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Hidden Potential in a Four-Story Michigan Home

by Lauren Chorpening Day

I love hearing stories about people finding a passion they never knew they’d have, and it changing their paths completely. I can’t get enough of it, really. There is so much more to us than we realize or can know. When Veronica and Jeremiah Hamlet discovered an interesting house that needed a good dose of renovation and design, the home got a new look and Veronica found a new career.

Veronica, an interior designer, and Jeremiah, a professional basketball coach, were looking for a large home with a small budget. They were shown a four-story foreclosure in an unfamiliar neighborhood and realized it was too much of a gem to pass up. “We found this diamond in the rough that no one wanted to take on because of all the work it needed,” Veronica says. “High ceilings and beams, tongue-and-groove paneling, brick in the den, high ceilings upstairs, and paneled ceilings in the top bedroom — it was these interesting features that made us choose this home.” It took eight months to renovate and design and it is now a beautiful home with plenty of room for their four children, Isaiah, Hadassah, Saraiah, Israel, two dogs and frequent guests. And Veronica kept going.

The home’s mix of industrial, bohemian, traditional, vintage and global pieces makes Veronica’s natural knack for interior design evident. “We renovated it top to bottom in the interior and some exterior work,” Veronica says. “It was loads of work and we won’t do it again for a while, but now have learned amazing things about homes and the process of renovating. Upon completion of renovating I had requests to help others decorate and design their home. It was this hidden passion that hadn’t come to full surface yet.” Veronica now runs her own interior design business, Hamlet Interiors, and works as a head designer for another company. Veronica and Jeremiah’s home is hospitable, cozy and gorgeous. The house has changed and they have changed because of it. I love that.

Photography by Dave Kingma


Living Room
Paint Color – Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore
Zebra Art – IKEA
Couch – Pottery Barn
Rug – Rugs USA
Carved Table – World Market
Arched Lamp – World Market
Velvet Curtains and Rods – World Market
Pillows – IKEA, Pottery Barn, World Market

Shelving and Storage Area
Paint Color – American White by Benjamin Moore
Colorful wood bowl – One of a Find
Black bowl – Hobby Lobby
Bowls – Target, West Elm, World Market
Gold storage rack – Target
Industrial lamp – One of a Find
Constellation print – vintage geography book
Wood turning tray – World Market
Heart frame – vintage
Mugs – World Market, Target
Wood carved tray – One of a Find
Brass vase – Black Lamb
Threaded print – Coventry, England
Pub glasses – Costco
Marble cheese platter – vintage
Plants – Horrocks
Fox salt and pepper holders – Target
Cupboards – IKEA
Pulls – Restoration Hardware
Counters – Quartz

Saraiah’s Room
Paint color – Super White by Benjamin Moore
Throw – Anthropologie
Orange pillow – Anthropologie
Bird pillow – sewn by mom
Hello print – Hobby Lobby
Chair – Hobby Lobby
Orange throw – HomeGoods
Rug – Rugs USA and vintage
Curtains – World Market
Sheepskin – HomeGoods
Duvet – Target
Bird garland – World Market
Crib – Burlington Coat Factory
Net – World Market
Bedding – sewn by my mother-in-law
pendant – World Market

Office Space
Paint color – Misty Gray by Benjamin Moore
Desk – World Market
Chair – World Market
Pillow – IKEA
Basket – IKEA
Gold vase – IKEA (painted gold)
Jewelry box – HomeGoods
Glass box – HomeGoods
Stapler – Target
Mirror – Pottery Barn
Pendant – One of a Find

Paint color – American White by Benjamin Moore
Chairs – World Market
Stool – World Market
Table – IKEA
Gold pillow – One of a Find
Navy dot pillow – Anthropologie
Navy trellis pillow – HomeGoods
Throw – World Market
French press – World Market
Pendant – West Elm
Mug – Starbucks

Israel’s Room
Paint color – Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore
Dresser – secondhand
Chair – Amazon
Vase – vintage
Art – Hobby Lobby
Duvet – Anthropologie
Teal pillow – sewn by mother-in-law
Curtains – IKEA
Teepee – Etsy
Sheepskin – IKEA
Rug – Rugs USA
Lion – San Diego Zoo
Rods – World Market
Crib – IKEA

