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The Home Where Snow White Grew Up

by Garrett Fleming

The second I heard that Angela and Johnny lived in the former home of Adriana Caselotti — the voice of Disney’s Snow White — I couldn’t wait to take a peek inside. Not only did the styling not disappoint, but the home’s story is one I can’t get out of my head.

Adriana was living in the home with her music-teacher father when Walt Disney himself called to ask her father if he knew any students who would be perfect for the role in his upcoming picture. As she secretly listened in on the conversation, Adriana immediately knew she wanted to play the part. The second she got her father’s permission to audition, Adriana endlessly practiced her lines in the bathroom mirror before what would become her career-defining audition. That very mirror still remains in the home’s full bath to this day.

If that story isn’t charming enough, the way Angela and Johnny came to find their home sounds like something out of a movie itself. They were not too keen on living in Hollywood when it came time to move last June, but an unusual listing caught their attention. “(It) had only a few photos and was kind of cryptic and mysterious, but it mentioned that the house was the former home of the voice of Snow White, and we recognized the tower from the film The Long Goodbye in one of the photos. (A few days later on a bulletin board) we found a handwritten listing on an index card, ‘PHONE CALLS ONLY,’ and it was so old-timey and charming we decided to go for it. The neighborhood and house turned out to be totally gorgeous and magical,” Angela says.

The couple are extremely grateful for the home’s setting. Its position situated on a hillside walk-street — that doesn’t allow car access — serves to create the serene oasis from the hustle of Hollywood that the two were yearning for. “We park our car in a garage at the base of the hill, take the elevator up, and then walk another three minutes to get to the house,” Johnny and Angela explain. It was absolutely a lifestyle adjustment, but one that they wouldn’t change for anything. Bursting with light, a wonderful history, and views that stretch to the ocean and back, today’s sneak peek is one I won’t soon forget. Enjoy! —Garrett

Photography by Angela Stasio

The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"Our fiddle fig really earned its keep when we moved it here! The ceilings in (the living room) are very high, so having a tree of this size feels almost necessary." Angela works from home, so the trees on either side of the office's entrance serve as a nice divider when she needs to hunker down and crank out some illustrations.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
In 1937, LIFE Magazine featured a tour of the home. At the time, it was owned by the voice of Disney's "Snow White," Adriana Caselotti. "I must admit I was particularly charmed, being Italian, that Snow White was an Italian girl! We feel so lucky to be even temporary caretakers of her home, and she's definitely a magical presence here." Adriana's dear friend and the couple's landlord gave the two this print when they moved in.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"The fireplace itself is tiny, so while it has a lot of visual impact, it's more about ambiance than heat when we use it. The lounge chair is actually an IKEA patio chair from our last place that didn't fit on our current balcony, so here it is! It was meant to be a placeholder, but it's really grown on me and I like the way the vertical lines mirror those on the fireplace screen."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
This coffee table was shipped to the couple via Greyhound bus. "Unfortunately when we got to the station with my sister to retrieve it the box was absolutely enormous and we had nothing to break it down with, so my sister and I got on the train and the table rode home (in the car) with Johnny."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"This was our first grown-up couch, and a really big deal for us. It's from Room and Board and 5 years later it's really held up well, so no regrets! The kilim pillow on the couch is also my favorite in the house, though it's insanely uncomfortable to the touch. It's just so beautiful that I refuse to remove it even though I've noticed every guest we've ever had trying to get away from it. The bookcase from Anthropologie was another big purchase for us. I stalked it online... for over a year before I finally rationalized it as a reward for a big job."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"This is what you see as you enter the apartment, and I was blown away by all the light and the height of the ceilings when we first saw the place. The kilim runner hanging over the couch was an eBay find."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
The mantel's deer statue is by Melabo and is Angela's first Etsy purchase from seven years ago. The wooden container was picked up on a couple's trip to Provincetown, MA.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"The green cabinet was the first piece of furniture Johnny and I ever bought together- $5 at the Salvation Army. We painted it and refinished the hardware, and even thought it's wobbly and barely functional, it's still here."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
The couple's old dining set luckily fits perfectly into the new space. They wanted a vintage table, but they couldn't find an irresistible, round, wooden one so they got this one at CB2.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
The living room's reading nook features a caricature of Angela's grandfather that was found in her mom's house. "He was an architectural designer, and we suspect one of his creative coworkers did it." The West Elm plant stand cleverly hides the wall heater and the lamp and pillow are vintage.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"(The guest room) is also home to most of my husband's music equipment, so when we do have guests they share this space with a keyboard, an amp, a conga set and a few guitars."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
Angela and Johnny call the guest bathroom "the toilet at the end of the world," since it juts out in the front of the house. "... it gets the best light, breeze and has maybe one of the best views in the house," they say.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"The wooden trunk was my stepdad's, and it weighs a million pounds but it makes great storage so we've been lugging it around for years," Angela says. "The lucite stool is vintage, from eBay, and the framed polaroids on the wall are of Johnny skateboarding as a kid." The balcony through that white door overlooks Hollywood.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
The foliage was a gift from the family's neighbors. "The little wire side table is from Urban Outfitters and the faux, fur throw at the foot of the bed is from Restoration Hardware, but I totally bought it on eBay. Shhhh!"
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"After learning the history of the house we wanted to get something Snow White-related, but not too on the nose, to have around, and I remembered Moviebarcode prints. Luckily, we loved the colors (of the Snow White print) and it really worked in the guest room."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
View into the kitchen from the entry.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"When we saw the apartment for the first time I wasn't totally psyched about the bright red tile detail in here, but I decided to just embrace it. And since our last kitchen had the same scheme of woods, whites, and stainless steel, we just moved our old blue accessories to the bathroom and picked up a few new red items. The Le Creuset tea kettle and saucepan were housewarming gifts from my mom. The island also houses a few of our beloved wooden serving pieces from Hawaii, and a dish from a handmade porcelain set, also my parents', from their time in Hawaii. They eloped there and we lived there for a few years when I was just a baby."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"The place didn't come with a fridge so we bought a used one from this awesome little place in Echo Park, but when the delivery people showed up and realized that it wouldn't fit in the elevator and they'd have to haul it up the equivalent of about eight flights of stairs, they almost just turned around. It was crazy, but they did it, and we gave them water and snacks."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
Angela wanted the master bedroom to be a bit moody and romantic, but as a renter she wasn't allowed to paint the walls a darker shade. Adding rich pillows and dark gray curtains from West Elm gets the job done.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
This famed heart art was a gift from Johnny and the papier-mâché table is from West Elm.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"The framed piece of fabric is part of a tapestry I've had since high school, which has been reincarnated as a bedspread, a pillow cover, a door curtain, etc. I've never gotten sick of the color palette, so that fabric's pretty much set the tone for each bedroom we've had," Angela says. This vintage lamp was another great eBay find.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
Atop Angela's grandmother's dresser sits small dolls - a gift from Angela's dad. The vintage perfume bottles and vases were Angela's mom's.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
Evan B. Harris print in the full bathroom.
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge
"What I love most about our home is that..."
The Home Where Snow White Grew Up, Design*Sponge

