Kate Zaremba Wallpaper

by Grace Bonney

This weekend I fell into an Internet research hole trying to figure out just how difficult DIY “faux” wallpapering really is. Just about everyone and their sister has pinned this gorgeous image of The Painted House’s DIY rollers and I’ve long dreamed about using them for a room in our house. But then I read this post on Remodelista and decided perhaps it’s better for me to stick to pre-made paper I don’t have to worry about smudging quite as much.

Now that I’ve gotten to dip my toes in the wallpaper pool (via our downstairs bathroom makeover), I’ve started bookmarking papers I’d like to try at some point. Last week I discovered Kate Zaremba’s wallpapers via our #dswallpaper challenge and I immediately loved their Matisse-inspired shapes and colors. Her collection has a wide range of styles, from more contemporary geometrics and line drawings to Ikat fabric-inspired patterns. But for me, the Matisse-inspired pieces are what really set her work apart. I love seeing wallpaper that isn’t afraid to be bold, bright and in-your-face. I think that sort of pattern is just what a small space needs to bring it to life. You can also always buy a single roll and use it for smaller-scale projects around the house, like lining dresser drawers and the backs of cabinets or bookcases. Click here to check out Kate’s work online and to place an order and click through to see seven of Kate’s great wallpaper designs. xo, grace

Matisse is my Muse Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba.
Swansy Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba.
Matisse is my Muse Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba.
Bright Eyes Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba.
Diamond Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba.
Gem Belushi Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba

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