Kristi Kohut

by Grace Bonney

The earth and all of its natural beauty is an endless source of inspiration. I love seeing the colors of the ocean pop up in textiles and little hints of fall leaves in wallpaper and ceramics. But few sources of inspiration make me as happy as those that come from rocks, gems and geodes. There’s something about the wavy lines, bright colors and shimmer you find deep within the earth that get me every time. My favorite example of that inspiration has always been Clare Grill, who made beautiful paintings of geographical cross-sections, but now I have another great source: Kristi Kohut.

Kristi‘s artwork has appeared online, in print and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and now she’s selling a series of stunning prints at Buddy Editions inspired by agate rock formations. I love all the splashes of hot pink and blue — they feel like summer to me and would be a great way to bring some brightness to any rooms around the house that could use some new life. If you want to check out more of her work and order her prints, you can see them right here online (prices start at $50 and range up to $500 for large-form prints). xo, grace

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