Dusen Dusen Home + Aidy Bryant

by Grace Bonney

Sometimes, when two equally wonderful things collide, something even more spectacular results. For me, that is exactly what happened when Dusen Dusen collaborated with SNL cast member Aidy Bryant for the debut of their first home collection.

Designer Ellen Van Dusen’s clothing line, Dusen Dusen, has been a smash hit since its debut in 2010 and now Ellen has teamed up with her friend, buyer Ada Egloff, to create a collection of home goods for fall 2015. The collection continues with Ellen’s trademark style of bold primary colors brought to life in the form of whimsical patterns and prints. The debut collection includes rugs, pillows, towels, bedding, throws and poufs — all modeled expertly by Aidy and the official canine mascot of Dusen Dusen, Snips the dog. Aidy’s sense of humor is a perfect match for the fun, upbeat mood of the collection and I love seeing them all wrapped together. The photoshoot basically looks like my ideal slumber party fun, complete with an adorable dog and funny friends. Dusen Dusen Home won’t be in stores until August, but today we’re thrilled to share an exclusive look at the full collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on those towels — those have summer written all over them. Thanks so much to Ellen and Ada for sharing this peek with us today! Click here to check out more Dusen Dusen online. xo, grace

Photographs by Brian W. Ferry


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  • Very cute collection! P.S. Is there any way to change the formatting of your pictures so the little arrow doesn’t jump around…it makes flipping through pictures on the site very tedious.

  • Cute, but screams 80’s to me in terms of the prints & design aesthetic!

  • a little bit tragic, seeing as dusen dusen clothing doesn’t come in Aidy Bryants size…. it goes up to a size 8 – 10.
    Hideous that they would use Aidy to market their products but not cater to real life women with her body shape. Actually disgraceful.