DIY Daisy Nail Art by Jessica Washick

by Grace Bonney

Daisy Final 1 copy
Last week our favorite nail artist, Jessica Washick, joined us for the first of three great DIY nail art projects aimed at those of us with shorter nails (hooray!). We kicked things off with my personal soft spot, DIY cat nails, and this week Jessica is back with a summer-perfect DIY look inspired by spring (and early summer) flowers.

These sweet daisy nails are easy to do and will save you some $$ at the salon if you give them a shot on your own. So, let’s get started with Jessica’s tutorial after the jump! xo, grace

Daisy Final 2
There are three ways to approach short nail art:

1. Focus on the base of the nail (cat nails).
2. Do an all-over print (star nails, coming next week)!
3. Go big with an all-over pattern!

Most people think that if you have small nails, then your nail art must have to be really, really tiny. But actually, if you do a full-coverage design on a small nail, it makes a big, fun impact! So today I’m showing you how to do oversized flower designs for a fun but chic design. —Jessica

1 - Prodcuts
Products Used:
-Base coat – My fave Deb Lippmann “Turn Back Time”
-White polish – I’m using Deborah Lippmann “Amazing Grace”
-Black nail polish – Essie “Licorice”
-Yellow – Deboarah Lippmann “Walking on Sunshine”
-Top coat + Striping brush

Steps 1 & 2

After applying a base coat, paint white petals radiating from the center of your nail with a striping brush; and just FYI — this sounds harder than it is. All you have to do is, once your striping brush is ready, set it on your nail and then drag away, simultaneously putting more pressure towards the end of your stroke. Alternatively, you can just dot on circular petals with the flat part of your nail polish bottlebrush.

0 - Basecoat
2 - White Petals

Step 3

Switch colors to black and, with your striping brush, paint straight lines that stop about midway on the petals.

3 - Black Lines

Step 4

Finally, using the yellow, dot the center of the flower with the flat part of the bottlebrush. Finish with a top coat!

4 - Yellow Dot
5 - Topcoat

Click here to check out more of Jessica’s nail art on Instagram!

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