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The National Stationery Show: Moglea

by Emma Tuccillo

It was Meg Gleason’s attention to detail that first attracted me to her company Moglea, a letterpress stationery studio based in rural Iowa. Her booth at the National Stationery Show perfectly illustrated her aesthetic, where bold colors and handmade elements are celebrated. When Meg first started her company in 2012, she searched for techniques she hadn’t seen before and quickly became excited by the idea of watercolor dip-dyed cards. Meg’s background in collage, watercolor, and fabric dying became integral to her designs and is now the forefront of her company, adding a very handmade element to a field that is often batch-processed. I was delighted to learn that the idea to use Kool-Aid as the dye came from her mother, a fiber artist, who would use Kool-Aid to dye angora wool as well as Meg’s hair ties growing up.

In this year’s collection, dip-dyed letterpressed cards are mixed with gold foil stamping, a process Meg waited to include in her designs until she could execute the process herself in her studio. The studio, set in rural Iowa, was built by Meg’s husband and partner, Chad. On the premises, they proudly do all of the design and finishing processes themselves, such as edge painting, binding, and padding. It is this focus on producing one-of-a-kind designs and having full control over every element that sets Moglea apart, making each piece something to be kept and treasured. The following six designs are some of my favorites from the NSS, showcasing dipped colors, collage elements, and bold typography. X, Emma

Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
Moglea's colorful display at the National Stationery Show.
Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
I love the way Moglea blends hand painted elements with striking gold foil typography.
Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
A gift fit for a king. The gift cards, which I gave out for the holidays this year, are hand dipped in Kool-Aid!
Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
What a sweet card to give friends in love!
Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
Have you ever seen such a beautiful envelope? Moglea uses many elements of collage, water color, and dip dying in their designs.
Moglea at the National Stationery Show.
Operating out of rural Iowa, Moglea does all of their finishing processes themselves including binding, edge painting, and padding.

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