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A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon

by Garrett Fleming

Freelance photographer Jaclyn Campanaro and her cat Cece moved into this 1920s-era home less than a year ago, but their style already touches every nook and cranny of the Portland, OR 2-bedroom. Having been all too familiar with the tradeoffs that come with studio living, Jaclyn was eager to use her new, larger house as a backdrop to indulge her vintage-loving side. She relied heavily on Craigslist, family heirlooms and a few favorite local shops to bring her vision of a “relaxed, uncluttered space,” to life. A 1,500-square-foot bungalow that “supports the natural flow of daily activity by being organized and having a place for everything,” was another guiding principle behind all of her design decisions. To prevent her vision from being compromised, Jaclyn even took things into her own hands when it came to a few of her home’s pieces. An IKEA-hacked dining table and a DIY TV stand are just a couple of the one-of-a-kind solves she’s concocted.

Her home’s robin’s-egg-blue paint job, storied accents, and sense of zen are all worthwhile in their own way, but Jaclyn’s humble gratitude for being able to simply own a home is what sticks with me about this tour. It’s what she loves most about her space. Sometimes I find myself slipping into a bigger, better, brighter mentality and forget to be grateful for what I have. I’ll be sure to remind myself of Jaclyn’s point of view whenever I am feeling a bit perturbed about the quirks of my own space, and I hope it inspires you all to do the same. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Jaclyn Campanaro

A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The living room is the first room you see when entering the house. I've been using this blue [Miller Paint "Egg Blue"] so long, it's become somewhat of a signature." The room's accessories and furniture were acquired from various vintage shops. The cowhide rug is from Oak Rugs.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The large Paul McCobb shelving unit collects books, records and displays my grandfather's old 8mm projector on which I can still play his film reels of my mom's family from the 1950s."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
Most of Jaclyn's plants come from Solabee in Portland where she "can find interesting varieties that are in great health." In 1966, at the age of 19, her father bought himself the reel-to-reel that now calls the fireplace "home."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The living room windows face west and north, which lets in tons of nice afternoon light, perfect for reading. The large, ceramic vessel sculpture on the bookshelf was made by Sarah Coderre."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
As a photographer, Jaclyn is "a sucker for big publications with strong photography."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
Jaclyn's roommate Cece is always waiting at the door for Jaclyn to return home. "She also happens to coordinate with everything in the house."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
This wall hanging is a thrift store find and "reminded [her] of water flowing through a landscape."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"This room is by far the brightest in the house for most of the day, so even finicky plants like the lovely, dark-leaved Jewel Orchid thrive in here." The large Baluch rug was a total bargain because it needed a good cleaning. Jaclyn was up for the task, however, and the results speak for themselves. The room is doused in Miller Paint "Manhattan Mist,"and the light fixture is original to the home.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The previous owners knocked out the wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, turning the range into an island and opening up this whole side of the house from front to back." Jaclyn made the dining table from salvaged barn wood and IKEA trestle legs and found the Breuer chairs on Craigslist.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
All of Jaclyn's kitchenware was collected from secondhand shops. In order to curate a cohesive collection, she stuck to two rules: all of the dishes had to be white, and the glasses had to be clear so that "even if everything (was) mismatched, they would look like a set." She may not have gone with this granite color and hickory cabinets if given the choice, but she is "making the best of them for now." Jaclyn felt it would have been wasteful to rip out all of the tile and cabinetry when they are both in great working order.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"I like to keep things basic, but a few fun pieces like the big-dot mugs and striped accent plate by ceramicist Martina Thornhill add a stroke of playfulness." The kitchen is painted in Miller Paint "Fondant."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
Jaclyn loves "cramming a bunch of friends (into the breakfast nook) for an after-dinner card game." The nook gets fantastic sun rays from the east every morning.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The master bedroom is my deep cocoon... and feels like my own calm corner of the chaotic universe. The gloriosum philodendron [seen on her dresser] will eventually have a 4-foot span."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"Woven baskets and trays [like these on her bedroom dresser] are an inexpensive way to keep a stack of items from looking cluttered."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
This Lane side table "is a perfect nod to the mix of woods in the room and collects nightstand items."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
Jacyln created a cozy spot in her bedroom to watch movies with this "low-profile lounger and wool shag rug," from IKEA.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The TV shelf is just inside the entrance to the room where it can gather the odds and ends from my pockets." All it took was a few IKEA brackets and a simple wooden shelf to make this visually-recessive wall unit.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
At the top of Jaclyn's staircase is her home office. She faced her desk outward so as not to be staring at a wall all day. With just a solid oak countertop and 4 legs from IKEA, Jaclyn was able to make a totally customized desk for herself. The rest of this room's furniture is vintage, and the painting is by Eric Mast.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"I love this little gallery in the corner of my office. Most of these pieces were given to me by friends, but the poster on the floor is an original illustrated promo for the Mothers of Invention album 'Over-Nite Sensation.'" She had to have it. Jaclyn's a huge Frank Zappa fan.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
The office's plant stand "was a lucky, junk-store find and brings together some of my prized memorabilia: the Red Sox cap from my first game at Fenway with my brother, my grandfather's Super 8 Brownie movie camera, my dad's old SX-70 that I've shot countless Polaroids with, a letterpress poster from my first Portland show in 2005, and a crumbling copy of Lenny Bruce's autobiography..." The "Killing It" towel was a gift from her sister because she is so proud of what Jaclyn has accomplished.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The guest room, located downstairs off the living room, is only starting to come together. I found this beautiful, mid-century, deco-inspired headboard and footboard set on Craigslist that will become the base pieces. The wall hanging is a silk scarf made by a friend under the name Numinous Works," and the side table is vintage. Jaclyn found the Pottery Barn hanging lamp in a Texas flea market and spruced it up herself.
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"There was something 'busy' about two doors on the same wall in the guest room, but painting everything as an accent wall helped unify it visually." Here Jaclyn used Miller Paint "Nova."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
"The guest room has the dubious distinction of being where everything ends up that doesn't belong anywhere else. I'm refining as I go."
A Relaxed Bungalow in Portland, Oregon, Design*Sponge
Jaclyn built the guest room's desk herself with salvaged wood and some IKEA trestle legs. The painting is by Cari Vander Yacht.

