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Alea Toussaint Pattern Download: Day Four!

by Grace Bonney

On the first day we moved upstate, I dropped my phone and the face splintered into a million tiny cracks. A new phone isn’t going to happen any time soon and since it’s still working, I’m going to use it until it won’t function anymore. To my delight, all of these patterns that Alea Toussaint designed for us this week still look pretty through my phone’s screen, even with all the cracks running through them. Today Alea is back with another handmade pattern, created from carefully arranged star anise and cardamom pods. This makes me want a hot cup of tea, but until that’s on my desk, THIS will be downloaded on my desktop. CLICK HERE to download today’s spice pattern for your desktop and phone wallpaper. You can check out more of Alea’s pattern work here on Instagram. xo, grace

*If you missed this week’s earlier patterns, here they are: Monday (citrus), Tuesday (green veggies) and Wednesday (tea).

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  • I just followed Alea (beautiful name by the way) on Instagram. She’s a great inspiration! Thanks for finding her x

  • Just an FYI – phone screens can be replaced for $75 or so. Don’t live with it – fix it! Everyday pleasures are so important!

  • That has happened to my phone a few times – thanks to little ones throwing it in a tantrum. I covered the entire screen with clear packing tape….works perfectly for several months until I was able to get a new one.