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An Actor and an Analyst’s LA Craftsman

by Garrett Fleming

Without a doubt, searching for a home is exceptionally stressful. Dozens of tours, agreeing on must-haves and picking the perfect neighborhood can take months. Simply moving a street over takes a toll. Now, imagine you’re searching for a new house while abroad. Actor Jasika and Claire, a grants analyst, were in that exact boat when it came time to relocate from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, CA. On their weekend house-hunting trips, the couple checked out various neighborhoods. Finding an affordable community that was convenient — without feeling crowded — was a challenge. The couple was excited to start fresh in a new city, but months and months of searching, a near-find and a few unaffordable favorites left them feeling a bit dejected. Luckily, all of the strife and searching wasn’t for nothing. Quieter than its more-popular neighbors and with great fixer-uppers, the Eagle Rock neighborhood proved to be the ideal spot to call “home.”

The two fell in love with a 100-year-old craftsman – the perfect project for DIY enthusiast Jasika. In the beginning, it was challenging to accept that making the house into a home would be a process and not an immediate fix. Over time, however, Jasika began to revel in the idea that she and Claire could build their retreat from scratch – a place 100% them. All of their hard work was in pursuit of bringing to life a dwelling that wasn’t “fussy and overdone and too polished,” Jasika explains. That being said, a unified look, natural flow, and space to be creative were of equal importance when it came to the home’s overall design. Handcrafted wall treatments, custom-built furniture and personal accessories are a few of the other touches that Claire and Jasika utilized to make the home their own.

You’ll notice as you click through each room that the projects in this 3-bedroom home never stop. Thankfully, the family wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, it’s one of their favorite things about the space. The home seems to grow as they grow, and change as they change. This allows Jasika and Claire to DIY to their hearts’ content. Putting so much of themselves into many of the improvements means the family’s personality organically shines through in the design. By the end of this peek, you’ll know exactly what Jasika and Claire’s friends mean when they tell them the space is “so YOU!” Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Claire Savage and Jasika Nicole

An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
Claire and Jasika made their dining table and benches together. The set sits in front of artwork by Beth Consetta Rubel and flea market treasures. The buffet and bar cart are vintage.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
FLOR rugs are used to differentiate between spaces in the home's open concept. Jasika built the coffee table, and the record player is from a garage sale. Sofa by San Francisco's Harrington Galleries.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
This map display above Rosie the dog is a family favorite. It was an anniversary gift from Jasika to Claire in celebration of their 7 years together. They depict the 26 places that the happy couple has visited together.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
Cutting the hearts out was easy. Upcycling the vintage frames and freeing them from their many nails and old gunk was the real challenge. The maps are strategically cut so that the topography doesn't give away what location is depicted. You have to really know the area to determine what each one represents.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
This charming portrait of Claire and Jasika by Dwellephant was a housewarming gift. It captures the couple's interest in photography and sewing.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
In the midst of their photoshoot for us, Jasika and her friends filmed their first, feature-length film. It seemed appropriate to capture their "What I Love Most About My Home Is..." note here.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
After four years under the grey skies of Vancouver, a bedroom with abundant light was a welcome change. From start to finish, the stenciled wall took 22 hours to complete, and the results are gorgeous! Jasika shared an insider tip on stenciling with us, too. She says to make sure you buy two of the stencil of your choice. That way you can rotate them – one can be drying while you're using the other. The wooden chest and side tables have been in Claire's family for years. The bed is from Pottery Barn, and the stencil is from Cutting Edge Stencils.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
The master bedroom's reading nook is so comfortable, little more than snoozing happens here. It was an addition when the bedroom was renovated. Handmade pillows add to its cozy vibe.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
The master bathroom was the only spot in the home to get a full facelift. The new furnishes were strategically chosen so that the renovated space seamlessly fit into the rest of the 1914 craftsman's aesthetic. Jasika built and tiled this vanity. It tested her limits, and she could not be more proud of how it came out. She did a fabulous job! The corner's shelving unit is vintage.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
The sunshine-yellow kitchen is original except for the island and appliances. Its large cabinets, color and white hardware are family favorites, but the tile and countertop depth are sore subjects for Jasika and Claire. Jasika built the island herself.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
This fiber art used to belong to Claire's aunt. It's been displayed in every apartment that Claire and Jasika have shared. When Jasika first laid eyes on this part of the kitchen, she knew right away it was the perfect spot for the family heirloom.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
Green onions flourish on the kitchen's windowsill.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
During the guest bathroom's renovation, the two lived in the guest room. It felt more like a vacation for the pair because they love the room so much.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
A lucky, estate-sale find decorates the guest bedroom.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
An IKEA hack serves as a hers and hers desk in the home office. The yellow shelf was another DIY project.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
This portrait of Jasika's parents was stowed away for 30 years until she finally moved into a space with a spot to accommodate it. She's technically in the portrait too - in Mom's belly. "My Mom is so pretty and young and my Dad looks absolutely elated to be in the picture – I can't help but smile every time I see this picture," Jasika says.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
The guest bath connects the office and guest room. "The room itself is fairly plain so we let the shower curtain (from World Market) take center stage and left everything else simple."
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
This is the sunniest basement I have ever seen! The comfy, IKEA sofa keeps the craft room's guests cozy when they visit the creative pair. Since this space is all about fostering creative freedom, the family unleashed their passion for color without the fear that it would be too "wild."
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
A portrait of Dolly Parton keeps Jasika company when she's at work on one of her three sewing machines.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
Actress Jasika rehearses her lines in the office's sitting area. She recovered the chair years ago.
An Actor and an Analyst's LA Craftsman, Design*Sponge
The craftsman's floor plan.

