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DIY Wallpapered Switch Plates

by Maxwell Tielman


For much of modern history, wallpaper has been used to adorn the walls of beautiful homes, a playful and ornate alternative to bare plaster or paint. Indeed, so inextricable is our association with wallpaper to walls, that it is often easy to forget just how versatile this centuries-old decorative material is. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a wallpaper pattern, only to balk at the idea of going through with the laborious (and occasionally nerve-racking) task of installing it throughout an entire space, keep in mind that it can be used to upgrade practically any surface, from book covers and shabby dresser drawers to wooden boxes and magazine organizers. Of the myriad things that can be ornamented with wallpaper, one of the simplest is switch plate covers. With plastic switch plates coming in at barely over a dollar, this project is a fabulously cost-effective way to add charm and personality to a drab space or rental. Check out the full DIY after the jump! —Max

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Farrow & Ball. See the Farrow & Ball new wallpaper collection inspired by French fabric here. Thanks for supporting our sponsors who help us bring you original content and DIYs like this one!

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Image above: Farrow & Ball wallpaper Feuille, a large scale leaf pattern adapted directly from a jacquard found at the Albert Dufours archive.


  • Wallpaper
  • Plastic switch plate cover
  • Pen/pencil
  • Ruler
  • X-Acto knife or similar blade
  • Mod Podge or similar craft glue
  • Small foam brush



1. Place your switch plate face-up on a small (roughly 7×7) cut of wallpaper. Trace the switch plate and, using your ruler, add a ~1 inch margin around the entire plate. Draw two perpendicular lines from the plate’s corners to the edge of the margin, indicating the four corners of the template.


2. Using scissors or a craft blade, cut out the template and corners. The overall template should look like an oversized “plus sign.”


3. Apply a generous layer of craft glue to the reverse side of the wallpaper template.


4. Place the switch plate face-down onto the glue-covered wallpaper.

5. Carefully fold each side of the template over onto the rear of the switch plate, making sure to pull the paper taut before affixing permanently.


6. Cover the entire outward-facing surface with a thin, even coat of craft glue.


7. After allowing your project to dry fully, cut out the switch and screw holes with a craft blade.

8. Attach to the light switch of your choice, stand back, and admire your work!

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