Wallpaper by These Walls

by Grace Bonney

There’s something about wallpaper that always makes me happy. It might be all that pattern on such a grand scale, or maybe just its ability to add so much texture and life to a room in one fell swoop (of the glue brush). Lately I’ve been noticing so many incredible wallpaper companies popping up and I’ve been bookmarking all of them for future projects and making lists of samples to test, because one of my home decorating dreams is to have our closet wallpapered inside. I did that on my own to my old closet and it made me happy every time I opened the door — it inspired me to keep it neater, too.

These Walls is a fantastic wallpaper company run by artist Sara Hingle, who has worked as an editorial illustrator for Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal. Her pattern designs feel both modern and timeless, with a wonderfully muted color palette that would be right at home in a contemporary apartment or a more historic home. From her studio in Queensland, Sara designs and prints her patterns on both paper and fabric, so if any of these patterns suit your needs, but you prefer it in pillow form, be sure to check out the textile section of her site, too. I really love seeing more wallpaper designers embracing neutral color palettes like this. As much as I love a bold, bright paper (and I do), these muted colors work so well in a wide range of home styles and I enjoy seeing the color palettes you would have found in older homes combined with such modern illustrations. Click here to check out more of Sara’s work online and stay tuned for her home tour on DS soon! xo, grace

Jade Wallpaper in Midnight: This paper is so stunning. I'd love to see a full bedroom in this style.
Leopard Palm Wallpaper in Day: This was the paper I first saw from These Walls and I fell in love right away. I think this is SUCH a cool pattern.
Starry Wallpaper in Denim: This pattern reminds me of a much hipper update of the moon & stars border my mom used in our old house in the early 90s. I love a good star print.
Asymmetry in Olive: There aren't enough olive-colored wallpapers in the world. I still have a piece of olive-colored wallpaper from Nama Rococo framed because I love it so much and the color goes with almost anything.
Atlas Wallpaper in Overcast: I'm tempted to use this in our house. The pattern feels like a contemporary dotted spin on a folk art style.
Scallop Dots in Rust: This color is fantastic. It has warmth and depth but it's used in such small spots that it doesn't overwhelm.

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  • Beautiful! Do they ship to the US? Their website only gives options for Australia and New Zealand. A couple of their patterns would be perfect in a powder room I’m working on. I’d love to purchase samples if possible.

  • The wallpaper looks absolutely fantastic and I love the designer’s other offerings on the website but the don’t seem like they ship to the US unfortunately. O well…

  • We have been removing layers of old, 70s-80s wallpaper from our home (pussywillows EVERYWHERE), so the mere mention of wallpaper can make me twitch, but I have to admit that some of the new styles I see on D*S are truly gorgeous. (Grace – I love your bathroom wallpaper!) I think each of your wallpaper posts brings me one step closer to being pro-wallpaper again!