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Weekly Pattern Series: Jenny K of Living Pattern

by Grace Bonney

I love a good pattern. I spend a lot of time on Instagram looking for amazing pattern work and artists and designers whose work lends itself naturally to a great repeat. One of my favorite pattern designers on Instagram right now is Jenny K. of Living Pattern. Jenny creates stunning watercolor patterns inspired by nature, including some of the design world’s most beloved go-to plants like Cacti and Alocasia (Elephant’s Ear). I reached out to Jenny to see if she would be up for working with us to create a custom set of patterns and, thankfully, she was! Today is the first of five custom watercolor patterns she’s created for DS readers that you can download to use as wallpaper for your favorite tech devices.

To download today’s pattern (above) CLICK HERE! Thanks, Jenny! xo, grace

About Jenny: Jenny is from North Carolina and was born into a family of green thumbs. She attended Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with an Illustration major / painting minor and worked as a textile designer and display artist before making the leap into full-time fine art. Living Pattern was started as a way to capture the life, growth, and change in the natural world.

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