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DIY Hanging Half Frame

by Grace Bonney

DIY hanging frame 6
Ever since moving into our flat two and a half years ago, I’ve really enjoyed gradually filling all the blank, white spaces on our walls. It’s so satisfying to bring a bit of life and personality into the home with prints I’ve painted or bought, as well as photos of special moments. Recently, however, I’ve been looking for new and exciting ways to hang my pictures, as the same old box frames all over the place get a little repetitive. When Grace and Fran contacted me I was eager to create a hanging half frame to really show off a large print. I’ve been out and about more now that the weather is warming up, and I’ve been snapping away with my camera everywhere I go. I blew up one of my photos to A2 and had it printed at my local print shop to use as the focal point for my frame. Framing large images can often be very pricey, but this tutorial certainly won’t break the bank. —Teri @ The Lovely Drawer


-Print / photograph in your chosen size
-2 pieces of lightweight wooden strips (e.g. Balsa wood)
-Wood stain and cloth
-Natural rope
-2 eye screws large enough to fit the rope through
-56g/2oz. polymer clay block
-Stapler / staple gun
-All purpose glue
-X-acto knife



1. Follow the recommended temperature to preheat your oven for the polymer clay. Use the X-acto knife to cut two even blocks of clay. Roll these in the palm of your hand until round and smooth. Use a pencil to make a hole all the way through. You can then use something wider to make the hole larger until your rope fits through the middle. Place on a baking tray and bake for the recommended time.

step 1

2. While the clay is baking, use a cloth to rub the stain into the wood, giving a richer, deeper tone. It’s a good idea to put some old sheets down or do this outside so as not to ruin a home surface. Leave the wood to dry completely.

step 2

3. Take one of the wood strips and measure about an inch in from either end and mark with a pencil.

step 3

4. Then twist both eye screws into these points, until fully in and secure.

step 4

5. Then lay the top of your print facedown over what will be the top wooden strip (with the eye screws in). This will be the back of the picture. Align the paper carefully so that it’s placed centrally and straight. Then staple either end and go along the wooden strip, stapling to secure. I used an ordinary stapler opened up for this, as the wood was so soft, but harder woods may require a staple gun. Do the same with the bottom of the print to attach to the other wooden strip. For extra hold you could use the all purpose glue to fix the print to the wood before stapling.

step 5

6. Thread both of your clay beads onto the rope and thread a rope end through one of the eye screws. Tie a tight single knot and then do the same on the other side. Trim the excess and use the all purpose glue to seal the raw edges. This will stop them from fraying and the knot from untying.

step 6

Now, all that’s left is to hang your brand new wall art in pride of place!

DIY hanging frame 5

DIY hanging frame 3

DIY hanging frame 2

DIY hanging frame 1

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  • Love it. Truly looks easy to do and will definitely add interest to a gallery wall. Love the image mirroring the plant : )

  • Ah this is perfect! My mother made a wall hanging for us that I’ve been struggling to find a way to hang. I knew it needed to hang like this but I didn’t know how to accomplish it. I have some of the tools but have to collect the rest. Thank you!

    • Hi Laura

      Both projects approach poster frames from a similar perspective, but this concept isn’t a new one (you can find previous examples on other sites here, here and here, all three of which pre-date the LayBabyLay post) and I think the clay beads add a nice and new spin to the idea. There are always going to be projects and ideas that are popular and trend-focused like this that everyone puts their spin on during a certain time period, but I don’t think anyone (including us) can make a claim to own the idea.


  • Yes, Please please send a template of the print. I want the whole project exactly. It’s perfect. Love it!

  • This is a great project except I wish there was a way to do this that doesn’t involve stapling the print to the wood. I have posters I’d love to do this with, but I don’t want to ruin them by punching holes in them.

    • paste a strip of paper to the edge of the back of the poster and staple that to the frame.
      BTW – prints hung this way will tend to curl on the sides after a while. This can be solved by gluing a very thin strip of wood to the back edges of the print to keep to keep them straight. They won’t be visible so the 1/2 frame effect isn’t spoiled.

  • Great project! I have done a similar frame with a bit thinner wood two ways:
    -with flat circular magnets inset into the wood
    -with magnetic tape.

    no holes in the poster, and looks great :)

  • How do I make sure the enlarge image doesn’t become a big distorted blur when printed?

    • Hi Mel

      The picture needs to be 300 dpi, so double check in a photo program before opening. Or check with the printer you use to see how big the file needs to be.


  • The DIY poster framing concept is great!!

    I have a hand painted picture, I’ll use this hanging frame concept in it.

    Thanks a lot for this awesome DIY framing concept.

  • Hi Grace,

    Where did you find this print??? I love it and am having troubles finding something similar.

    Thanks! xo

  • Where can I get that wireframe house!
    Been looking for ages for something like this here in Belgium.

  • Hi Grace,
    Love this project! It’s really one of my favorite pins on Pinterest :)
    I’d love to ask you for the image file as well, thank you!

  • This could also be used on a smaller scale with a picture wall. For those who like to ‘mix it up’ with their frames, adding a few (or more) of these (in a smaller version to handle the smaller prints) would look great in there! If using photos that are not replaceable or if you can’t afford to have additional photos printed just make a picture quality photocopy and hang that (that’s what I did for some duplicate memory books that I gave to participants in the event – picture quality photocopies of the pictures). JMTC :)

  • instead of using a stapler to attach the wood frame to the print, you should create two more wood pieces and glue magnets to all four. put your print in between and close it with magnets, and you won’t have holes on your print!!