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DIY Rose-Tinted Glassware

by Grace Bonney

Have you noticed all the colored glassware online lately? There are some beautiful vintage treasures out there. I already have a pretty big glassware collection, but I can’t help but add to it on a regular basis.

This Valentine’s Day, why not make your own rose-tinted glassware? These modern glasses are such an easy project and they make great gifts to give your friends. Galentine’s Day, anyone? —Kathleen


-White paper
-Cutting mat and craft blade (or die-cut machine)
-Pink cellophane
-Plain cylindrical glasses
-Glue stick
-Clear tape


NOTE: Initially, I really wanted to paint the glasses to make the pink tint more permanent, but unfortunately none of the methods I tried worked out. I tried the food coloring plus Mod Podge or white glue method, and neither coated the glass evenly. I tried using transparent stained glass paint: brushing it on showed the brush strokes, squeezing it directing onto the glass was streaky, adding water to it made it too runny to adhere evenly. Finally, I gave in and decided to go with the simplest method – taping pink cellophane to the outside of the glass. The good thing is that this way it’s food-safe so you can drink from the glass, but of course the outside can’t get wet, so it’s more of a decorative party cup.

Step 1: Use a cutting mat and craft blade (or a die-cut machine is even easier) to cut out the words “PASS THE ROSÉ” (or any other phrase you love) from plain white paper.

Step 2: Cut a piece of pink cellophane to fit around the glass – leave excess around the top and bottom for now.

Step 3: Tightly wrap the cellophane around the glass, and tape down one edge using clear tape. Pull the other edge around the glass and trim so that the two edges meet. Securely tape in place so that the cellophane sits smoothly on the glass.

Step 4: Use scissors to trim the excess cellophane from the top and bottom of the glass.

Step 5: Use a glue stick to attach the cutout letters onto the cellophane, on the opposite side of the seam. Use the ruler to keep the words straight. Repeat!


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