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A Home Full of Creativity and DIY Design

by Grace Bonney

Back when I first moved to Brooklyn, one of the first buildings I used to drive by frequently was David Stark’s incredible Carroll Gardens studio. I was a huge fan of David’s work and event design imagination, and it wasn’t until 2010 when I got to know him and his team more closely. Since then I have been a devoted fan of all of their work and their endless creativity. So when we got the chance to peek inside the home of his Special Projects Designer, Corrie Beth Hogg, I was overwhelmed with excitement.

Corrie shares her apartment in Prospect Lefferts Gardens with her boyfriend, artist Ryan Magyar. Originally from South Mississippi, Corrie moved to New York in 2001 where she began making paintings and collages. She has been working with David Stark for the past 11 years and the creativity she and Ryan bring to this space is reflected in every room and in every nuance. I love how many handmade details are in their home, from paper mache trays to paper trees and owls. Each piece in their home has a story, but manages to work together, rather than feeling cluttered. “I am changing things all the time,” Corrie says. “Things are rotating room to room as well. If I find or make something new, I pass along the old piece. I don’t think it will ever be ‘done’ and I don’t want it to be. Change is good (and fun), plus our tastes evolve or we get tired of things. I can’t sit still for long, so I am also always finding places that need a change or a handmade or DIY something.” I so admire her can-do spirit (she watched YouTube videos to learn how to change her own light fixtures) and I am so happy to share it here today. Thanks to Ryan and Corrie for sharing these photos and this space with us. xo, grace

The view from the front door. You can see almost the entire apartment from this view. Corrie used bookshelves to divide the room. On the left side of the shelves is Corrie's studio. "We tried to make the living room feel more defined as its own space (and less like a hallway to the kitchen) by adding the rug," Corrie says. "The couch on the left and the coffee table are inherited pieces from my great aunt who was an architect here mid-last-century."
Corrie and Ryan's living room couch was an Apartment Therapy classifieds find. They chose it because it reminded them of a couch that used to belong to Corrie's aunt. The gallery wall is always changing and growing. The three big pieces are Corrie's, and there is work from Bridget Mullen (the black and white one at the top.) and Chris Patch, (the two on the left to the right side of the lamp). The pillows were made by Corrie and the yellow lamp was a thrift store find in Virginia.
This is a tray Corrie made with paper mache. The crepe paper pomegranate by Anandamayi Arnold was a gift from one of Corrie's friends.
The paper owl is a sample Corrie made for her job with David Stark Design. She got to keep it after the project was done and decided she needed a proper home, hence the paper-crafted tree!
This chair was another great flea market find of Corrie's. The crochet paint can is from a project Corrie worked on with David Stark Design. Corrie and Ryan made the cigar box guitars together when they first started dating. (Ryan plays left-handed, so they needed to make two - one righty, one lefty.) "Plus, you need two to play duets," Corrie says. The wire egg basket was something Corrie found half buried in the woods at a friend's farm. She took it home, cleaned it up and now it holds magazines.
Corrie's studio table, where all of her work happens, from painting, sewing, crafting and drawing to taxes. Corrie made the MDF guitar with a friend years ago as part of a Halloween costume.
This window gets great light year-round so Corrie uses it to deal with her "serious outdoor space withdrawal." The fabric on the chair is from IKEA, as is the throw. "I often sit here, drinking tea and staring at whatever I am working on in the studio." Corrie explains.
The kitchen and dining room are narrow, so Corrie wanted a table that worked in the space but also fit as many people around it as possible. So she made this one herself with some painted wood planks and IKEA legs. The yellow chairs are from Target.
The window in the dining room is another opportunity for plants as well as a little reading nook. The large print on the right is from Evolution.
The kitchen chair is a Craigslist find from Georgia and the crochet hammer is a sample Corrie made for a project with David Stark Design.
This dresser is on the other side of the dining room and is an inherited piece from a family friend of Corrie's. The lamp is a thrift store find and the two country duet wood block prints are by Martin Mazorra.
The paper plant is a sample from a project Corrie did for David Stark Design. The little spoon collection is made up of gifts from friends and family, and a few Corrie picked up at John Derian.
Looking down the hallway: the rug is from Crate and Barrel and the dresser was a flea market find. The gallery wall is a collection of prints from Corrie and Ryan's friends, Neil and Kerry Stavely of Horse and Hare and some book page prints from a flea market in Georgia. The ceiling lamp shade was handmade by Corrie from sheets of paper.
The paper plant was another project from Corrie's job at David Stark Design. The crepe paper radishes were a gift from a friend and are the work of Anandamayi Arnold (who made the pomegranate in the living room).
Continuing their DIY theme, Corrie and Ryan made their own headboard, side tables and linens (the quilt and pillows). The little cow on the table on the right is from Shearwater Pottery in Corrie's home town.
This tiny bedside lamp is from Urban Outfitters. The little crepe paper bulbs were pieces Corrie made for a project with David Stark and the bedsheets are from West Elm.
Corrie says that their bedroom dresser, which was a Craigslist score, is in "need of painting." The lamp is a thrift store find and the mirror was a piece Corrie inherited from her dad.

