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DIY Tissue Paper Art

by Francesca Stone

DIY Tissue Paper Art 15
One thing my home is sorely lacking is art. I’ve been so consumed with furniture, soft furnishings and far too many hanging planters, that I’ve neglected to extend the decoration to the walls. The pieces I do have are slowly collected and sparsely dotted around my home, and although each of these pieces holds some significance to me, I do feel that a few “filler” frames could bring them all together a little more. Along with looking for prints from local artists, I want to DIY a few pieces to add to the mix, and I felt like this tissue paper art was the perfect place to start. The bright colors, combined with a minimal design, creates an eye-catching piece that can fit in any sized wall space that you need to fill. —Fran

DIY Tissue Paper Art DIY Tissue Paper Art


  • Tissue paper
  • Decoupage adhesive
  • Paper
  • Frame
  • Paint brush


DIY Tissue Paper Art

1. Gather together a collection of tissue papers in different colors. Tear them up to create a range of sizes and shapes to experiment with.

DIY Tissue Paper Art

2. When you think you’re happy with a rough design, spread decoupage adhesive over the back of the tissue paper with your paint brush. Be quick because the glue dries fast!

DIY Tissue Paper Art

3. Place onto a piece of paper that is the same size as your frame. Smooth down and push out any air bubbles with your fingers.

DIY Tissue Paper Art

4. To make sure all the edges are securely sealed down, brush a light layer of decoupage adhesive over the top of the tissue paper.

DIY Tissue Paper Art DIY Tissue Paper Art

5. Keep building up the layers of tissue paper. Pay extra attention to the overlapping tissue paper. Add a little extra glue to create this translucent effect, letting the color below show through the higher layers.

DIY Tissue Paper Art 11

6. Once you’ve finished your design, seal down any edges that are coming loose and leave to dry fully. Insert into the picture frame then hang, lean or prop up to fill your space with color and vibrance.

DIY Tissue Paper Art 13 DIY Tissue Paper Art 12 DIY Tissue Paper Art 14 DIY Tissue Paper Art 10 DIY Tissue Paper Art 8

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  • I love this Fran. I’ve been thinking about using tissue paper as a starting point to create some abstract art for my own place which is also lacking in art. I was planning to add paint or pastel into the mix too – I haven’t had a chance to experiment yet though.

    • Oh Amy, pastel would look SO good! I do love a bit of mixed media – I need to see what you do with those pains! :)

  • I love it! I think I could love it on my wall for a good long while! (I can be fickle in my wall decor.) I could love it longer if the paper backing weren’t crinkled, too. Can anyone think of solutions for this? Light coats of spray adhesive? That would probably reduce the lovely translucent layering effect. Card stock or poster board backing instead? I can even see this idea working with fabrics layered on a rough linen backing, and adhered with spray adhesive or with iron-on fusible interfacing.

    • Thank you Caroline. You’re right! The backing paper is just thin paper, but I think if you used a cardstock or mount board you wouldn’t get any wrinkling at all! Also good call with the spray adhesive. If you didn’t want the translucent effect this would be perfect!

  • This is an amazing idea! Just curious, was the decoupage adhesive that you used a matte or gloss finish?

  • I love this! I’ve been wanting to play around and so something like this with paint, but keep procrastinating. This, however, seems very approachable and do-able…and will hopefully inspire me to play around with the paint idea. Thank you!

  • I really like thi sand I am really looking so forward to making one for my living room wall I’m so excited.

    Thank you!

  • Hi There! Question: Where is the large white frame from? I’d love to tackle this fun project this weekend. Thanks!