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Scandinavian Styling in a Swedish Homestead

by Lauren Chorpening Day

Scandinavian style, to me, has always meant strictly Scandinavian furniture design, white walls and minimal accessories — almost textbook. I’ve always found it to be beautiful and simple, but I had no idea how lovely it could be when mixed with layered, patterned and vintage pieces. When I stumbled upon Sofia’s home on Instagram, I learned again that style is what you make it and living outside of a design formula creates more meaning and even more beauty.

Shop owner, photographer and stylist Sofia Jansson and musician Kristo Jansson moved from a tiny apartment in the country to a large 1913 home in the city of Katrineholm, Sweden. “When we found out that I was pregnant with twins and we already had two kids under 3 years, we decided to move to the town both Kristo and I were born in,” Sofia says. “We had never thought to move back, so everything happened very fast and without planning. I hadn’t seen the house before buying it. Kristo was in Katrineholm and took some pictures but I was too pregnant. Even though we had four children under the age of four, we started at once with a big renovation of this house. This is nothing I’d really recommend, it was a real chaos for some years. We have renovated everything except the bathrooms.” While an unexpected move and a giant renovation are a lot to go through, the results are pretty, airy and bright with room for everyone.

Over the seven years they’ve lived there, Sofia and Kristo’s home has been styled with incredible objects and furniture. By mixing vintage pieces in a modern way, this Scandinavian home has its own personality that feels genuine and effortless. “Our home really reflects who lives there,” Sofia says. “We have collected things we love and I feel that our home is us.” —Lauren

Photography by Sofia Jansson


Wallpaper in TV room and Liv’s room are William Morris
Wallpaper in Viggo’s room is Ohoy by Photowall
Wallpaper in Nomi’s room is Blossom by Mr Perswall
Almost all furniture is vintage

Sofia and Kristo's renovated, modern kitchen is paired with vintage shelf styling and collected pieces.
Minimal design meets charming details in this Scandinavian kitchen.
This sweet wall hanging is sold at Sofia's online store, Mokkasin.
This sun porch right off of the kitchen was one of the biggest surprises of the renovation. The doorway had been blocked off and the outside of the porch had been paneled over. The secret porch was complete with the original 1913 windows.
The dining room used to be the living room. The extra space and beautiful, natural light make this a central family spot in the house.
Sofia's layered styling is a perfect balance with the white, airy space.
Sofia isn't afraid of a little intentional clutter to add personality.
The library is part of the dining room. I love the idea of a sitting area in a large common room.
The dining room opens up to Sofia's studio space.
Sofia's studio and office space that she shares with her assistant.
Sofia's studio gets a gorgeous amount of natural light. Her days working from home are busy, but filled with family and the beautiful environment she's created.
Sofia's father is the artist behind this piece.
The television room that looks into Kristo's workspace and music studio.
Mixing pieces and styles is Sofia's specialty. Victorian, modern, whimsical and even industrial styles all look cohesive and pretty together in this space.
Even the hallways are filled with bright light and loved pieces.
This is 10-year-old Viggo's room. Each of the kids have been in charge of defining their design style, which I think is incredible. And even more incredible that a 10-year-old is this refined.
The kids' craft cabinet is whimsically styled.
Sofia and Kristo's 12-year-old daughter's room is the perfect amount of color and white space, youthful and vintage.
Nomi, 7 years old, has the sweetest Victorian little girl's room.
"We have never thought that we have to have a special kind of home because of the children," Sofia says. "The kids have their own design classics."

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  • hi sofia and kristo. we met in skopelos greece this summer at sofi’s… so nice to see your beautiful home featured here in design sponge. i absolutley love your style, it has the exact balance that i appreciate so much in home design, between the airy and clean white, and the warmth and colourfulness. i recognised that its your home right away because i follow your blog, and still its nice to see it from some new angles. so thank you for the beauty and the insperation. best regards, avital

  • Absolutely beautiful! All the more impressive that the family created this space with four little ones under foot!

  • I came across Sofia’s instagram few weeks ago. Imagine my delight on seeing her house featured here today – it is one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen! :)

  • What a gorgeous, dreamy home! The pictures are lovely, Lauren. The rooms with the quirky, muted wallpapers look lovely against the white walls. I love the piano corner and I adore how the house looks well lived-in!

  • What a gorgeous place to work and live. It must have taken many years to find all the lovely pieces in your home and to arrange them so perfectly in harmony and for ease in your lifestyle. I’m crossing my fingers i can one day have a home like yours!

  • What a beautiful light-filled home!Amazing windows!And i love the wallpapered bedrooms.The large soft floral is incredible.

  • This is my favourite Sneak Peek i’ve seen in a long time. So elegant, so beautiful, so LIGHT!

  • The space, the light, the wallpaper, what a beautiful home and beautiful photos!! It’s all flowing with ease and feels so airy. Love the layers and that one room leads to an other and what a treat to find that secret sun porch!!! Wow.

  • I love the large scale floral wallpaper in the girls room. Would you be willing to share its source?

  • this home has so many enviable pieces of furniture! I can’t stop looking at those library bookcases and that piano. and, of course she knows the way to make a statement on the wall. lovely, lovely home!

  • Love, love, love this home. We’re also in the middle of (slowly) renovating our home and I definitely lean Scandinavian. Love the white, fresh backdrop that allows our furniture and belongings to take center stage. The light in their home is just gorgeous too! I would love to find a secret sunroom in our reno, but alas, I’ll have to swoon over theirs. Beautiful!!

  • Wow, that porch! So hard to believe someone would cover that up. It’s my favorite part of the tour!

  • I’m wondering if you know the artist responsible for the ship painting in Viggo’s room? I love it! Thanks!

  • Mixing Scandinavian style with vintage pieces in a modern way is not easy…not easy at all. It needs a lot of good taste and style, that you, Sofia and Kristo, definitely have! I love your house. Is absolutely wonderful

  • Hello! Where did you find the beautiful fabric on the piano bench? I’d love to find something similar to use on my own bench. Thank you!