Wall with peacock chair
Paint – Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore
Table – HomeGoods
Stool – vintage
Basket – Meijer
Pouf – Etsy
Peacock chair – Vintage on Craigslist
Cowhide – IKEA
Lamp – World Market
Glass vase – World Market
Frames – IKEA
Pillow – Target

Paint color – Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore
Couch – One of a Find
Stools – One of a Find
Sheepskin – IKEA
Curtains – Pottery Barn
Silver table – World Market

Master Bedroom
Paint color – Misty Gray by Benjamin Moore
Grey throw – Anthropologie
Kilim pillow – Etsy
Wedding blanket pillows – Pottery Barn
Shag pillow – at home store
Garland – Anthropologie
Pendant – World Market
Duvet – Pottery Barn
Curtains – Pottery Barn
Carved wood piece – One of a Find
Velvet pillow – HomeGoods
Horse lamp – vintage
Leather chair – One of a Find
Pillow – World Market
Stool – vintage
Lion art – vintage penned ink
Mirror – One of a Find
Weave – Target

Dining Room
Paint – Cement Gray by Benjamin Moore
Table – World Market
Kilim rug – Etsy
Bread bowl – Blue Door
Chairs – vintage Mexican equipale
Globes – HomeGoods
Brass tray – vintage
Wood mirrors – One of a Find
Brass items – all thrifted
Lion – Africa
All books are thrifted
Camera – thrifted vintage

Paint – American White by Benjamin Moore
Lion art – Chelsea Garter
Cupboards – IKEA
Stove – Sears
Mixer – KitchenAid
Pulls and knobs – Restoration Hardware

Veronica and Jeremiah's home mixes global inspiration with mid-century, traditional and modern pieces. Their home's unique details, like the thick wood molding, are what sold them on buying this foreclosure.
Veronica's layers of vintage and global pieces are found throughout their home. "This spot is happy and traveled and collected," says Veronica.
"We are quirky people and love that the home fits our personalities," says Veronica.
"I found this vintage peacock chair on Craigslist. I also love that this wall had some personal touches," Veronica says. "I made a few of the pieces on the wall, one which says 'trust the mess' - a caption that takes me back to all the suffering we went through. Our life was messy, and still is because we are human, but there is a lot of love in this home."
"This is the most adored space from guests," Veronica says. "We decided to keep the paneled wall here as an accent wall. So glad about this decision. It's actually tongue-and-groove flooring on the wall."
"We wanted a cozy, comfortable home able to accommodate lots of people. We love hospitality and inviting our family and friends and whoever else into our home," Veronica says. "We wanted to have eclectic style throughout. We feel we achieved warmth while still using cool colors."
"(The lion print) was a gift to my husband. When my husband received this gift, he got goosebumps and said, 'there are pictures of lions and then there are pictures of lions.' It was painted by a dear friend at our church, Chelsea Garter," says Veronica. "This space also makes me happy and it's my hangout for most of the day. I clean the kitchen a lot. The whole wall used to be covered in brick but it had to go bye-bye. It wasn't functional."
The Hamlet's home is filled with sentimental pieces they've collected over the years. "The framed piece on the bottom right shelf was given to us in Coventry, England," Veronica says. "We did missionary work and my husband played overseas basketball there our first year of marriage. We had literally nothing. We lived in a little flat, had no car, and walked everywhere. It was an amazing experience. It brings back old memories."
The dinette's sloping foundation was one of the biggest challenges in the renovation and took a few tries to get the floor the way they liked. The industrial and traditional mixture has a youthful, fun feel - which is great since this table is usually filled with kiddos.
The den is located off of the kitchen. The brick wall, paired with the neutral-colored sofa, creates visual balance.
Veronica is proud to be of Cherokee Indian heritage and wanted to include a nod to that in Israel's room.
Israel's bedroom uses color in a refined way, keeping it a little boy's room while also staying cohesive with the rest of the home.
Saraiah has special needs and has been given a room that is pretty and elegant with a few colorful statements. "I love everything in this room. We get the most light in this room (than) in any room of the house and it reflects who she is to us, she is light to everyone that meets her. I wanted her room to have a lot of color and comfort at the same time," Veronica says.
"Saraiah is my miracle girl. She was born with hypo-plastic left heart and given a 0% chance of living," says Veronica. "But God miraculously kept her alive and she is now five years old and thriving with her condition." Saraiah's room is full of lively details but has a serene feeling to it.
Veronica's office space is in the master bedroom. Her interior design business is done from inside the very home it sparked from.
Jeremiah and Veronica's bedroom has a natural quality to it. The light, collected pieces and textures create a beautifully subdued space. "I love the organic feeling in this room and it is constantly evolving," Veronica says.
Styling with sentiment is how they've decorated their home. Travel details throughout their home, like lions and zebra print, remind Jeremiah and Veronica of their heart for Kenya and desire to return. "We tend to move things around so this wall is constantly changing."

