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This Dutch Home has Color to Spare

by Garrett Fleming

My life has always been over saturated with brilliant hues, and what initially draws me to most homes is their color story. I can remember when my parents let me have free reign to design my childhood bathroom. It was a huge deal that I wouldn’t be sharing it. The oldest of four, I was fairly familiar with divvying up just about everything. When given the opportunity to control my space, I went all-in. The bathroom was small with only three true walls to play with, but 10-year-old Garrett knew exactly what he wanted: hunter green everything. Most designers would say that in order for a smaller space to appear larger, brighter colors should be used. Not preteen me. Nope. Blackwatch-plaid shower curtains and a few carefully chosen horse accessories brought my vision to life. It felt like a natural extension of my stable-themed bedroom. Oh, how clever I thought I was. This love of abundant color follows me to this day. When I came across Maryse and Guido’s family home in Amsterdam, its brilliant colors immediately caught my eye.

Located in the Baarsjes, an up-and-coming neighborhood near the center of Amsterdam, the couple’s two-bedroom, two-story home is filled with color and pattern. Parks, shops, and trendy coffee bars make the area a great place for families and the perfect spot for Maryse and Guido to customize their nest. Having been in the family for over 20 years, the home has seen the city around it grow to house over 126 nationalities and a diverse population from Morocco and Turkey. “(Guido’s) uncle is now 86 years old and can tell nice stories about the street and how it was before,” Maryse says. When their family kept growing, the two knew they needed the space that Guido’s family home provided. After a remodel, it was all up to Maryse to make their new house a home. Wide streets mean that natural light brightens the third-story home daily, and Maryse loves how, “in the summer…it looks like we are in the middle of the forest.” With two kids, the couple says their space was designed, “to withstand a collision,” with nooks and crannies made to store toys and trinkets. But it’s those little ones that make the house a happy home, Maryse says. “I like those days best; (when) we’re all hanging in the living room. Me reading a book or magazine, Guido listening to music on the computer and (our daughters) drawing or playing and having fun.” I can absolutely see myself doing just that in this gorgeous space — especially in that dreamy, orangsicle-colored nook. Click through for a peek inside this charming home, and prepare yourself for a serious case of color envy! —Garrett

All photos by Maryse van Liere

The Home Office: This beautiful tropical wallpaper from Cole and Son Contemporary was the first thing Maryse bought when she moved in with Guido. It covers the doors of a deep closet, which offers a beautiful storage solution for the growing family. The map was found discarded on the street, and the various puffs and stools are by Hema.
Green is one of Maryse's favorite colors so she incorporates it wherever possible. She received the Coca-Cola tray from her mother and collects many other kitschy items from Noordermarkt and various other thrift shops around Amsterdam. One of her go-to's is Kitsch Kitchen- where she found this fun, tin water bottle.
Guido found this table discarded on the street. With a little help from a friend, they were able to bring it home. "I love it when furniture gets a second life," Maryse says.
The Master Bedroom: The couple shares this room with their littlest one. Underneath the homemade bed is more storage for books and beloved knick-knacks. The cradle was a vintage find and the bedding comes from H&M Home. Maryse's love of green was the inspiration behind this bold wallpaper.
Maryse's father made this cabinet that houses some of the family's favorite vintage treasures. The table and chairs were, you guessed it, street finds. For a truly customized look, the homeowners covered the table in adhesive from Kitsch Kitchen.
A curio cabinet closeup. I love how the subtle colors resemble a tasty Mentos fruit candy.
The Living Room: The family thrifted this sofa and vintage table lamp. "The coffee table is often put aside to let the kids play on the carpet." The room's morning light means that the family takes breakfast and coffee here as often as possible. The carpet and lighting were picked up at IKEA while the throw blankets are from Noordermarkt and this great online shop.
Another street find holds a dog pillow from H&M Home. The yellow vintage wallpaper is from Kitsch Kitchen.
"The kids use the stairs as a climbing rack all the time. And the couch is a soft landing," according to Maryse. Those stairs were taken from Paradiso, a local music venue. Iggy Pop, the Rolling Stones and many others used the first step to get to the backstage area before shows.
Maryse took these butterfly prints from the pages of a book she found on the streets of Amsterdam. The sofa and pillows are all from IKEA and H&M Home.
The Kitchen: "The kitchen is quite big, made out of two rooms. It's also filled with light because of the sun we get from the afternoon 'til sunset." The family's small balcony comes off of this kitchen, and, "the window is part of what used to be a door." When Guido remodeled the home, he enlarged the kitchen by adding this room. The window is from the door that used to divide the space.
The Main Hall: The living room, kitchen and bathroom are all connected by this fun space. "(My children make) me a lot of tea at the moment," Maryse says. Every year the couple photographs their children and showcases the results here. They've been doing this since their first child's birth announcement. What a fun way to make memories. She bought the flamingo at a local garden center.
The Oldest Daughter's Room: Pink is the couple's eldest daughter's favorite color, so the paint job was a no-brainer. Maryse says, "The card rack was a street find and it holds the books (my daughter) likes to read."
Another look at the eldest daughter's room.
Maryse and Guido really let their daughter's love of pink rule her space. They had to strip away six layers of wallpaper before they could start fresh.

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