Fine Art Focus: Tamara Gonzales

by Grace Bonney

Layering is an art I’ve never quite mastered. Not in cooking, clothing or artwork. I understand a simple shape and uniform and cling to it for some sense of safety and understanding. But the people who can master the layering of patterns, colors and textures? Those are my artistic heroes. Brooklyn-based artist Tamara Gonzales is one of those incredible artists who has a way with layering beautiful textures, patterns, fabrics and colors.

Spray paint and lace are two of Tamara’s chosen materials to work with, and in her hands they are transformed into stunning, large-scale artworks that call to mind Baroque art and decoration. Tamara says that in her work, “popular culture marries mythology,” and that mix of modern and ancient feels most clear in the way she combines highly ornate textures with bold shapes and forms. Read on to learn more about her work and where to find more. xo, grace

Artist: Tamara Gonzales
About: Tamara was born in California and has lived and worked in Brooklyn since 1994. She graduated with a BA in Liberal Arts from Vermont College ADP in 2005 and received an AAS in Fine Arts from the Parsons School of Design in 1990.
Work: Tamara creates large-scale abstract paintings that combine pattern and bold, collage-like forms. She frequently works with lace and spray paint to create a combination of colors, textures and patterns. Her work has been shown across the world in galleries.
More: You can read more about Tamara and her work here, here, here and here.

All images (c) Tamara Gonzales, via Tamara Gonzales.com


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