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  • Sometimes one of these tours will pop up and I immediately think “AAH! I WANT MORE!” and those are my favorites and this was one! Beautiful home!

  • This is a gorgeous house. Great job. I love every aspect of it. Especially the kilim rugs. Could you give me a source to purchase them?

  • Lovely! This is exactly how I wish my home looked. I can’t quite figure out the right balance of mixing patterns and furniture. Beautiful home.

  • Hey Andrea. We had our contractor build this. It is plumbers pipe sprayed black and stained pine wood. It can be a DIY u can do yourself if you are into that :-)

  • I have been a fan of this blog since it started, but this is the first time I’ve commented (as far as I can remember at least). This house is beautiful, but the family is even more beautiful. I have no idea who they are, but there is something incredible about them and it reflects in their home. Bless them (and you for your fantastic blog).

  • Gorgeous home and wonderful story. I also discovered a passion for design while renovating my house, but I’m still trying to figure out how to turn in into my career. Way to go, Veronica! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  • Hi Dana @dana Mosley. I got these rugs from a IG and Etsy shop owner called Kilimrugstore. You should be able to find them on etsy by searching. He ships from turkey. :-) and is a amazing guy. Hope this helps :-) they are all vintage.

  • lots to love here and enjoyed the back story as well- a little FYI about the reference to Cherokee heritage in the kiddos room – they never lived in tipis (teepees) because they weren’t nomadic – they lived in huts made from mud and bark . My dad worked for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and our family probably knew more about native american culture than the average bear.

  • Thanks for the inspiration! Gorgeous home and wonderful story. I also discovered a passion for design while renovating my house, but I’m still trying to figure out how to turn in into my career.

  • Thanks for sharing. What a lovely home–just the kind of home you’d love to hang around in!

  • I forgot to mention that you can find me on Instagram for any design inspiration and more photos. Blessings!! @hamletinteriors

  • Wow, despite the amount of information and beautiful things to see all over the Internet, Veronica, your rooms literally jump off the screen and pulled me right in. It was very gracious of you to include such a detailed source list. I know I can never “do it like you,” but now I at least have a direction to go in. Judy

  • Hello Judy,
    Thank you for all of the lovely comments. I wanted to include plenty of information for you all. Feel free to contact me on instagram for
    design inspiration and questions. Blessings!

  • Hi Stephanie. I got this from kilimrugstore on etsy and instagram. It’s a vintage kilim. The other one posted by her crib is from rugsusa. But I’m assuming u r talking about the kilim. We had 2 shoots in that room. The kilim is here to stay

    • @Veronica Hamlet … This took my breath away! What a beautifully blessed family, testimony & home! Thank you for sharing. Love your style. So thrilled to have discovered your blog via someone else on Instagram.

  • what a fantastic mix of styles …such a happy home! i’m in love with those equipal chairs…i’ve always wanted one and must renew my search for some of my own! she’s going to be such a successful interior designer!

  • Beautiful home! I love all of the quirkiness, as that is what makes a house a home.

    Where in MI is this located? Just curious, as I am in Michigan.

    Sue @ heavensgatehomeandgarden.com