Philly’s ROOST Apartment Hotel

by Garrett Fleming

Frequently traveling for work has seen me check into some less-than-memorable hotels. These trips have taught me that nothing is more refreshing and stabilizing than being able to come back from a long day to a place that feels homey and comfortable. A little bit of eye candy definitely doesn’t hurt either. From the looks of it, the team behind Philadelphia’s ROOST Apartment Hotel have a true understanding of how impactful beautiful design can be on our mood when we are on the move. I spoke with co-founder Randall T. Cook to get an exclusive look into how he and Morris Adjmi flipped a 1920s historic building into 27 unique rooms, made for the crowd that’s looking for something hip, fresh and different. Enjoy!—Garrett

Photography by Matthew Williams

Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"Throughout (the design process) we were guided by three ideals: comfort, place and enlightenment. The longer-term nature of our business and understanding the unique position of transition that our guests are in was the core element that drove all design decisions and brand ideals."
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"We used Workstead pendant lights in all of our apartments and a few very special pieces from Roll & Hill in our penthouse apartment and in our lobby [seen here]."
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"We made the decision to only use antique Turkmen rugs that are from the 1890s to the 1920s. We found half a dozen with modest effort, but working within a budget - and needing certain sizes and finding rugs at the age with an acceptable degree of wear - proved increasingly difficult." One of those many rugs is seen here in the building's lobby.
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"We worked with the SoHo gallery Lumas on curating all of the artwork at the project. We have large-format photography from over 15 different artists primarily from Europe and Asia."
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"ROOST has taught me how rewarding it can be to be part of a team of really talented people who all believe in a vision and how much can be accomplished with passion, grit and collaboration. What brings it full-circle, though, is when all the endless hours of agonizing on every minute detail add up to an experience that resonates with guests."
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
"By far, the thing we are all most proud of is the amount of collaboration and passion that all of our design partners have put into ROOST. Morris Adjmi's entire team has a true passion for ROOST."
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
The bedside tables were born from a collaboration with Chelsea Textiles. Each apartment's personality was brought to life with a unique rug and individualized artwork.
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
Norman Porter made an extra-special leather banquet for the penthouse.
Philly's ROOST Apartment Hotel Design*Sponge
Terrain provided the greenery for each of ROOST's units. "Morris Adjmi took several design cues from the original elements in the Packard Building, such as ornate plaster ceilings and brass and bronze metalwork to influence decisions such as our hand-oiled herringbone floors and brass accents throughout the project..."

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  • The entrance to the hotel is really gorgeous. The greys and blues throughout really give everything this peaceful feeling. The floor in the room, the wood, is one of the most beautiful aspects, along with the ceiling. It’s just amazing. Great work.

  • “…made for the crowd too young and hip for just any old longterm-stay hotel.” UUFF, the ageism!!! Even a “young at heart” explanation can’t save this faux pas.

  • The young at heart explanation is my comment. meaning, don’t use that as an explanation please.

    • Sunshine

      I totally missed that, I’m sorry. Garrett is a wonderful person and never intended to make that implication, but it happened nonetheless and I agree, it’s not wording I would like used here. I’ve rephrased the line and I’ll talk to our team and reinforce not using ageist language.


  • Garrett and Grace what keeps me coming back to DS is more than the beautiful content that you share. It’s both of you and your cohorts. You all are incredibly gracious, kind, open to criticism and just damn good folks. No harm, no foul, no shade!!!

  • These room designs are exquisite!! the textures and color palette give a soothing ‘I am home” feel that is what most interior designers aim to achieve. love love love!