Pattern Book

Pattern Download from Frances Macleod Day 1

by Grace Bonney

Pattern design is one of my favorite areas of the design community and I’ve been so thrilled to work with some of of my favorite designers this summer to bring free downloadable patterns to DS. This week I’m excited to share the work of artist and designer Frances Macleod, who found inspiration in a family wedding.

Frances recently traveled to Istanbul for her sister’s wedding and was greatly inspired by the art and architecture of her new brother-in-law’s home country of Turkey. Whether she was taking in beautiful tiled floors, a garden courtyard or the scrollwork of ancient buildings, Frances kept photos of inspiring moments and turned them into these patterns for us here today. She says, “These patterns turned into quite the labor of love. I’m so happy with how they turned out and grateful for how they represent the growth of our family.” I love when beautiful art and design has a personal connection and these patterns are a great example. Thanks so much to Frances for sharing these with us this week! You can check out more of her work online right here. xo, grace

Download today’s pattern (above) right here (please note these are for personal use only).

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  • What lovely and dynamic patterns – I particularly like the bold yet refined combination of the grouping at the top and can most definitely see the Turkish influence. Top centre is my fave! Wonderful – thank you!

  • Absolutely love these designs- thank you for sharing your talent with us, Frances! I made it my computer background and it makes me smile every time I have to sit down to work. Are the new patterns going to be released daily or throughout the next few weeks?