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26 Paper Flower Artists to Follow on Instagram

by Grace Bonney

One of my favorite things about Instagram is how easy it is to find, follow and support small (or huge) communities of makers online. I’ve been working on a few posts that highlight specific materials, techniques and styles on Instagram, and today I’m starting with one of my favorite crafts: paper flowers.

It’s safe to say that any type of flower (fresh, paper, clay, etc.) is my favorite decorating tool, and I love the way that paper flower design has really taken off in the last few years. From wildly detailed and intricate petals that are nearly impossible to distinguish from the real thing to larger-than-life paper plants and arrangements that feel like something from a beautiful dream, designers across the globe are creating stunning flowers from paper that provide endless inspiration. Whether you’re looking for a little visual pick-me-up or want to source some paper flowers you can use at home (no water required, and they’ll never die!), these 26 Instagram feeds are a must-follow if you love the art of paper flowers. xo, grace

*Update: Thank you for all of the amazing recommendations! I’ve expanded this list from 12 to 26!

Tiffanie Turner: Tiffanie Turner's Instagram feed (TiffanieTurner) blows my mind, plain and simple. Her intricate paper flowers capture every minuscule detail of real flowers, from tiny speckled stripes to faded and slowly expiring petals. Her account is a must-follow.
Kate Alarcon: Kate runs the CobraLily Instagram feed and she creates the most stunningly detailed flowers with brooding backdrops. I cannot put into words how much I love her paper brassica orchids and foxgloves.
Susan Beech: Susan runs the beautiful APetalUnfolds feed on Instagram. She was one of the first paper flower artists I started following on a daily basis and I can't get enough of her detailed designs. These ranunculus inspired the DIY project she shared with us last year!
Livia Cetti: Livia (of TheGreenVase feed) was my original paper flower crush. She has been making truly spectacular one-of-a-kind paper flowers, arrangements and plants for years. If you've ever been to John Derian's NYC store, all of those amazing paper plants are hers. I saved up for her paper geranium plant and people still think it's real. Her work is absolutely breathtaking.
Grace D Chin: Grace's Instagram feed is GraceDChin and she is the queen of paper flower wreaths with motivational or meaningful sayings. I've had her "Smash the Patriarchy" wreath next to our upstairs sink for months and it always makes me happy.
Thuss & Farrell: Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell (ThussFarrell) create wildly colorful and detailed paper flowers that feel like something out of a fairytale. I love the way they weave in metallics, stripes and hot pink. To me, they feel like the perfect marriage of Martha Stewart and Dr. Seuss - sophisticated, but still fun.
Jennifer Tran: Jennifer Tran runs the _papetal_ feed on Instagram and I love the way she mixes metallics into her paper flower designs. Those little copper leaves are the perfect complement to her soft white flowers.
Lia Griffith: Lia's Instagram feed is LiaGriffith and she makes a wide range of decorative paper designs, from wreaths and arrangements to animals and names. But I love these soft, papery poppies she makes the most.
Raya Sader Bujana: Raya's Instagram feed is littlerayofsunflower and while it's not entirely paper flowers (she does a lot of paper plants and leaves), it's one of my favorite paper-craft-based feeds on Instagram. Check out her paper food and latte designs, too.
Clare Margary: Clare runs the PaperPetalWild Instagram feed and she works with color and metallics in such a nice way.
Benja: Benja runs the Paperform feed on Instagram and creates fun, larger-than-life sculptural paper flower installations for events and special installations.
Lucia Balcazar: Lucia's beautiful Instagram feed (LuciaBalcazar) is full of delicate paper flowers with earthy colors and rich detailing made from finely cut paper. I love that she's not afraid to add some super bright colors into her designs.
Kelsey Elam: Kelsbe's Instagram feed is full of colorful flowers and intricate stems. I love her paper leaves, too.
Lynn: Lmdolan75 has a gorgeous collection of elegant paper flowers on her feed. Thanks to everyone on Instagram for tipping me off to her work!
Tina Libby: Tina's instagram feed is full of the highly detailed hand-painted flowers that I love. I'm so happy to have found her through Instagram comments- her feed is beautiful.
Rachael Baldwin: Appetite Paper is a beautiful paper flower feed full of colorful arrangements and delicate individual blooms.
Tiffany Holloway: I love all of the rich colors in Tiffany's feed- her flowers are rich and full of texture.
Meredith and Cherie Eastburn: The amaranthuspaperflora account is full of beautiful paper flowers as well as paper succulents and plants- I love their arrangements with extra details like flower buds, leaves and plant leaves.
Margie Keates: TheLovelyAve 's paper flower arrangements knocked me off my feet! I just discovered her today and am so happy to have her on my daily follow list- what beautiful flowers.
Sarah Kim: Sarah's feed is less about crepe paper styles and more about beautiful sculptural flowers that have great form and a solid structure- making them perfect for a long lasting paper bouquet.
Woodlucker: We love the Woodlucker team here at DS. They make a wide range of paper and wood botanicals, animals and insects.
Agnes Soo: The A Flower Filled Life feed is as peony-obsessed as I am. I love seeing so many huge beautiful flowers!
Eloise Corr Danch: If you love whimsical floral creations that often take the form of wearable art, you'll love Eloise's paper-focused feed.
Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen: I am so thrilled someone suggested Marianne's feed because I am blown away. Blown. Away. Her stunningly layered work is a must see.
Rie Elise Larse: Rie's paper flowers are so sweet and quirky and delicate. I can't wait to discover more of her work.
Zoe Bradley: Zoe's amazing over the top paper flower chandeliers are incredible!

