Tattoorary Delft Blue + Floral Temporary Tattoos

by Grace Bonney

I’ve found that tattoos are one of the more divisive personal design elements I’ve come across. I personally love them (a good chunk of our team has them, too) and I am always planning my next, but I understand that they’re not for everyone. I think one reason (though certainly not the only one) that people shy away from tattoos is the whole “forever” factor. But with the rise in beautiful temporary tattoos from companies like Tattly, I think people are becoming more open minded about tattoos in general — or are at least experimenting with them. One of my favorite trends in temporary tattoos is the move toward historic or more classical imagery. I love an antique botanical, so these new styles from Tattoorary on Etsy are right up my alley (Thanks to Tattoorary for sharing them in #DSBlues!). They turn traditional floral and Delft Blue imagery into stunning temporary tattoos that you can apply for a fun night out or use to impress your fellow decorative arts majors while you study history in class. Whether you’re trying to test out for future permanent tattoos or just want to have some fun, click here to check them out online. xo, grace


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  • I love tattoos, but I don’t have any! I secretly stalk tattoos on Pinterest and Etsy–haha! I just ordered a few from Pepper Ink on Etsy and I cannot wait to receive them. I have also tried Tattly as well. They are so much fun and instantly raise my cool factor (or so I think). The blue ink botanical-WOW!

  • Holy moly these are amaaaazing. So rich! Being of the tribe that finds the “forever” part of tattoos too much to bite off, I’m a big fan on temporary ones. Just ordered myself 2! Thinking about wearing one like jewelry at a wedding I have coming up…

  • A dear friend of mine is a tattoo artist and Dutch. The last time I visited Holland he did a delft blau windmill on my inner arm. It’s my absolute favorite and the color is so striking.

  • Oh my these are beyond beautiful!! Me and my mom have been covering ourselves with matching temporary tattoos for quite some time now, I think we’re going to have to go with the floral design next!!
    x Motte

  • Oh!!! I love the vintage floral tats! And I love that they’re temporary. I have a nice permanent one but really have no desire for another – but like that I can play w/them – that works for me. Thanks for featuring them Grace!