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  • Quite possibly my favorite home feature every on DS. The story and the space are absolutely charming.

  • Looks like a nice place in Beachwood Canyon. I loved hiking in that neighborhood (secret stairs!) and seeing all the different types of houses stacked next to each other. This one is a charmer and they need a great job of making it feel warm and homey.

  • What an awesome post! Such a cool find and lots of great pieces. They have great taste too. Love all of the pieces, especially the Snow White print and the Anthropologie bookcase.

  • Seems like the word charming was invented for spaces like this one – from the history behind it, to the way they found it, to the way it looks today; everything about it is charming! The mix of kilim textiles and warmth the plants add is such a perfect combination. This space sure is lovely!

  • Wow, thank you guys for the very sweet comments. Greatly appreciated. And Vanessa, the round mirror is the Porthole Mirror by Roost. I bought it a few years ago but I’ve seen it in a few stores recently. Thanks again everyone :)

  • Oh my GOSH! My mom lived in this same apartment from 2010-2012. You two have done a beautiful job with it. It is a very special place, not least because you can open your windows and hear the sounds of the Hollywood Bowl

    • @Claire, Get out of here! That’s crazy! You must know our beloved Gary:) And thanks for your kind words- though it’s hard to go wrong in a space like this. Cheers!

  • I laughed when I read your comment about the kilim pillow–I feel the same way about mine. Gorgeous but grizzly!

  • this is so lovely! it sounds like you didn’t choose the paint color…. I wonder of anyone has leads on what it may be? it’s white, it’s warm, it doesn’t seem too beige-y!

    • Isn’t it, Catherine?! I couldn’t resist sharing the second I came across it.


  • Thank you Emmy and Raj! And sounds like you know my struggle, Malia ;) Erin, you’re correct- I have no idea what the paint color is, but I can say that it’s bright but just warm enough not to be too stark, and it somehow manages to look great across a variety of lighting situations. I should really find out;) Thanks again everyone!

    • Hi Emily- I’m so glad you asked, I wanted to give her credit! The prints are from the Etsy shop blackandthemoon. :) -Angela