Interiorssneak peeks

A Kansas Home Filled with Color and Pattern

by Grace Bonney

Every once in a while, people luck out and find their dream home on the first try. Other times, it takes years to find the perfect space. For Tobe and Eric Reed, they had to look at over 200 homes until they found one that was just right. Convinced that they originally wanted a fixer-upper, the Reeds spent a long time looking for the perfect makeover project. But after three failed offer attempts, they expanded their search to see more move-in-ready homes. The home they would eventually call their own was outside of their budget range during the majority of their search process, but as luck would have it, it fell into their range toward the end of their hunt.

Eric and Tobe loved the home’s mid-century character and the fact that it was centrally located in their hometown of Overland Park, KS (the couple works on opposite ends of the city). So three years ago they moved in and they’ve worked on making it feel like their home ever since. Tobe, a blogger, shop owner and graphic design/social media manager for Hallmark Cards and Eric, a Fire Protection Engineer, share their home with their daughters Ava and Grace and a rescue cat named Tucker. Their family has worked together to create a space that not only welcomes their friends and family, but makes each member of their family feel comforted and at home. I love all of the family pieces they’ve incorporated into their space, along with cherished artwork by friends. Tobe explained, “It’s so important to love where you live, and we’ve taken great care to surround ourselves with things that we love and that serve our lifestyle. While I may never be content to just leave things alone for awhile (or even five minutes), I think it comes from a need to move and shift to best reflect the people that live here and how we need our home to function.” I think they’ve done just that and I’m so thrilled to peek inside their beautiful home today. xo, grace

Photographs by Jane Kortright

Additional Sources:

Formal Living Room
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On Shelves
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TV Room
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Dining Room
walls and trim – Ralph Lauren Rue Royale
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Master Bedroom
walls – Valspar Modern Gray
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walls – Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray
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Nursery Gallery Wall
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ampersand print – Ampersand Studio on Etsy
carousel photograph – Anna With Love Photography
whale illustration – Tuesday Schmidt on Etsy
bucket list print – Read Between the Lines

Tobe and Eric's master bedroom is the most recent space to be decorated. "Which is strange if you think about it, because it's so important to have that zen space to wake up in and fall into at night. It's made all the difference to us to finally have it finished. We love the serene, casual vibe. The vintage Tole sconce adds a bit of drama in matte black," Tobe explained.
This shoe barrister was originally in Tobe's grandfather's office. When he passed away several years ago, her grandmother gifted it to Tobe, knowing that she'd always had a fondness for it. Now it serves as a very special daily reminder of him.
Tobe and Eric expected this room to be their "formal" living room, but with its proximity to the kitchen (and because it contains the fireplace), they end up spending a lot of time in this room. The campaign tables were a Craigslist find that Tobe unknowingly bought from a coworker, which she didn't realize until they sat down across from each other in a meeting the following week! The white sofa (brave) is slipcovered for easy cleaning.
The Indian wedding trunk in the living room was supposed to be inventory for Tobe's shop, but she found it difficult to part with (a "common problem"). "It does the hard work of keeping tiny hands at bay from our mini bar. Our daughter, Ava, likes to greet the brass owls hanging in the doorway as part of our morning ritual," Tobe said.
"Clearly, my taste is varied as indicated by this shot. At one point, I wanted to make this our dining room since we love to entertain and it could accommodate so many more than our actual dining room can handle. The rug was one of my first purchases, a real score on eBay! Over time, I realized that we needed this room to function as a living space with the fireplace being here so one by one, each of these items has fallen into place. Most of the pieces in this room -- and in this house -- are secondhand treasures. I have a thing for cast-offs. That probably says something about me, doesn't it?" -Tobe
The built-in bookshelves in the living room are, "mostly an opportunity to display my favorites from the shop until they sell," Tobe explained. Tobe and Eric try to keep this space clean and organized because it makes their space feel restful and easy on the eyes.
Eric made the living room bench himself with an old rafter from Tobe's cousin's barn in rural Missouri. It reminds Tobe of summers spent with family. She loves that now their story is intertwined with those memories. "Eric was always meant to be a part of my family, not just because of me. I believe that very deeply," Tobe says. The constellation prints were a gift from one of Tobe's blog friends.
This room was intended to be the TV room, but it doesn't get as much use now that Tobe and Eric have a television in the "formal" living room. The sectional, which they found for a steal on Craigslist, is great for lounging as a family. The central piece of artwork on the wall is an original by Tobe's friend, artist Amy Kligman.
Tobe says, "The brass ibex coffee table is my unicorn! I have always loved it. I honestly never expected to find one that I could afford for my own home. Craigslist to the rescue again! This one was completely oxidized, so it took a lot of time and elbow grease to restore it to its original glory. Truthfully, it's only here because I can't bear to put it away in a dark corner of the basement like we're probably supposed to with a toddler. Until now, we hadn't had a coffee table in this room since Ava arrived."
This 1970s TV cabinet is the first vintage piece of furniture Tobe remembers buying. "It serves almost no practical purpose, but I couldn't resist the beautiful lines and unique hardware. Now I feel like it symbolizes a quiet turning point in my life. I never could have predicted this path I am on!"
Tobe says she and Eric really love brass, "My menagerie is pretty much unrivaled."
Tobe says of the dining room, "Unfortunately, the dining room doesn't get a lot of action with the growth stage our family is in. Not to mention the table is almost always covered with inventory. But we love any excuse to host, and this room really brings the drama when we do! The exact shade of blue changes throughout the day, and it's always spectacular. The ficus is one of two from our wedding day. I love the life it brings to an otherwise somewhat cold space."
Tobe loves the combination of brass and lucite - the dining room's chandelier (from the 80s) feels right at home in the rich color palette of this room. The painting on the wall is by Michelle Armas. The chairs are another of Tobe's all-time favorite finds. "I have always coveted Milo Baughman's style! And they were brass to boot. I scored them in an online flash sale and they sat without a table for well over a year."
Tobe says that, "Ava's nursery is a perfect reflection of her personality. It's perfect for her. The art on this gallery wall is almost all gifts from talented coworkers and friends."
Tobe and Eric's shared adoration for mid-century style led them to choose a vintage dresser to double as Ava's changing table. The paintings are by one of Tobe's favorite abstract artists, Jenny Andrews Anderson. "They keep Ava distracted when she's being changed, and are absolute eye candy from the rocking chair across the room."

