life and business have changed drastically since her home renovation. Semikah Textiles is the result of her dreams, hard work and perseverance.
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"I will not create a space without bringing life into it through plants," Veronica shares. "Berber baskets make the perfect plant holder. The black-trim windows in the space are my favorite."
Studio Tour: Semikah Textiles | Design*Sponge
"I wanted a space that clients felt peaceful in and was a good environment for my textiles to be showcased."

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