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  • Oh my goodness- I’m such a fan of Jasika’s work, and she and her family have wonderful taste in neighborhoods! Thank you for sharing your lovely, lovely home!

  • !! Alright, I’m fan-girling so hard right now. I loooved Jasika on Fringe, and am so stoked to see her here! What a beautiful, happy home. Ahhh!

  • Some really lovely, personal DIY touches. Love the dining setting, master bath, the map display and homemade cushions. There are also some really interesting colour choices. That stencil wall in the master bedroom with bedding is a colour combination that would never occur to me but it seems to work! The touches of yellow in the curtains in the guest bedroom and the kitchen really give this home a lovely warm feel. That window nook in the master bed is also great and so easy to create by building closets either side of a window without requiring architectural features like a bay window to create this effect. So clever and beautiful.

  • Such a pretty home. I love that they kept the original kitchen and that there are so many personal projects in there. They really did make a Home! And that Dolly Parton poster in the craft room :D ( I feel a Dolly music marathon coming up today! :) and on a side note…Fringe was my first binge watch! Just couldn’t stop watching. <3 Asteroid ;)

  • I’ve read your blog for years and love seeing Sneak Peaks from around the world! Imagine my shock to see my family home featured! My great grandfather built this house in 1914 and the house was in my family until my grandmother passed away several years ago. It is so wonderful seeing it being loved and cared for by another family. Interestingly, my great grandfather, Samuel, was a tailor for OC Sens in downtown LA.

    • Marla

      That is amazing! I love this connection so much, especially having one of the women living there now and knowing how much love has gone into this home :)


    • Marla! How cool to make your acquaintence this way! We are as happy with our home now as when we first bought it, and we feel so thankful to your family for taking such good care of it over the years (our home inspector said it was one of the best kept 100 year old homes he had come across)! And I LOVE that your great grandad was a tailor! He must have passed some good sewing mojo down through the generations that got captured in these walls! If you ever find yourself back in the neighborhood, please stop by and say hi!

      • Jasika, I definitely will! I recently found some old photos of the house I’ll bring with me! I have many wonderful memories from that house. ?

  • So glad that you both choose to buy my family home. We all were so sad to have to let it go. You both have made it all worth it though. You have made this home into a lovely place to put your roots down. With all my heart I wish the best to the both of you . Kathleen Zablan. ( Riniker )