Emily Isabella

by Grace Bonney

It’s funny how the things we love and surround ourselves with at home can be so different from what we wear. I’ve become a big fan of creating a sort of personal “uniform” that makes me feel comfortable and at ease. No stressing, just a few key pieces — mainly black, white, grey and cream — that I know will make me feel pulled together. However, when it comes to home goods, I feel drawn toward artwork, fabric and furnishings that celebrate pink, red and bright color with joyful abandon. Those sorts of upbeat hues always pull me through a tough day and make me feel excited to see more and learn more about the artwork itself.

When I opened my copy of Cheryl and Griff Day’s newest cookbook, Back in the Day Bakery Made with Love, I loved seeing the illustrations of artist Emily Isabella. They encapsulate the sort of cheerful, vintage style that Cheryl and Griff’s bakery is known for and they feel just as sweet as their baked goods. So this morning I’m surrounding myself with more of Emily’s work. I love her floral arrangement illustrations and pieces that remind me of paper cutting. Those sharp edges are such a lovely contrast to the smooth lines of paint. Click here to check out more of Emily’s work online. xo, grace


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