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DIY Woven Placemats

by Francesca Stone

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Simple weaving has undergone a huge resurgence over the past couple of years. You can buy affordable looms to weave on at home and create anything from wall hangings to hanging planters. I wanted to add a softer detail to my dining table that the warm, cozy texture of weaving emulated so well. Using thick, loosely spun yarns and a small loom, you can whip up a simple weave in no time at all, then brighten it up with some very simple and easy embroidery to make something really unique. —Fran

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Woven Placemats materials


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1. Set up your loom with the warp threads. Choose something neutral for a subtle stripe through the work, or go for a bold color accent.

Woven Placemats 2

Set up the loom as wide as you would like the height of the placemat. Imagine the loom on its side.

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2. Start to weave the yarn through the warp threads. Give yourself a solid base to work from before you begin to add any shape.

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3. Build up your weaving keeping the colors and shapes simple so that the embroidered embellishment can make an impact on the design.

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4. Remove the warp threads from the loom and tease the whole weaving down to the loops at the end of the warp.

5. At the other end, trim the warp threads down and use the needle to sew them into the back of the work. Then thread the loose ends into the back of the work as well.

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6. Cut off a length of embroidery floss and, using a tapestry needle, sew into the weaving.

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7. Create random patterns and designs over the piece as a contrast to the horizontal and vertical lines.

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