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A Photographer Couple’s Beachy “Treehouse” in Melbourne, Florida

by Lauren Chorpening Day

I love when work means travel. I value getting to take in new places and experiences whenever possible, but I need a home base. There’s nothing like coming home to my peaceful house after being gone. This photographer duo has created a bright, beachy space that allows them to find rest and calmness in between trips and projects.

Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp is a fine art photographer, fashion photographer and online shop owner and her husband, Alex, is a fine art wedding photographer. They contract separate clients and also own a destination wedding photography business together that takes them all over the world. Their home is an important touchpoint for them when their weeks are full of projects, people and new places. “The size is perfect for the two of us; it’s spacious but not too large to feel empty. It’s low maintenance, so it’s perfect for two people who are constantly traveling and on the go. As self-employed newlyweds, renting this apartment has truly been a pleasure,” says Beulah. The home’s white backdrop, natural textures and minimal amounts of furniture keep the space low-maintenance, yet inspiring. “My husband and I chose our home because it was a more private town-home style apartment surrounded by a lot of lush greenery. I am most thankful for the natural light, high ceilings, and the trees right outside our windows. We’ve nicknamed our home The Treehouse because it feels as if we’re up in the trees.”

They’re currently based out of Melbourne, FL but Beulah is originally from Brooklyn, NY and Alex recently moved from Alberta, Canada. Their beachy home reflects both where they are and where they’re from. “My decorating goals were to create a type of coastal living atmosphere that was clean, open, and minimal, but still cozy and welcoming, and not sterile. We live 10 minutes from the beach, so I wanted [to] incorporate that feel, but I’m a native New Yorker, and didn’t quite want to live in a typical beach house,” says Beulah. “I rented the apartment before my husband (then fiancé) moved here from Canada. He thought he was arriving to stacks of boxes and beige walls. I surprised him by having the apartment painted and decorated before he arrived! With immigration, visas, and packing and moving everything he owned, he was so relieved to move into a finished space.” Their simplistic, sweet space allows Alex and Beulah to retreat whenever they are home without having to worry about clutter or upkeep. –Lauren

Photography by Beulah Anne Ekkelenkamp







A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Alex and Beulah's home is a blank slate with lots of natural textures and materials. "[The] kitchen table we made by painting the base of the table white and driling stained slats of wood to the top," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Their small space is efficient and practical for Beulah and Alex. It's large enough for the two of them to entertain, but is still cozy.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"Because I wanted to surprise him, I jumped the gun a little with the tones and color scheme. I originally purchased items that had natural, earthy, and warm tones. That combined with the carpet that I am unable to change drove me crazy after a little while. I’ve since sold many of those items, and replaced them with cleaner and cooler tones. There was some wasted effort, but not much money," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"The kitchen is one of my favorite spots in our place because it's the one of two that has wood flooring," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"I'm not big on cutesy decor, but I believe a kitchen is one place you can hang an oversized spoon and tuck away a white and blue peacock," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"I keep one of our wedding cards that says, 'just married' on our fridge and I plan to keep it there our whole lives with every move," says Beulah. "The photos on the top right are from weddings we photographed together that have photobooths."
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Their apartment is small but flows well from the entry to the living space and into the personal space. The vaulted ceilings give the home architectural interest.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
The entry way piece adds weight to the room. Beulah has decorated and furnished their home piece by piece. It is a cohesive, lovely space with obtainable style.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"The most challenging part about decorating our place would be the fact that we are renting and are unable to put in our own hardwood floors. However, the carpets aren’t all that bad - they are brand new, and pretty cozy on a rainy afternoon," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"My couch wasn't always white. I DIY'ed my couch white. I scored an amazing deal on a new couch on Craigslist that was too good to pass up, but it wasn't the right color. $30 later and a couple dozen saftey pins and I created my own slip cover. I blogged about it if anyone is interested in trying it," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Their home has the perfect nook for their home office. The chair was thrifted and the desk is from World Market. Alex and Beulah edit their images, manage the online shop and keep up with emails in this space.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
The pieces in their home have been collected on a budget. "I don't buy super high-end. All of my stuff was purchased pretty cheap from a bunch of random stores," says Beulah. "Everything in our place was on sale."
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
The outdoor space lets them enjoy the lush green trees around their townhome. Beulah got this mini-peacock chair secondhand.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
This little balcony is a beachy, bohemian dream.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Beulah and Alex have a minimal-meets-bohemian bedroom. The use of wood tones and textures brings life to the white, relaxing space. "The cross is one of my favorite pieces in our place," says Beulah."
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"The white doors my husband hung on the wall for me I painted white. They were originally designed and given to me by a friend," says Beulah. "I also painted the mirror from Old Time Pottery white."
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"I wanted our bedroom to feel open and angelic - a place [to] clear my head before bed," says Beulah. "The headboard my husband and I made together. He put together the wood and I stained it."
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
"Plants [are] everywhere. I love pops of green and the extra oxgen can't hurt," says Beulah.
A Photographer Couple's Beachy
Alex and Beulah in the Treehouse.

