Stine Leth + Ferm Living

by Grace Bonney

There are some types of art & design that I wish I could pull off in fashion form. Asymmetrical designs and color-blocking I can do, but I’ve never been able to pull off the patchwork look. Even though I can’t make a sweater in that style look right on me, I love embracing it in the form of artwork.

stineleth5_low copy
Danish knit-artist Stine Leth works with colorful wool and yarn to create beautifully layered pieces. In addition to adding texture to any room, they also have a wonderful sense of depth and movement. Stine recently collaborated with Ferm Living on 30 custom wall pieces that are being sold online for a limited time. I love that these would feel equally at home in a child or adult’s room — they have such a playful feel. xo, grace

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