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  • Love all the thrifted and craigslisted pieces! Our home is full of a lot of the same because we’re frugal, but it isn’t nearly as beautiful as this home. Nicely done!

  • What a gorgeous home! I’m especially loving the breakfast nook. Congrats to you (and Cece) on your house and enjoy! : )

    • Jean, I have ALWAYS wanted a breakfast nook so it’s one of my favorite aspects of Jacyln’s home as well.


  • (Hi, fellow Stumptowner!) I love this house for so many reasons: the carefully edited belongings, primarily. The use of favorite memorabilia and meaningful objects, art and furnishings throughout. The plants. The fact that she didn’t rip out less-than-trendy cabinets/countertops in the kitchen because they are still perfectly good. Bravo!

  • I enjoyed this house tour more than any in recent memory….and I look at them all. It is so light and airy and has the best coordination of vintage finds. Love that egg blue in the living room.

    • I am so happy you enjoyed it, Isabelle! I’ll be thinking of that robin’s egg wall for quite a while as well. It’s so bright and cheery!


  • I don’t usually comment on posts but I had to pop in to say how much I love this home. It’s such a great balance of character without clutter – it looks natural and inviting. Such a great tour!

  • I love her home. She had such a wonderful sense of design placement and it makes the place just burst with vibrancy. Kudos to her kitty CC for pulling it altogether. How much did Miller paint pay for this ad? I’d be interested in advertising in a blog post on the design sponge for sure! Do you guys work with digital brand architects?

    • Maddie

      I’m assuming you meant that question in earnest. Herman Miller didn’t pay anything for this post or insert an ad in this post anywhere. They just happen to own a ton of HM ;)

      We don’t work with DBA, but we do work with a few larger agencies to place banner ads. All sponsored content is created and managed in-house by our advertising team.


  • This house is so truly beautiful- from the wall colors to the furniture to the plants! I would love to hear a little more from Jaclyn about how she found the plants. As a fellow cat owner I am constantly struggling with finding plants that won’t make the cat sick but will still do well in the space. Does she use the ASPCA website, did the nursery help her, or did she just wing it?

  • I’m having technical trouble with the direct-reply for some reason, but to answer Shannon’s question: I got Cece after I started collecting plants and since she was my first cat I had no idea it could be an issue, so it turns out I just got lucky with a cat who doesn’t scratch things and doesn’t eat plants. I would check the ASPCA site, but also recommend you shop from a plant purveyor who knows their product well enough to be able to tell you all about it.

    • Thank you so much for your response and for sharing your wonderful house with us Jaclyn!

  • Jaclyn,

    First off, your house is beautiful and a great inspiration. I hope to make my home as cozy and inviting as this when I finally buy one!

    Most importantly, can you tell me where you got that chair pictured in the 4th photo? Or the maker?


  • Would you be willing to share the color / brand of white you used on the walls?

    Thank you!