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The National Stationery Show: Hartland Brooklyn

by Emma Tuccillo

While wandering around the National Stationery Show, the bright and beautiful display created by Hartland Brooklyn stopped me in my tracks. I was greeted by creator Emily Johnson, who started Hartland Brooklyn in 2012. The name Hartland comes from the town in upstate NY where Emily grew up on a flower farm. Her childhood setting seems to have made its way into her designs, which often incorporate floral motifs. When I met Emily a couple of weeks ago, she was gearing up for a move back upstate with her husband, where they will be turning an old general store into their home and studio.

Hartland Brooklyn’s designs, which are printed on high-quality felted paper, are bright and happy with subtle elements of humor and heart. One of my favorite pieces in her new collection is a calendar of floral arrangements made in partnership with floral designer Ariel Dearie. In this collaboration, Ariel designed and photographed arrangements that Emily then illustrated. The end result, which incorporated a lot of neon colors and simple lines, would make a great addition to any floral-lover’s home. The following images show some of my favorite designs from the collection, including amazing tattoos depicting NYC street food. Yeah… get excited! X, Emma

Photography by Emma Tuccillo

Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
Emily Johnson, creator of Hartland Brooklyn, stands in front of her designs at the National Stationery Show.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
This card is especially mouthwatering now that summer is fast approaching.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
I fell in love with Hartland Brooklyn's fingernail tattoos. A much simpler approach to a fancy manicure and a lot more fun to apply!
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
This sympathy card is both heartfelt and unique. Hartland Brooklyn used gold foil stamping to achieve this design.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
As a New Yorker, these NYC street food tattoos speak straight to my heart. They are also perfect for any junk food enthusiast.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
Who wouldn’t want to pronounce their love through pizza? I certainly do.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
This was one of my favorite cards from the show. Its simplicity and color palette get me every time.
Hartland at the National Stationery Show.
Since Emily is so fond of neon colors in her designs, it only made sense to add a little neon to her booth.

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