Fine Art Focus: Ana Teresa Barboza

by Grace Bonney

Whenever I hear people talking about fine art, I find they tend to focus most often on painting and drawing. But one of the things I wanted to do with this column was explore other areas of the fine art world like jewelry, ceramics and fiber art. I was first introduced to the world of textile and fiber art when I went down to Savannah to visit SCAD back in 2007. I’d never seen fiber art, embroidery and weaving up close and in person, and seeing what those students and professors were making really opened my mind. So I was thrilled when Ana Na wanted to talk about fiber artist Ana Teresa Barboza today. Ana creates incredibly compelling artwork with textiles (visually and through its messages) that focuses on the relationship between humans and nature and humans and animals. Read on to learn more about Ana and her work. xo, grace

Artist: Ana Teresa Barboza
About: Ana was born in Lima, Peru in 1980. After studying painting at the Faculty of Art at Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PCUP), Ana set up a studio in Lima where she now works and lives.
Work: Ana has produced two formal bodies of work so far. The first, Modos de Vestir, focuses on the human body. The second, Animales Familiares, looks at the way humans interact with animals and what those relationships mean. Ana often combines 2D and 3D methods to tell stories, working with embroidery on top of photographs, collage or illustration. In Animales Familiares she also employs traditional embroidery hoops as “frames” for her work, which often spills off of the hoop dramatically to mimic bodies of water and plant material.
More: You can read more about Ana via her website, at It’s Colossal, Ignant and ArtNau.

All artwork images courtesy of Ana Teresa Barboza’s website. Portrait via Praxial Practice.


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