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DIY Gold Detail Notebooks – Three Ways

by Francesca Stone

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks
When it comes to organization and making lists, most people have a clear preference on whether they go for a digital list or a good, old fashioned, pen-and-paper to-do list. I, on the other hand, go for a bit of both. I love making quick lists that I can jot down as I’m at my computer or on my phone while I’m out. It’s reassuring to know I’m not going to lose ideas on small scraps of paper in the abyss of my purse, never to be seen again. And don’t get me started on how many shopping lists I’ve painstakingly made only to realize they are still sitting on my kitchen table the moment I walk into the store.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks 16

However, there’s nothing like an hour spent scribbling out every thought to get to the idea that’s hiding right at the back of your mind. With a creative brain you can absorb much more from a page of notes and pictures than a list on a computer screen. So I try to make a conscious effort to go back to paper and pen when I’m looking for new ideas. It was during one of these sessions that I had the idea to decorate these notebooks. I’m taking that as proof that the theory works. —Fran

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks


  • Notebook
  • Contact paper
  • Scissors
  • (A pair of tweezers is handy, but not essential)


DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

1. Crosses Notebook

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

To create the crosses, cut out small squares from the contact paper.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

From these squares cut out four smaller squares from each corner. This should leave you with a cross shape. Keep the corner cut-offs for later, as we will be using them in another design.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

Peel back the backing paper and press each cross into place on the front of the notebook. This is where your tweezers can help you to handle the sticky paper. You can position them before peeling off the backing paper or just position as you go!

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

Keep going until all the crosses are firmly pressed into place.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

2. Mudcloth Notebook

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

Collect up all the cut-offs from the crosses and cut out longer, more rectangular shapes as well. Peel the backs off the pieces and work row by row to build up the pattern.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

3. Note Notebook

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

On the back of the contact paper, draw out your letters. Remember to draw them out in reverse as you are flipping the paper over to see the gold, shiny side. Cut them out and press into place.

DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks DIY Gold Detail Notebooks

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  • This might be the greatest DIY ever. I never realized contact paper could be so versatile!.I am a notebook hoarder, and this is seriously going to be my new favorite thing to do! Thanks for sharing!

  • SUPER impressed! Your dainty little hands make this look so easy. I fear that my fat fingers would leave my contact paper in clumps, my notebook sticky and me rather frustrated. Either way, such a great idea as I am one of those dinosaurs who ALWAYS writes things down…Post-It Queen right here!

    Thanks for the great idea!

    Strive to thrive,

  • Definitely need some gold contact paper in my life! Love this DIY. So simple but so chic. Would make the perfect gift with a set of cute pens/pencils. Love!

  • What a fabulous idea! I think I’m often scouring the internet and shops to find exactly what I’m after and forget that I could show some creativity.

    Ellen Rozalia

  • So very pretty, fresh and original! Much cheaper than Kate Spade’s gold stripe notebooks~ and looks fun :)
    Thanks so much!