Fine Art Focus: Carolina Gimeno

by Grace Bonney

When I first reached out to Ana Na about curating a fine art column for DS, I was torn between focusing on painting and sculpture or branching out to include things like jewelry. I have a deep and abiding respect for the skills required for all of these techniques, so I decided we’d weave in these different pieces over the course of the column. Today I’m thrilled to share Ana’s first fine art jeweler, Carolina Gimeno. Carolina works with enamel and copper in a way that feels equally organic and architectural. I love the tiny pops of metal that appear in her pendants and the way that you can see her family history of tailoring in the construction of her jewelry. I hope you’ll enjoy her wearable art as much as I have. xo, grace

Artist: Carolina Gimeno
About: Carolina was born in Chile and is part of a third-generation family of jewelers and tailors. She has been designing and creating artwork since she was a small child and in the early 2000s she moved to Spain to study jewelry design. She graduated with a Senior Technical Degree in Jewelry and Design at the Massana School in Barcelona, Spain in 2010 and shortly after moved to Stockholm where she received a masters degree in Jewelry and now keeps a full-time studio.
Work: Caroline works with a wide range of materials, from copper, steel and enamel to cotton and leather. Caroline has exhibited her work internationally from the MAD Museum of Art and Design in New York to the Beijing International Biennale in China.
More: You can find more about Caroline on her website, follow her blog here and check out BÓRAX08001 online, an international jewelry collective she co-founded.


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