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  • What a beautiful couple! So inspired by how clean yet cozy the space looks — I adore the headboard. Great love, great taste.

    • Hey Madison! thanks for the kind words! The colour stain is by Special Walnut 224 by Minwax, keep in mind it was on Ceedar. We used it for both the table and the headboard (see the massive difference) We did three coats on the table and two on the headboard. Hope that helps!

  • Pet peeve: incorrect use of “simplistic.”
    from merriam-webster:
    too simple : not complete or thorough enough : not treating or considering all possibilities or parts

    I’m pretty sure that’s now what’s meant, because the apartment is lovely.

  • What a gorgeous space! And a plant stand as a bedside table is such a genius idea for anyone with a limited amount of space to steal. Also majorly crushing on your office chair!

  • I am completely in love with this apartment. I love clean cut designs, and the bohemian feel added in just makes this the perfect mix. I’d love to do something like this with my apartment. But, with my dog (he has black hair and sheds) I think the whites would become catastrophically gray and black pretty quickly. I really admire your home though! It’s beautiful!

    • Gina,

      Thank you so much! So sweet. I hear you on the dog hair thing. The only reason we can pull off white right now is because we are pet-less newly weds! Gray would be my next choice.

      Here is the link to the DIY No-Sew couch cover.

      Thanks again for the kind words :)


  • I think the quote about her couch and slipcovers should say that the couch was the wrong color (not size). Unless there’s some magical way you can change the size of a couch with slipcovers? ;)

  • Thank you all so much for the kind & encouraging comments! I’m so grateful to have my space posted on Design*Sponge. I have been a fan for years. Big thanks to Lauren for her excellent writing skills!

    • Can I just say that Im so excited to see that your name is Beulah!! Ive never met another one! Its too bad you are on the other side of the world :)

  • I adore your space, and – having grown up in nearby Titusville – love the fact that this stylish, minimalist, but entirely warm and accessible home is located in Brevard County! I’ve already sent the link to my mom as inspiration for updating my childhood home.

    • Melanie,

      Thank you so much for the sweet comment! I’m truly flattered. Nice to see so many Floridians who live or have lived close by commenting here! I bet your childhood home is awesome :)

  • How nice to see a Melbourne home! I lived nearby (Indialantic) until a few years ago. Nice to see something different from the usual boring beach decor of many homes in the area!

  • Lynn,

    Thank you! I understand the type of home decor you are referring to and that is exactly what I wanted to steer clear of with still feeling “beachy” so thanks for understanding ;)


  • First of all, I love this because I was born in raised just over the causeway in Melbourne Beach! I moved in High School, but I love seeing such a great space coming out of the old ‘hood. Also, where is that brown rug in your living room from?! Love it.