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  • WHAT AN HONOR! In such great company. Thank you for always appreciating flowers, and for appreciating the hard work that goes into a great paper flower! You have launched many ships, Grace. Thank you for all you do! xoxo

  • Mind blown! These are all incredible! I made a few hundred paper flowers for my wedding a few years ago, but never quite achieved the level of detail and interest shown in these example. Well done ya’ll!

  • oh dear.. I don’t even know where to start…. I still remember the first time you picked my photo from #dscolor for a feature on your IG feed. I was literally jumping with joy and there was no way my excitement could be contained… That feeling returned today and once again, it was because of you. Thank you, Grace for paying attention to the small voices, realising our potentials and giving us the chance to shine. As Tiffanie said above, you have launched many ships and for that, I am deeply grateful. Sincerely, Jennifer.

  • Grace! I think it’s so cool that you did this! One of my favorite things about the instagram paper flower community is how genuinely supportive people are of each other, and I love seeing a bunch of us all here together.

    I feel like our little community is a great counterexample to what Tina Fey calls the “myth of not enough”–the idea that there’s only so much success and recognition to go around, that it’s a zero-sum game that we have to fiercely compete over. But when Tiffanie Turner brings paper flowers to the fine art world, when Rebecca Thuss and Livia Cetti masterfully introduce new students to this amazing craft, when Lynn Dolan shows us what’s technically and artistically possible, when Jennifer Tran makes a whole new art form out of marrying photography and paper blooms, when Susan Beech makes the design community swoon with her coral loveliness, when Margie Keates brings stellar polish to sumptious blooms, when Marianne Scott Ericksen-Hansen reminds us all that the paper world is still so full of surprises and new possibilities, (and I could go on and on and on) they are building something that we all benefit from, and something that I’m just so grateful for.

    Anyway, sorry to go on and on, but you really captured something here that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

    (And, as I suspect we all do, I regard you as a fairy god-mother! Thanks for the fairy dust, today!)

  • Thank you, Grace, for adding my gallery to your post. Instagram has been a wonderfully positive experience, a creative ‘lifesaver’ in many ways! Having come across people who think what I do is ‘odd’, ‘quirky’, or ‘not serious stuff’, it’s a blessing to be in a community with a similar appreciation for floral arts. I’m a lucky girl to have made friends on this list – grateful to be in their company! Thank you, (a thousand times!) for connecting us with others and spreading the word. (Let’s make more flowers!)

  • It blows my mind that these are made out of paper! It’s pretty incredible how each artist takes the same subject matter, and can still manage to infuse their own magical vision to make it into a signature style. Definitely proof that there is room for all types of artists (as Kate mentioned above) and also proof that the best way to shine as an artist is to tap into your own intuition and sense of play. These artists are a great reminder of that. Thanks for sharing Grace!

  • Thanks so much for introducing me to the beauty of paper flowers and the skill of their creators. I enjoy Design Sponge so much. New and wonderful things all the time! You’re a terrific team!

  • Beautiful list of paper flowers! I love paper art. Please feel free to follow me on Instagram @vydesignz.

  • Thuss & Farrell also authored the book Paper to Petal, making paper flower-making more accessible to those curious to try it! Still I’d imagine it’d be hard to top these masters in both construction & composition!

  • You should check out @blomespaperie, she has amazing white tonal walls rents them all over the US

  • I am so honored to feature in this list! Thank you Grace! And it’s wonderful to be mentioned among so many talented paper flower makers – each of you inspires me! And yes, we are so lucky to be part of such a supportive community – you girls are awesome. Never stop doing what you’re doing!

  • I feel so honored to be included in this list of most amazing paper flower artists. I adore each and every one of them and inspired by their work. Thanks Grace for this gorgeous post. xoxox

  • Oh my gosh! So much fun! I have been searching for “good” paper flowers (not the cheapy looking ones) and here they are! Love Love Love!!!! Thank you for this amazing post. What a fantastic collection of artists you have gathered here. Love it.

  • I’ve been working like crazy to make ALL of my wedding flowers in paper! 400 blooms later I’m almost done the final few bouquets ! I love how my instagram has documented the whole epic process, from hand painting all of the tissue paper, using brass buttons as stamen to add a little glitter, to the actual designing / making of the flowers (garden roses, apple blossoms, daisies and poppies) to the arrangements. It was a TON of work and the wedding is still 19 days away but I know it will all be worth it. And the ladies you featured here really inspired me!

    @yakawonis on instagram

  • All of them are amazing! Such a beautiful creations! You missed one more paper flower artist: @kira_krs