Various Keytags

by Grace Bonney

When Julia and I first started dating, we both spoke about how it would be a dream to have a home upstate. As a sweet gesture to the “one day” idea, she bought me a little keychain that says “Upstate.” We never dreamed we’d actually be in that home less than two years later, but those keys meant so much to both of us. Keys can represent so many things: a new start, a big leap or independence. Whatever they mean to you, it can be fun (and sometimes very meaningful) to have them attached to a reminder of what they represent. So when I found out that my little Upstate keychain was made by a company called Various Keytags, I had to check out their full collection.

Various Keytags makes a WIDE range of keytags ranging from playful and mischievous (I won’t repeat them here, in case you have kids reading) to sweet and heartfelt. I gravitate towards slightly-more-sentimental, so I love the idea of giving someone one of these sweet sayings to celebrate Valentine’s Day, a new home, a new office, a fresh start or just a daily reminder that you care about them. You can also get custom designs made, but their range of pre-made designs is pretty far-reaching. If you want to pick up a little something special or funny to attach to your (or your loved ones’) keys, click here to check out their full selection online. xo, grace

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  • This is so wonderful for Valentine’s! My husband just started his first semester teaching college, so a “professor” keychain for his office would be just perfect. Thanks!

  • After you mentioned there were mischievous ones…HAD to look! LOL! Those are awesome! Great idea for those who are impossible to gift for. Happy Friday Grace!

  • This is perfect – we normally don’t gift one another on Valentine’s Day, but I think I have to get some of these for my wife. We are selling our first home together to move into an Airstream and travel full-time, so possibly an ‘Our First Home’ and one of the ‘Airstream’ tags they have available. Perfect, thank you so much for sharing this, Grace!

  • Wow, I see lots of these for people who have everything, and for those people who make you want to pull your hair out! ;) Thanks for the ideas!

  • My husband gave me one of these for Christmas that says “Adventure,” we got married in September after dating for almost nine years and so much of our lives so far has centered around that one word. I didn’t know something so small and simple could mean so much to me.

  • Key chains do mean so much. When our beloved first furry friend passed away, my sister gave us two key chains (one for each of us) with his picture on them. It was touching, and so comforting to know that every time we left the house we would ask each other if we had him and to know we were bringing him with us everywhere we went. The key chains eventually wore out from so much use, but I don’t have the heart to get rid of them. It’s so true. It’s the little things.