Rebecca Clarke

by Grace Bonney

Over the past 10 years there are definite areas and niches of design that I feel over-saturated with and need to avoid for a while. There was a moment when pillows with digitally printed patterns were at every booth at ICFF and while I appreciate the idea of a trend, a part of me grew tired of it and needed to keep walking. There are, however, a few areas of art and design I will never tire of: ceramics and illustration. I could wander through potters’ studios every day and the same goes for illustrators. I love discovering all the intricate details of their work and what makes their style their own, especially when it makes me think about color and line-quality in a new way.

The artwork of Rebecca Clarke falls into that category for me. Her wonderfully watery illustrations remind me of Los Angeles and swimming pools and all things sunny and calm. Though she’s based in New York, that colorful West Coast feel is what I’m most drawn to her in work — although her drawings of decidedly-NYC dog parks tug at my heart strings, too. It’s about 6 degrees upstate today so I’m going to keep looking at Rebecca’s work this morning in hopes that it can transport me somewhere a little toastier. Click here to check out more of Rebecca’s work online. xo, grace


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  • I have been becoming obsessed with illustration lately. Reading tons of beautifully illustrated children’s books to my little one(: I have actually started experimenting with painting with the babe too!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pieces! They are the perfect break from this frigid season.

  • you forgot the “e” at the end of Clarke ie: Rebecca Clarke, i know its a less common spelling but please make the correction.