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  • What a beautiful home. Tobe, this is a bit of a tangent, but you mentioned all the elbow grease it took to remove oxidation from that (lovely!) ibis coffee table. Any hints as to methods or good materials to use? I recently acquired some beautiful sort-of oxidized brass pieces and I’m stumped as to how to restore them without ruining them.

  • Love the chandelier above the bed, the starburst mirror, the campaign tables, the constellation prints, the art above the couch, and the deep color of the dining room is gorgeous. The brass ibex coffee table is astounding though! Wow! Great work!

  • I admired those campaign tables when I saw them posted somewhere and am glad to see more of where they live. Also nice to see the Kansas City area represented (Shawnee Mission East grad here). A polished but welcoming home.

  • Gorgeous! One of my favourite items is the popular yet not-so-nice-to-look-at at rocking chair in the nursery. Why? Because it tells me that they’re down to earth people. While planning my nursery (and scouring blogs) I was obsessed with finding the perfect rocking chair that didn’t cost a fortune. I ending up buying a lovely vintage mid-century rocking chair that turned out to be very uncomfortable while nursing! In the end I was given an ugly hunter green rocking chair — and it was perfect. Kudos to keeping it real!

  • I love the blue walls in the dining room. The barrister bookcase used as shoe storage is great! I always thought some heels were just too pretty to hide in a closet.

  • Thank you all so much for your kind words!

    SLG – I have several tried and true brass-cleaning methods. My favorite is liquid Barkeepers Friend and a soft cloth or toothbrush for lighter polishing. The ibex table was so oxidized that we actually used oven cleaner. Worked like a charm! It took several applications and a lot of scrubbing, but it eventually cleaned up. (I recommend doing this outside or in a very well-ventilated area.) My husband took an electric polisher to it at the very end, which got it good and sparkling.

    K – Yes, we keep it real when it comes to comfort! Couldn’t live without that rocker. ;)

  • I wish the images were bigger. Kill the ad on the right of the gallery or move it so that we can see more. With that being said, I do like the new site redesign.

    • leslie

      the photos are larger than they ever have been on DS- and that ad has been there (and the same size) for 2 years. so you’re getting larger images than ever before.


  • What a lovely home and well worth the wait! My Grandmother was a Realtor and worked with one couple for ten years before they found the home they wanted. It just has to be right…

  • what a great example of the idea that if you buy what you love it will all go together…and love the thread of midcentury furniture unifying the entire home.

  • My husband and I have been married for 28 years and still have the ficus trees from when we got married!