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    • Katie, thank you! Just above the couch are a couple of my collages. I am glad you like ’em.

  • Thanks for sharing this fun space. As a former Brooklynite, I’m happy to see that there is still a thriving creative community. And I especially learn of other Hoggs in the design field!

  • Beautiful. But devastated to learn that the eyeball tray is a DIY and not available for purchase!

  • Grace & Co, I don’t know when the change took place, but I just noticed it- I love the new placement of the slideshow arrows and that they stay in place regardless of photo orientation. Small but really great improvement! Thank you!

    • thanks martha!

      it took a while to get it implemented, but today it went live. we listened to everyone’s concerns and requests after the redesign and have been working on changes. the arrows and threaded comments went into effect this AM :)

  • *BY VALOR AND ARMS* Mississippi knows how to party! I think I even spot a St. Francissville Audobon print in there. Or I’m just projecting. Either way, it’s an incredible place. I cannot get over that paper owl in the paper tree. And everything is so lovingly curated. It’s unusual to see this kind of color and eclecticness so well-edited. I could never do that. A fine eye (or two) to be sure. Thank you so much for welcoming us inside!

  • Let me try that again! Loving what they did with the different wall groupings. Beautifully balanced and terrific interest in each grouping.

  • I’m legitimately overwhelmed by this space! It’s beyond style–it practically overflows with creativity and artistry. It was pure joy to look at these pictures.

  • Hi! Such a fun space! Which IKEA fabric was used for the chair? The multicolored stripes are great. Thank you!

    • Elsie, Thank you! The stripe ikea fabric was from several years ago. I just checked, sadly, I don’t think they have it anymore.

  • Ryan and Corrie, I love what you have done with the place!! You two seem to compliment each other. I am glad we got to see your lovely apt. and design style.

  • I love this space! I always like to look at how people display their art and photos, and they did a really good job. They also did a wonderful job incorporating a lot of color but still keep it simple and not cluttered. Thanks for sharing!

  • Corrie,

    What a lovely space! I am obsessed with your country duet wood block prints, do you know if they are for sale anywhere?

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Lauren,
    I saw them at a friends house years ago and became obsessed too, so I understand the feeling. I tracked down the artist, Martin Mazorra and at the time (4 years ago) he only had APs left. It is worth a try. There are 5 in the series. cannonballpress.com
    In a similar vein my friends at Horse and Hare have a few country crooner prints that I love just as madly. horseandhare.com

  • This house has so much personality. The place we call home should be modeled by our personalities and way of living not copied from a magazine. Bright colors, walls covered with art and pieces that have a nice history behind it, Corrie and Ryan did a great job!

  • such masterful touches of color — I’m in awe — and yet the whole effect is homey, warm, and playful. Really nice.

  • I live in this neighborhood too and the apartments here are amazing canvases to work with. Lot of original details and downright palatial compared to the rest of NYC!

  • Can you please tell me more about the fun fake tree? I love it’s whimsy and so would my children! Thanks.