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Free Pattern Downloads from Alea Toussaint

by Grace Bonney

Since I started today with inspiration from Instagram, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce a special weeklong guest series with an incredible artist I found through Instagram: Alea Toussaint!

Alea is a talented graphic designer based in Minneapolis who works for Colle+McVoy. When she’s not creating beautiful work for them, she’s running one of the most creative Instagram feeds online. Alea makes patterns from real, three-dimensional objects, like bobby pins and vegetables. It was her bobby pin picture (which she kindly shared in the #dspattern hashtag challenge) that caught my eye and turned me into an instant fan of her work. So I wrote her an email, crossed my fingers and lucked out that she was game to collaborate with us for a week on a special series of custom patterns! Every day this week (including Saturday and Sunday!) Alea will be joining us to share a beautiful handmade pattern that you can download to use for your computer desktop or phone background. I’m so excited to show you what she has coming up! Thanks again to Alea for creating these for all of us! xo, grace

TO DOWNLOAD click the following links: Monday’s pattern, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

*Please note these patterns are for personal use only.

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